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Developer notes:

Closed Beta Test of Disorder is now available on both iOS/Android

iOS users please download through Testflight:
For how to use Testflight to play: https://bit.ly/335CRll

Disorder Discord Channel:   https://discord.gg/ZkxFNxv

  • English


The year is 2030, and war has become the new norm around the world. Armed factions are constantly at war with one another over weapons and money.
Against this backdrop of never-ending war, the dead have risen to challenge with the living and eternal rest has become a luxury.

Detailed info

  • File Size : 1.13GB
  • Current Version : 1.1
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: 网易游戏
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Latest Version :8.3 Android:7.0
  • User855407

    Absolutely love the game.... Cant wait for the beta test to be over..... Controls need more work... But im kick ass in this game. Love the idea ,喜欢这个游戏好工作, 我讨厌上面的视频,我要感謝人們的驚人經歷

    • ซุลกิฟลี โตะเปา


    • Venom Spydee

      yah control need more works

    • User855407

      Yeahh.... And something else... Ny game keep freezing....... Like alotttttttttttt....... Like i shoot then the enemy players freeze ul but i can walk to them and run towards them then few seconds later... They on a other place.

      This one time i was shooting pirates but i couldn't killed them...

      So i walked on to the capturing part... And then i couldn't kill anyone but they killed me and it brought me bake to the pirate place and shown they killed me.

      Was very very strange...... I was so confused......

      Alot of glitches..... So i stick to fortnite this is a great idea but still alottttt of work dont think they will able to fix all this problems...

      So its

      Controls need work...

      The game freeze up but only enemy players then out of the blue they else were...

      And itz realllly weird... They hop a lot around i dont mean up and down.. I mean left and rigth..... Like then i focus on one enemy player i have high ground and then i see enemies and then i shoot at them but... I cant hit them because my game lags... And my graphics is on everything the lowest setting and there nothing wrong with my device because on war robots.... Btw awesome game online multi player game anyhow.... War robots is extremely high-quality and i got that graphics on ultra on everything and runs smooth...

      This game is really awesome idea.... But to many problems....... Like the biggest is the people i shoot at move from one spot to a other in a blink of a eye... You can see they start running towards the left then boom... 50m to the left in a blink of on eye. Crazy ***...

      But i played it for about 3 hours...

      And it was awesome..... Really like this game but alot of problems..... But its still in the beta test mode...

      So we will see how it turns out..... Wow and it ***ed up my phone alottttt... But i plugged it in my pc and fix it... Btw if you dont know how that work.... Go research it....... Or your phone is going to give you alottttt of problems.... Like

      About 3 years back... I played a online game and 2hours later my google playstore got hacked and i lost R2000.. Seriously... I lost my mind... Because i did buy some thing for games.. And it got so annoying to press mu finger on the scanner so i removed the password for about 2 days because my playstore have that google protection lol... It sucks. So never againnnn..... Damn...

      Guys this game is alottt like pubG. And fortnite.. Soo just download pubg... Its about 2G. But its really fun... Fortnite is on pc and Playstation.. And xbox. If you have a decent pc you can play fortnite on it really awesome game... If you start to play fortnite you will get hooked....... Really awesome.... I dont want to buy staff on fortnite because then i will go broke lol

      So once you buy staff you cant stop happens to me alottttt... Like immm war robots now imm. I think the game is called tacticool... Really Reallly awesomeee gameee...... Like super fun..... The other one that is crazy awesome is i think guns of boom its called the animation is like fortnite almost... But you buy your guns from match victories. Its really like insane good....... Sniper rifles and shotguns everything is in there. But with tacticool i have all the characters... And the best guns... If you like online shooting games.... Guns of boom is first person shooter... With a animation like fortnite but its like 10x beter and wayyy more fun...

      Tacticool is awesome you get your clan and squads of 5... You can drive cars in it... You get a mini.. Then a truck with a big ass machine gun on it...

      All 5 players can sit in the car... Or just 3. Dont remember.

      You get mines and gasman ooo you get 3 types i think comman uncommon rare ooo yeah and epic.. Theirs 4 epics i got them all my favorite is the sniper guy.. That have eagle vision.. He can look like waaaay far. And then the big dude thay habe 4000 health. And then gasman.. That can oull the gass on his suit with smoke dammnnnn.... So you throw smoke and deploy gas and the gas blows out around the suit as you run reallly poisonous... But i played for a long time before i had them all. The guns i bought i has tried of having this awesome epics with weak ass guns.

      Damn oo if you out the server on brazil you pkay bots alot..... And that awesome because you win akot and then you get points alot.. And money.. So remember that bots and real players look the same bots have names to different names the only way you can tell they not bots one if they not in a clan they might be a bot and second if the match was super easy it was bots. You may play along bots.... That sucks assss.... Because they just run and shoots and dies... Ooo the vision is like almost birds view. From atop buttt waitttt.... Its really awesome go look it uo... Its not right from the top sk you just see the heads of anything you see the all body... Just from a highhhh angle... So you cant hide also... Players spot you from fae but you can cover or use sniper for long range becuase every weapon has its range. And reload speed and aim speed... Like heavy guns like sniper and machines guns... Take long to reload... And you get your knife of side arm. I habe the axe. Awesome... Cause alot om damage.... But you habe to buy one weapon to unlock the other like if you want the best you habe ti buy the one before that... To unlock the beter one.. And dont warry.. You will see its not easy tocget cash.... But if you like the game you going to love the road it took me 2 weeks to buy a good sniper. Like every sniper id goood but 2 shotd kill is good. Then you get your gold hut nit easily come buy... Now with gold the best guns you buy with gold but.... Not all of them like the sniper... The best sniper is silver... All the last staff is 900k. The good sniper is 200k. The axe is 900k. Heavy gun the good one is 250k.

  • jr15_23

    is this online?

  • Igoy Domonic

    Too Big! its not gonna work on Asian market.

  • alpthepro

    the game iş very good but when its comes to Google play store please answer.

  • Jhay Jay
    6.40 hrs on record

    this game is great but it feels incomplete bcs theres no first person view ,and this game will be great too if its has a multiplayer(I mean like Team deathmtch,Capture the Flag,Bomb defuse,defend the base) this game just need improvement in the gameplay ,and add more game modes

    • Capone Johnson

      it does have team death match alone without the battle royal but you have to choose the other map to obtain it





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