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  • Michael Deutsch
    4.37 hrs on record

    Combat is amazing if you like HI3 try Soulworker you will like it too. Its very close to the PC version, but I think I like the mobile version even better, I hope they will add housing like on PC.

  • donishiroi

    i love this game, it would be great if you open pvp for 24h

  • Jucleas

    30% Korean, not 100% english.

    and the game is Absolutely Lag even in lowest Graphic setting.

    I tried this game on my Redmi Note 5 3GB of RAM and Samsung A50 6GB of RAM.

    and both still Lagging.

    what a shame, this game is good if not lag.

    if it can be fixed, i will play and give 5 stars.

    • Atom Games

      maybe you need to clean caches or redownload game. honestly, I'm playing in high graphic setting and no lags. I agree tho with the game not fully in English and the lack of some others stuffs. for a OBT game, it's not really bad( good graphic, interesting storyline and) .

    • Aprogen games

      Thank you for your comment and sorry for inconvenience.

      you can select less laggy town since it automatically enter crowd town.

    • Jucleas

      i did what you said, few times. but the problems still remains. i tried Traha and Tera Classic, it's run well in high settings. i do not know why, this game not compatible with my phones.

    • Brian Gloria

      Your phone is trash. Buy a new one. The game is perfectly fine.

  • NamelessKnight

    the only works fine when it at the beginning of the tutorial mode Once I got in town The Game crushed like 4-7 times in rows trying to put my low fate but I can't change it, there's no players in town so I can't move or control my character, am sorry but I ether play it on PC version

  • Fai Faii

    until they put up a better translation I'm rating it 3 stars. I can't enjoy it with these cringy Google translations.

  • DatBoiDJGaming

    I would rate this game much higher if I didn't get lagged out of any mode that has to do with pvp or dungeons. Its frustrating because not only do I get the satisfaction of challenging other players and not having the chance to form a team to take on a raid boss. If these issues can be fixed that'll make this game a lot more enjoyable.

  • Dio Affriza

    I like the soundtrack. The story is pretty good, but I think you need to optimize the character's model, the celshaded polygons still weird than the most anime-style game nowadays. Looking forward for the improvement.

    Overall it's okay, not mindblowing, but not bad at all.

  • Thanh Quang Ngu

    i using realms C1 and very lagggy. how to hide character pls help me

    • Aprogen games

      Sorry for the inconvenience, plz give me more detail info regarding your bug. Also, I need to know the region you access on and device info. thank you

    • Aprogen games

      For the laggy part, it depends on your region too.

    • Thanh Quang Ngu

      when I stand in the main lobby it is laggg but when I go to the dungeon, there is no lag. I am play this game in Vietnam

  • WeebGaming

    this is really good but i have a problem which is sometimes the loading takes too long and it didn't goes to the town and its just stay on the loading screen. please fix this and that would be great

  • Lavin Bassam

    cant open the app instantly crashing device infinix hot 7 pro

  • Nawkaz
    4.30 hrs on record

    A good AMMOPRG similar to Hi3. Even tough the character creation was a bit dissapointing, but the overall graphics, sound effects, the plot of the story and the character designs are pretty overwhelming. I couldn't recommend more of this game, just play it already. :3

  • 手机用户1148598

    I cant play it, i dont know why. I have proper Android and place in my device, but every time i try to play, it throws me out of the game...any ideas what should i do ?

  • Nguyễn Dũng


    I can't log into the game , fix this problem pls

    • Aprogen Games

      Hello Nguyễn Dũng,

      Please delete the file data first or you can try to reinstall the game.

      Hope it will works for you.

      Thank you.

  • Ka¥

    The game...i can only open it once, after that crash all time. The game was fluid in battle but sucks control in town maybe caused by bug.

    The game mostly pay to win in some area but that to be expected.

    Conclusion, It is a fun game if you brush off some of it demerit but the game still get boring fast.

    • Aprogen games

      Thank you for your comment.

      We are trying to our best to fix bugs and errors.

      We will open official global version early Sep with better version.

  • Julius qin

    i hope get more feature like house system in pc, party system and another pvp mode like 3v3 or 5v5. overall good game and i hope it can add more feature in future also nid more exp in daily quest.

  • Grazz e

    Game play better, neither than PC. It's action cinematic cam in battle awesome!

  • Thais Aline Mor

    Just like the pc version, the combat is like a mobile game now, but its really great for a mobile!!! Yaaassss

  • john andrew

    why it wont let me choose character when i click done and every word i see has a white box that covers it

  • User980167

    Hello, I'm still learning to play, this game is really amazing, but I'm in trouble I can't get out of lv 10, how do I level up, I've done several missions and nothing!

  • Fixerlete X

    this is a great game , i love the smoothness and satisfaction i felt playing this, one problem for me is that the dialogues somehow needs to be fixed. Though I understand the sentences but they can make it more properly good as for the game to be more professionally made.





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