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  • Jason Gelonga

    Nice graphics,.. Just need more content and an easier UI for War Games

  • SkyTrickS

    Where is french version?

  • Leonardo Barros

    i am happy to have given a chance for it. after playing all kind of mmorpg for years, this one made me see how is it possible to make an mobile game with all issues, auto battle for example. gerenciable, with the real danger all the time. verry good game. iam enjoying a lot.

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  • Putokrack

    Primitive, boring, restrictive.

    Your fraction quests are capped at 20 per week, doing quests after daily xp limit doesn't store the xp rewards for the next day having you with even less stuff to do daily.

    Absolutely nothing to do outside of daily quests.

    Want to trade in open space? Changes your action currency to some useless one for resources buying.

    Want to merch? Auction house freezes money for 4hours, item for 8 hours after buying them, has fee for order and a tax on top of it.

    Want to mine asteroids and progress your character? Rewards from them are cut down after couple of mining actions.

    Want to do kinda side missions for rewards? Capped daily, lowered rewards

    Want to explore deep space solar systems to meet challenging encounters? Too bad, it is open pvp zone and you will get smashed by a fleet the moment you stop warping between zones while being both blocked from warping and having no energy to defend yourself. Both things won't help you and you will be destroyed in around 10 seconds max.

    So, in the end, you having nothing to spend your free time on, any grind is useless due to lack of rewards, daily restrictions and etc compared to loosing a ship. Only way to "play" it is to constantly fly around with group of friends and even that makes it boring.

    Your progress and rebuild is based on days you've spent sending your mercenaeies to gather resources rather than your online time doing it yourself. It is almost like you get slapped on the wrist every time and every way you try to play by yourself rather than waiting timers for stuff.

    All battles are either you flying away from npcs to abuse long range weapons while being outside of their range and then flying back or just watching ships flying around each other while doing auto battle.

    Ofc, you can just buy ships with MTX or buy auction currency for real money. What's the point then. Literally everything you can purchase in the game can be done by p2w. Exception is fraction weapons and ships, but with weekly restrictions it isn't even considered wasting 2 months to get a mediocore ship you will loose after not being able to repair it, because you haven't bought a monthly subscription to "revive" it.

    Like, ugh.


    Somewhat interesting story.

    Isn't CPU demanding and I had zero problems with the game itself being glitchy.

    • Алексей Реутов

      вообще ,вы правы в своём комментарии ,это какой-то бред ,лимит ,и что делать воевать нельзя ,боты об стреляют на каждом переходе ,контрабанда под запретом ,22 перехода на входе и выходе обстрел в сумме 44 раза ,какой щит выдержит ,да и в этом режиме нельзя ни чего делать ,так и просят выйди с режима и мы тебя оставим без штанов )издевательство ,они сильно высокого о себе мнения (разработчики )одна надежда на EVE )

    • Putokrack

      В ласт патче убрали повышение уровня преступности от перевозки контрабанды, а регенить можно на станциях во время путешествия. Это абсолютная мелочь по сравнению с тем, что в игре по факту делать абсолютно нечего.

      Может, мне просто не по душе такая открытая ПВП мморпг космической стилистики, но по факту нечем заняться. Игра диктует как, что, когда и зачем делать, а если ты этому не следушь, то везде "палки в колеса".

      Eve, как по мне, из тех роликов и коротких отрывков, что есть по части геймплея, будет точно такой же, если не скуднее

    • Алексей Реутов

      я вообще не понял про ласт пачи ,и про регенить ,ясно одно что надо отменять маршрут и куда-то прятаться ,или корректировать маршрут от станции к станции )но это то ещё удовольствие !

    • Алексей Реутов

      вот я вчера попробовал ,посмотрел где покупают предметы в конференции ,26 прыжков ,посмотрел маршрут ,перенёс базу на расстояние ,1 прыжка ,ускорителями ,захожу в бизнес пилота ,а там опять 26 прыжков и как ?вот такая ерунда ,если не сказать грубо ,так что бизнес пилота это полная дичь )

    • Anulackk

      33 jumps to travel , afk and came back my ship is destroyed , p2w pvp

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  • Alvast
    5.70 hrs on record

    Some people say that this is a rip off of Eve Online. I never played Eve, so this is my first time playing game like this. I've never been fan of scifi themed game, but I'm willing to give it a try. Most people I meet in the game usually don't know what to do and skip most dialogues. I suggest you guys to not skip the story to really understand what the game is about.

    The game is complex and with many features, also the world is really vast containing like 4000+ solar systems you can explore. You can choose to be bad or good person in the game's open pvp feature. Also it's better to finish all the main plot quests first and their side quests before doing anything else like helping friend in rescue etc since if you want to do that you have to get lot stronger first by doing earlier quests and open all the features in the game. There is auto pilot and auto attack.

    For some people maybe you will get confused as the control is not up back left right, but remember you are piloting a spaceship here. It's deciding the target first and go there using warp engine. For going to faraway station you have to warp several times by autopiloting.

    Beware to go to lawless stations since lot of pvp players are there and they may attack or ganked you.

    Graphic is so smooth and not lagging on my end. Overall it's a good game, but unless you are a scifi game lover, you may not enjoy much in this game.

    • Алексей Реутов

      ты бот ,разработчиков ,че ты тут говоришь вообще !

    • Алексей Реутов

      причём здесь ваш возглас ,куда ходить и как управлять ,сама игра не работает ,как надо ,она зависает ,везде и всюду при нажатии кнопок ,везде ,если это будет как в ЕVE один сервер на всех ,то это будет ещё хуже

    • Alvast

      I reviewed based on my own experience with the game. If you feel you don't like the game, then just write your own review.

    • Anulackk

      4000 system dat takes age to travel lol

    • User1410125

      more like ripoff of galaxy on fire

  • Bossa Bossa

    Good game but rather boring while waiting ship jumping to another planet. Should have warp mode for fastest traveling.

  • Ranattachi
    1.50 hrs on record

    Google play reviews is messy..

    btw let's diggin the spaces!!

    • JOE

      Do you think the game is fun to play, is it interesting?

    • Ranattachi

      im sure its interesting , and its quite fun to be honest..

      firstly we all know people will come/ aim eve echo without a doubt! .

      so i believe lot people who want to try this genre / RTS probably make this game as their first impression or as warmup before we move into eve.

  • باهتياج

    Когда будет доступна пятая нация United Solar System !?!

  • โสดเรื่องจริง ซ
    57.82 hrs on record


  • Cylux

    there are times that the game is beautiful to look at. it's not boring but the amount of stuff you need to learn can be a bit overwhelming. there's a limited amount of pre-designed ships you can collect. they're great but they get really boring to use fast since there's zero customization, not even a color swap. if you need some sci-fi game to play before EVE goes open beta, then this is the closest game you'll get to that.

  • Mario Vizcarra

    alguien que conozca un juego de este tipo pero también mundo abierto

  • 手机用户746192
    1.93 hrs on record


  • ScionStormTV

    I didn't expect to like this game. But to be honest I like it. It's simple to the point you can micro manage things without being overwhelmed with UI and systems. The combat is also easy to get into. With a good touch of story. In all this is a different game to what we are used to in Gacha. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I gave an extended look at it below.

  • Ariuser

    uhuhuu 😭 why its need more long time to understand everyTHING..

    thought its no easy, and THOSE worm nugget eel hole are too long to travel if you wanna be wealthy

    rest of my battery need shield of powers 🕳️

    • Lexor

      plus, every time you warp u will get eye damage, after an year playing this i gonna be blind xD

  • Ali Afzal

    Afzal Afzal

  • Medji

    This is an amazing space MMORPG. The graphics are superb, smooth gameplay, a wide array of weapons and enhancements. A well written storyline that gets more interesting with each chapter. Good work team. ;)

  • Rami

    한국어 지원 부탁드립니다.. ㅠㅠ

    • Minming

      한국 버전의 출시일은 아직 공지되지않은 점 양해부탁드립니다..!

  • 시바ㄹ 아니 시바견


  • Fauzan






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