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The year is 2030, and war has become the new norm around the world. Armed factions are constantly at war with one another over weapons and money.
Against this backdrop of never-ending war, the dead have risen to challenge with the living and eternal rest has become a luxury.

Detailed info

  • File Size : 67.59MB
  • Current Version : 1.1
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: 网易游戏
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Latest Version :5.8 Android:6.7 Past 7 days : 6.0
  • Valentine

    This game is very similar to the hundreds of others NetEase has recently released. What sets this apart is character selection. In other games, you would design the character and then they would sell you initial loadouts or skins. This game sells you the entire character.

    Each character has a specific set of weapons, so finding loot now requires finding compatible loot. This could make that risky invasion into a new area a complete waste of time. It can also make you the lucky player with gold weapons entering the final showdown. I am not entirely fond of this design, but it is something different and NetEase must be running out of ideas by now.

    When you pick up a weapon, you leave the one you had behind. This can make tracking the enemy difficult because you still find loot. This adds a good amount of challenge to the fight. The only things you will find are the guns, though. You unlock your armor and mods with time and kills. This seems to be the balancing factor to having class weapons.

    The game itself is nothing special. Killing off entire teams means nothing if you don't capture the missle silo and the clock is still ticking while you are being gunned down. This means there is little need to focus on killing off other teams if you can make it to the goal first. Once you arrive, you become four meat shields and a guard. This will get frustrating extremely fast, especially if you lost while defeating teams that had no chance anyway.

    As for being a beta, the game still seems relatively rough. The sensitivity setup during the initial launch is a nice touch, but doesn't matter much when the game is a bit glitchy live. Perhaps the biggest issue was having sound completely stop halfway into a round. Sound is pretty important or they wouldn't have added an effect to footsteps.


  • 手机用户1230166

    the game is very good but its wayy too laggy...even after optimizing my phone...its still no where near smooth so plzz fix the lag n I'll give u 5 stars n ask my friends to play it...for now... I can't recommend to my friends due to lag issues

  • ☃₪Nyanko(Miku)

    good concept and as always like rest of netease games poor maneuver :/ . ***ty control

  • Høng WåLkēr
    3.35 hrs on record

    Game Slow

  • Admiral Kin
    3.03 hrs on record

    your game keeps stopping without a reason...I can not even play 1 second





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