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  • Adlin P. Alam

    Server Error Occurred in my phone..

    I can't play this game..

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  • iCaster
    3.08 hrs on record

    This game is a must try for all, I have played to PC version and I loved it. I LOVE this even more because the story is the same as the PC version. It's like the PC version on my phone. The animations are great, performance is extraordinary. Definitely recommend trying this game. 🤗🤗

  • Neagirl75
    2.80 hrs on record

    the game alright but I think it needs some tweaking here and there. Also to me I like the PC version better.

    I love how you can hit other players in the lobby it's so fun.

  • Aldrich Aguilar

    The game is cool. But i cant delete the hero its asking confirmation deletion where i can find the phrase?

  • Tamer Esmail Ah
    6.58 hrs on record

    can i save the code until Iris release?

  • schwarzwei
    2.60 hrs on record

    Why people can't read? It says in the post that it is currently under maintenance. 🤷

  • Sansy
    0.85 hrs on record

    Please just fix the lag on Rocco Town. I need to open and open the game over and over again just to complete the first mission. When you are in the fight, there's no lag. Please fix the lag so I can play.

  • User937884
    17.60 hrs on record

    11 clock which timezone? its 11 for me already

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  • Goku Br
    0.65 hrs on record

    I liked The game but After i complete the tutorial My games Crash and leave Why this Happened?? (My Phone is Moto G5 Plus)

  • User1018872
    2.25 hrs on record

    I also wanted a costume but only obtainable when u purchase and worse it only obtainable when it comes to the equipment I mean come on 10+ purchase of real moneyto get an equipments. Can it be like a little more free... But the game is nice 👍

  • IwanttobeFREE
    15.65 hrs on record

    lol i dunno what i should talk about here.. game into / gameplay /bug or issues .. but since i saw few reviews bout battle - ingame mechanic then ill go into this one


    first about skills well this is just my opinions .. the dev could make the skills can fully be customized , for example what skills to put in first slot and the background one (not the one in slot 2) simply said like in world of dragon nest so the mechanic will become closer/more similar into pc version even though there's a limitation of being a mobile game. dash-attacking distance seems a little bit far, its like almost of half screen (tho im a melee user) and its quite annoying when you too close in wall and cant get wider angle then the other player could reach you anytime. the ai on auto battle need improvement due its kinda slow at spamming the skills , also the character design .. i felt it's easy to lost track of my own char in crowd battle due skills effect here and there (tho i dunno if some settings could effect the output or its me being not getting used to it).


    seems the help button " ? " is buggy but i wonder if the game ady put some description about features in-game there since i think theres no tutorials that telling or explain some parts regarding the features in there. example : survival , restricted area , steel grave .. what is this all about ? until now i still dunno why my hp is always become 1% when entering the steel grave (tho i have rough thought bout it) . and what need to do in order to get higher points on survival , whats the function of buff in there . simply theres no explanation for these , well for experienced players that play lot of similar games may easily understand the concept of the stages but what if someone who completely new .. so i hope this is not gonna happening again in next obt .

    the game is very lacking introducing important stuff that essentially for players experience and gameplay.

  • Rio D S
    2.78 hrs on record

    hello, can i get the redeem code?

  • Guison
    0.20 hrs on record

    good game but not that good graphics

  • 手机用户1137988
    2.08 hrs on record

    nice graphic. loved it

  • мυαммαяѕи

    this is a well made game. I recently played it and the game mechanics are quite ez to understand. Overall 4/5

  • User505832

    aside from lot of pros , there s some annoying feature

    1. no option to hide other players on town

    2. costume only obtainable via paid gems atm

    3. you need to manually reselect channel when you leave dungeon

    wish they add jp voice over like pc version

  • Hoàng lân Phạm
    0.37 hrs on record

    I can't go to the game

    It says can't connect sever

  • Nacl

    always force close, but rhe game it's amazing

    • Aprogen games

      Can you provide me more details of Bug info? thank you

    • NI Tacc

      always force close i phone ram 1gb

  • Valentine

    소울워커 ZERO is one of my favorite mobile games, but this is not yet an English version. As a beta, it is a mediocre start. The way it was released did not give the impression that this was an early beta version, so I had to revise my review after finding out.

    The nickname screen and a few other messages are still in Korean, despite my device being set to English. There are numerous typos and text that spills over the screen. If the release is planned for a month from the beta, I would have rather seen the early levels perfected and later levels a bit sloppy. By the time I reached them, there is a good chance they could have been fixed.

    I do not know how I feel about a special Tap beta release with a proprietary login. I have played Ace Censor, which was a Tap exclusive, but was given the option to log in with Tap. It is common practice to provide some detail about a beta, such as when it will end and what will become of the account. I am not even sure if the proprietary account I made was permanent or just part of the beta.

    As it stands now, I can only give the game 3 stars for the current condition. I have a semi-translated game in beta, an estimated release for a global version, but a lot of questions. I will update this review once I am more confident in what exactly I am writing the review about.

    • Aprogen games

      For your recommendation, we will do update patch once it ready. Until than plz enjoy the current OBT version

    • Valentine

      Thank you. I look forward to being able to update my rating.

  • Fathur Aryasade

    dear developer fix the lagging in the town it's sometime the game freezing maybe because to many player in one map





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