Battle Blobs: 3v3 Multiplayer

Battle Blobs: 3v3 Multiplayer

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Grab your Goo blaster and jump into the splashing battlefields of the Blobs Universe! Collect and upgrade a crazy bunch of Battle Blobs, each with powerful Goo splashing abilities combined with a unique style of play, and spray your way to victory!

Download now and get splashing!

Dominate the battlefields by spraying your teams’ Goo all over the map. In Battle Blobs you can interact with the game environment like never before; take over strategic areas; tag turrets or pick up varies of objects from Goo blasters to quirky vehicles or mount animals of the Blobs Universe to give your team an advantage in the game.

The Goo comes with many benefits, as a constant, you will always move faster and regain health when on top of a friendly Goo — and as oppose the movement will slow down when in contact with the enemy Goo. Stay tuned for future updates with many other characteristics, such as freezing or poisoning the enemy Goo.

Use rockets, explosive minions, sound hammers, and more to wreak havoc on your enemies! Heal up or boost your team’s damage, stun enemies, or drop turrets into the battlefield!

Capture Turfs all over the map to take control of damage dealing cannons! The cannons will blast away at your enemies core until the core is destroyed! The team to destroy the core first wins!

3 vs. 3 Splash Battle is a game mode where each team needs to grab a Goo blaster to fill up the control point to unlock a Power Potion! Consume the Power Potion and destroy your enemy team’s core! Rewards granted for each victory!

Battle your way along the trophy road! Victories in battles will unlock new characters, grant loot boxes, coins and gems you can use to upgrade your characters! Further updates to trophy road coming soon!

Upgrade a roster of characters, boosting their health and power! Level them up with character XP gained from winning battles, opening loot boxes, and purchasing character XP in the Store with coins.

Battle Blobs is still early access! New characters, skins, maps, game mode and events are on their way to Battle Blobs! Social features such as friends lists, clans, leaderboards & emotes are also on their way soon!

Stay tuned for updates coming soon!

What's new

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- Improved the match making to reduce disconnections
- Fixed disconnected players not being replaced by NPCs
- Reduced matchmaking wait time
- General bugs and fixes

Detailed info

  • File Size : 106.49MB
  • Current Version : 1.0.9
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: ActionReaction Games
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  • Sikamaru Nara
    42 mins on record

    ini game pakai vpn tidak?. kenapa erro buat perang online

  • Ranattachi
    3.63 hrs on record

    been play this one about 2H to unlock all characters, each abilities is unique but something off & dull . doing pvp (3v3) yet i still play with bots , or at max played with one player only. no surprise element in this game which just throw the skills as much as u can , win the game then repeat few time and u will be bored soon.

    because : super fast-paced game , cant co-op with friends , tiny map , no costumization, no leaderboards / winrate , currency easy to get .

  • Royalflare
    17 mins on record

    The core gameplay of this game is exactly the same as Splatoon. The red and green sides on 3V3. One person needs to pick up the paint brush to spray the paint on the entire rectangular field. The slightly different place is that both the red and the green have a base which attacks the enemy. The game victory is not only the area of the paint, but also the destruction of the enemy base in order to win. In the middle of the field, the potion will be refreshed randomly, and the grab can be enlarged, and the HP will increase while the hitbox is also increased.

    The game is currently early access version, currently only play with the computer and online match 3V3, there are many features are not added to include in game purchase function. The overall quality of the game is good. Players who like to play Splatoon and have no money to buy Switch & game are very suitable for this.

  • JOE
    16 mins on record





  • Mohamed Akmal

    awesome game



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