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World of Dragon Nest

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CBT has ended
Please looking forward to the next Test

The game will release in the second half of 2019.

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This is a 3D world wherein all players – from PC, iOS, and Android – can play together in a single server and share the same database! This essentially removes all platform-based barriers and brings together all Dragon Nest fans!

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Latest Version :7.6 Android:8.9
  • VulgarisUSA
    0.30 hrs on record

    Have tried Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. there's no node into Thailand, and nothing else in SEA. The Singapore node for me the farthest, it allowed me to begin the patch download , but then the error code popped up. Server under maintenance try again later. if anyone knows for SURE what node to VPN into, please let me know. I'll try Australia now....

    • Ryan Lennix

      try kiwi vpn with indo node.

    • User926895

      use indonesia. malaysia. thailand. with OpenVpn and you can search for vpn on vpngate

    • VulgarisUSA

      nope. connected to Indo through Kiwi. still says server under maintenance

    • Natsuki

      what apk?

    • VulgarisUSA

      huh?? what APK? isn't this the review area for World of Dragon Nest? I'm confused....

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  • MissIrie
    Expected value

    Cbt ended aug 8 1am mnl time was able to play for a day to see how the gameplay was. Very close to dn pc way back when i was playing 2012. Loved it. The free diamonds and gold are to test and see what players buy with their stashed currencies... i pretty much used it all up before it ended. I am not expecting that the free diamonds would happen in obt lol. The trading is far off... using green diamonds which you can buy with the blue diamonds... and i dont see the point why you have to do that lol. Lag issues are present very common with beta. Theyll get to fix it for obt. Alot complained in their page about the switch skill maybe the answer is getting the buttons a bit bigger so they wont accidentally press the weapon icon. Overall loved the game if youve played dn pc before itll bring back that nostalgic feeling somehow. Looking forward to playing this game. =)

  • Peter Pan
    Expected value

    I can't wait for the official launching. This the best mmorpg ever! Please start the global immediately!

  • Liangzx
    3.10 hrs on record

    -good graphics

    -smooth, most likely 60fps

    -has DN PC feel more than the previous DN android game

    -auto battle, not full auto quest (theres quest that you must touch the screen to continue)

    -skill max lv same as chara lv, that is bad IMO, and to increase the skill lv theres skill point but it displayed on the top same as currency, so i'm guessing you will able to buy skill point, thats also bad IMO

    -i just played for a hour so i'm still on low lv, havent know hows the high lv do

    -the low lv feel almost the same as the most of mmo android, you kill the mobs very easy

    -i cant receive the announcement mails, maybe its bug

    -battery drain too fast and my phone got heat faster than other mmo games i've played

    -i didnt see fps change on option so prob its locked 60fps


    CBT is over, maybe some bugs and minus will be fixed, but i wont play on the official release

  • Bobz
    Expected value

    this game is good.but please if global released ,add assasin class to..iam plyer assasin..iam not good use other character. :)


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