TeeTINY Online: Open World MMORPG

TeeTINY Online: Open World MMORPG

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Test Period: July 22 - July 31

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Experience the Tiny but Vast Universe

In Teetiny Online, your quest consists in overcoming the Tower of Despair. Login right now and discover this incredible open world MMORPG, where players from all over the world gather and explore dungeons together. The time has come to start your own journey!

Dive into the world of this exciting Fantasy MMORPG, and join a community connected via a unique global server. Teetiny Online is what every RPG and adventure lover needs.

In a world annihilated by men’s greed, in a time of despair and everlasting darkness, the merciful gods hence spoke: “The height of this tower is nothing but the reflection of mankind’s cupidity. Conquer it, and you shall be given a chance to live anew.” In these days of despair, will humans be able to overcome their own greed, and make the world a better place?

What's new

- This is the first public dev version release of MMORPG. TEETINY Online with friends from around the world.
- For those who have played with the version under development, we will give you the corresponding compensation at the time of the official release.
- Please participate in development so that you can advance ahead of anyone else!

* patch notice * 1.0.2v2

. Sometimes a bug that the other player looks like a monster
. Problems with version checking when installing on external memory

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Latest Version :8.6 Android:8.6
  • Ailtøn Rødrigue
    Expected value

    When will be the official release?

    Please give us something.. 😭

  • grampy
    Expected value

    mixed reviews...

    I like it but not so much





    story first and foremost is only one thing. scale aincrad or the floating tower... I for one want a story because I play games for the story .. my first thoughts after playing is that the game is that it's close to the anime Sword Art online...

    well something close to that.. (a floating tower , must kill the floor bosses to go up, and colorful world)..

    but there no cemented story yet.

    world. the world is colorful and quite ok. if only there was no sudden frame drop once I jump from place to place or when the players in a certain place/field is too many. it's visually stunning at least.

    characters. we got the blacksmith, potion seller, pet summoner, guard npc, old guy npc.. and the players.

    can't really expect much here plus it's an mmo so just having what's needed is really that..

    gameplay. no class system so what weapons you've equiped is your style..and there only two styles . sword and wand..while the summoned let's cane be sword,bow and wand.

    I'm not really good at reviews (◍•ᴗ•◍)

    this game at least has potential.

    it's visually good.

    unique gameplay.

    i like but it's a meh? (・_・;)

  • Caiubi Junior
    Expected value

    I can not access, download and say error! ??

  • KUAN
    Expected value

    Not bad!

    it's actually similar to diablo-type of genre, instead of going down into a dungeon, you're crawling up a tower.

    auto combat, in this ain't really that bad.

    skills, there's not much of a choice, you start with a sword type stick, and once you get yourself a wand, you kinda never wanna go back to hold a sword type weapon. yea, magic skill in this game is really over powered.

    loots, I kinda like the idea of equipments stats depend on luck instead of buying or forged. keeping it simple, monster drops only currency, lucky bags for equipments/enhancement materials, quest item, no other useless crap to sell. simple and clean.

    it's not bad at all, but need to see how this game actually worth after it officially launch.

  • Nam Le Hoang
    Expected value

    bao giờ mới r bản chính thức vậy


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