幻獸契約 Cryptract

幻獸契約 Cryptract

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Developer notes:

日式本格戰鬥 RPG 手遊《幻獸契約Cryptract》中文版正式登場!
本作日文版下載次數突破 1500 萬,動人劇情原汁原味再現,2000 多名角色與你並肩作戰。
現在預約就送 5 星角色、十連抽、10 萬金幣等誠意好禮!


-- 遊戲特色 –
● 操作簡單的高戰略王道RPG:指揮操作輕鬆容易,沉浸在令人振奮的戰鬥之中。華麗2D角色,在戰場上盡情作戰,結合各種技能與屬性相剋,擁有無限大的戰鬥樂趣!

● 摧毀傳說中的幻獸,訂下幻獸契約:賭上榮譽,使用壓倒性的力量,擊潰蹂躪人類的巨大幻獸,藉此立下幻獸契約,培養擁有幻獸之力的究極角色,挑戰更強大的敵人!

● 千量級的豐富人物角色:打造最強的隊伍,守護吉魯薩尼亞帝國。不同類型的人物由你指揮,面對千變萬化的幻獸與怪物,與夥伴協力作戰,寫下不朽的傳說。 強化你最愛的角色,搭配出屬於自己的討伐常勝軍!

● 公會聯盟戰:與幻獸契約的領主們,共同進行協力任務,盡享公會榮耀!

Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/CryptractTW/

※依遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為 : 輔12級。

Detailed info

  • File Size : 94.03MB
  • Current Version : 1.0.17
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Boltrend
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  • Valentine

    This game is a disaster. Google Play Games login is hidden behind a "more" button, with Facebook being the primary login. This is despite the fact that the game does not even advertise a Facebook page on Google Play or their web page.

    Speaking of the web page, they misspelled the subdomain. The game is "Cryptract" and the url is https://crytract.boltrend.com/zh-tw

    Once you get past login, you should not close the game until completing the opening battle. This will result in the need to wipe the data and start over, as the story did not resume. You will also discover a toast telling you to approve popups. It would appear the game has one of the floating account buttons, but does not prompt to allow it.

    If you are lucky enough to have a device with fullscreen, you may notice the game uses textures to fill the left and right sides. This is the first time a view has been offset to the left with textures that leave a black bar on the right.

    Between the awkward view and multiple downloads every time a button is clicked, the game quickly becomes too frustrating to enjoy.

    The original release is now 4 years old. It is nice when a publisher picks up a game to release it in more regions, but there is more to it than simply adding the new language. A game this old should be tested, updated, and tested again.

    That said, there is no shortage of startup rewards and the drop rates appear fairly decent in the beginning.


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  • 二鳥

    遊戲試玩 https://youtu.be/fXpuC0V93lY

    指揮操作輕鬆容易 沉浸在令人振奮的戰鬥之中 華麗的日系角色

    在戰場上盡情作戰 配合各種技能與屬性相剋擁有無限大的戰鬥樂趣!

    角色分為水、火、樹、光、暗等5大屬性 與戰士、古獸族、魔導士、妖精族等

    19 種類型

    角色的屬性和類型會影響戰鬥時的相互剋制 身為領主的你


  • User744027
    20.90 hrs on record


  • 有发


    • User744027


    • 有发


    • User744027

      對的,但是我不懂有什麼途徑能更新馬拉西亞的play store不讓玩這遊戲


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