Ages of Vikings: MMO Action RPG

Ages of Vikings: MMO Action RPG

Ages of Vikings:大型多人动作类角色扮演游戏

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Embark on your viking adventure in 💀Ages of Vikings🔥. You are thrown out of Valhalla and awake in the forgotten lands of lost vikings, filled with undead and wild creatures you have to destroy. Fight your way through snow wastelands of vikings, invaded by fierce orcs, goblins and trolls, challenge honorable samurais and ninjas of Jade empire, destroy tricky pirates and Aztecs on a magical island. Revenge those who resurrected you and earn your way back to Valhalla.

Become a true viking and fight your way through hordes of enemies on a different lands. Fight wild animals, undead creatures, fierce warriors and mages, steel robots and various magical creatures. Develop your warrior and become the most powerful viking, upgrade your strength and reflexes, master your warrior or elemental skills and change your appearance as you progress. Play with friends or make a new one from all over the world. Fight monsters and raid powerful bosses together in Coop mode or fight each other in team PvP battles.

⚔️Play with friends!
⚔️Various game modes!
⚔️Customize and upgrade your viking!
⚔️Powerful skills!
⚔️Breathtaking locations!
⚔️Tons of monsters!
⚔️Exciting cartoon low poly graphics!
⚔️Freedom and non-stop play!

Not sure what game to play? Join online multiplayer, download 💀Ages of Vikings🔥 for free!

Dear users! We are constantly working on improving the game, create new content, improve graphics and optimization! Please write to us if you found bugs or issues.

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  • File Size : 267.89MB
  • Current Version : 1.0.24
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: GDCompany
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Latest Version :4.9 Android:4.9 Past 7 days : 4.8
  • Royalflare

    A very standard ARPG without any nonsense at the start, you just need to flick your fingers on the screen and kill monsters directly. This is what I like but also dislike, why i dislike because it lower the whole game quality and makes players feel like it is unfinished.

    Talking about the game, the goal is to kill monsters levels by levels, upgrade your levels, get coins when defeat enemies and upgrade your skills. So what is the main purpose I keep killing these monsters, there should really have mission system even it is simple. I notice a teleport skill but when I tap it, the Viking I control was teleported to a place with golem (high-level) and some other players, I think this button is trying to put you close to the other players. One thing is great that you can teleport back to the checkpoint without cooldown, so you wont get lost.

    Overall it is an ARPG but lack of interactions, play methods, and players can easily get boring.

  • zaa

    not to bad game

  • 爆丸




  • 浅水













  • César Augusto
    2.90 hrs on record

    poderia ser melhor, com objetivos claros. o jogo é chato, mas pode melhorar colocando missões diárias e semanais, poderia ter um lugar para os jogadores fazer coisas diferentes, invés de só ficar passando o tempo matando mostros... e a customização é horrível. pfvr melhorem o jogo.





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