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Harvest Town is a pixel-style farming simulation mobile game. It contains various RPG elements, allows players to play with high degree of freedom, and creates a realistic yet interesting farm life. The story begins with you as an old man who worked in a foreign city, and now starts to miss the delightful smell of grass and the deliciousness of milk in your hometown. You believe that you would have stayed in the town if you were given another chance. Later you sleep with some regrets, but when you wake up, you surprisingly find out that you are now back at your home town. The deserted manor cannot affect your excitement; you pick up the tools, decide to make your manor a beautiful landmark building in the town.

From now, you can enjoy the relaxing farm life. Here you can complete various orders and missions, let your manor be known around the world. Try to communicate with everyone in the town, perhaps you can meet your own love. Explore in the mysterious caves, fight with unknown monsters and acquire rare treasures. You can go online to share the fun with other players by racing horses and trade gifts. Finally, you can cook delicious dishes with the fish you catch.

【High degree of freedom】 Feed and breed farm animals, plant different seasonal crops, plan the farm with your personal design
【Free exploration】Huge amount of secret contents, encourage players to explore
【Abundant Story】 Unique characters with their special stories, you can find friendship and relationship among different citizens, harvest your own love
【Interact and communicate】 Multiplayer online horse racing, market trades, build a real online platform with others, go explore with your new friends.

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  • File Size : 222.42MB
  • Current Version : 1.2.4
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: QY Games
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Latest Version :8.7 Android:7.9
  • User1119533
    11.60 hrs on record

    luv the game, but can't stop updating the same package repeatly and couldnot get into the game again. Deleted it and can't download, nothing happens when click 'install', please fix it soon.

  • Natsu Eto

    good game I hope update more and fix some bug

  • Victor Sanches

    awesome game, but each Att brings a new bug. Impossible to play.

  • Royalflare
    29 mins on record

    Cozy and lovely game. Many knows how popular Stardrew Valley or Story of Seasons are, this game has made like them. A big town with shops, farms, river and animals. Far from the town, the truck carrying stuffs to the city, birds are singing, cows are idle around. Townspeople are warm, help each other to keep town small but cozy, quiet but has everything.

    Here I really love the illustration of this game, characte looks cute in pixel style. The buildings are full of Chinese, eastern style, and even mixed with some modern element like laboratory, mechanization factory, hmmmm this is very interesting, not traditional village far from modern urban erea, this town has a lot mistery to find out.

    During the night, there are monsters outside so it is recommend to be armed with weapon. And from the big map, I can see a void area on left side which this game isn't just as simple as I think. Pretty interesting.

    Some points not good enough, the character walk speed is too low, and item slots are too less at start.

  • Tendhy Galuh

    kenapa setelah update bibit pupuk pakan jadi tidak ada?

    after update buy seed need level? why? so hard up exp.

    many bug in game & please fix soon. how to im compleat quest or workshop if u unlock seed.



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