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  • Android 4.2 and above


Wake up...
Hey! Wake up!
You were found fainted by the road, wearing something not like us, and we took you back. You are new to this place, right?
Take it easy, you're in the world of real-time fast-paced 3v3 shooting game, just match with teammates worldwide and approach strategies by unlocking 30+ heros to defeat the rivals.
By the way, we also found a letter by your side
It's here, just read it...

Dear Chosen One,

Thank God, you are here now.
There is no need to know who I am. I am nobody, but you are someone powerful
Just remember my message for you.

This is a world of game... game, truely, but it is more than that.
People always say that game is virtual and unreal, but the touch, the strategy, the friends, the win and loss... These never lie, and are more than virtual.
Look at the allies fight beside you, the reward and glory you win from the battle, and the enemies who we never excepted: all of them are REAL...
The world could be a disaster for humanity, but I would rather call it hope when I hear the cheers from the arena.

You are new here and very confused...No worries, you are not alone.
There will be legendary heroes ahead at your back!
Now please find an invitation to summon your squad to evils before they ravage our orb!

♦️Fastest 3V3 Real Time Battle Ever
Ready to crush your rivals in 5 min? Team up with your friends and load up for the absolutely intense battles. Enter the battlefield and fight for irresistible victory now.

♦️Ultimate Hero Controlling Experience
A rich variety of heroes is waiting for your selection. Time to show off your signature tactical combo. Create your own controlling skills to dominate the battle.

♦️Amazing gaming maps integrated with plenty of battle modes
Exclusive maps will be unlocked as you further explore in the game. Don't miss out our continuous update of game maps and modes! Brand new battle experience waits for you every moment.

♦️Play freely, Fight fairly
United for the fair play! Easy to download the mobile game in a minute, get your fair and free play forever. The balanced and justified game design guarantees your long-lasting love for it.

One more tip before I leave:
-There is a pub where many heroes gather, and you could get information and help, the address: (facebook page)

Good Luck!

What's new

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- New Season Pass Online
- New hero Sanosuke makes his debut, with the corresponding discount event arriving!
- New Battle Royale mode comes online, an adjusted Cooperation mode
- New Chip system, Tactical Gadget system and others
- Champions League (originally the Elite Competition) comes online
- Adjustments to the currency and hero cultivation systems
- Vietnamese added
- Other optimization and bug fixes
Head to the official website or FB homepage for more updated details.

Detailed info

  • File Size: 1.04GB
  • Current Version: 0.678.28.27
  • Update Time: Jul 9, 2020
  • Developer: FireForce Game Studio
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  • synzy
    played 42 hrs 47 mins

    good,mình thích game này. Nhưng mà game nên dịch sang tiếng Việt Nam nữa. Nên có phần góp ý ở trong game. thêm nhân vật có vũ khí như dao, kiếm, laze, gậy phép,.......

    Phần rank kiếm được ít điểm quá, phải chơi rất nhiều mới lên cao dc

    Hi vọng lần upgrade sau sẽ có nhiều thứ thú vị.


    • hòa nobu

      đây là cổng game trung quốc và đây ko phải NPH VN,bạn góp ý thì nên dùng tiếng Anh và gửi vào hòm thư chứ ko phải ko cmt người dùng

  • Ranattachiiiiii
    played 5 hrs 52 mins

    a fast paced 3rd view shooter moba game. since we are talking about the generic moba then i think i dont even need to tell what's the gameplay about.

    controls : smooth .

    gacha , hero & currency : tbh i hate system like this. i can grind the cash currency (diamond) tho its very slow but in the end i must try my luck in gacha to get the hero weapons, afer pulling crates about 90 times i only got 3 second rate weapons . the only good things is i dont need buy the heroes and their skins.

    battles : well so far most my battles is facing bots due lack of real player in match, making me bored easily.

  • Navid Rabienezh
    played 388 hrs 30 mins

    come here and fight with lots toxic player s huaaaa. the first you come here we make you to delete the game .cryyyyy

  • Adelmo Araújo
    played 9 hrs 48 mins

    O jogo tem belos gráficos, mas tenho impressão que o PVP, até o rankeado, tenha bots. Em muitas partidas isso fica claro com os adversários vindo sempre da mesma forma e pra morte certa.

    Precisa de mais chars e de um mapa melhor, pois lembra demais aquele game da Supercell e não é adequado pra a mecânica desse game (eu acho).

  • RobinBoi
    played 5 hrs 2 mins

    interesting gameplay, there is a lot Hero's already "but" you need spend some money on it and if you f2p like me you'll just end up using same hero all the time.

    i feel so bad about this game, for new game with huge amount microtransaction is just like digging Your Own grave, how about take it slowly let the player enjoy the game and then put your p2w element little by little it's not that hard right?

    too bad, the game dead already. rarely people chat on world and more game i play more i realize its all just bot.

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