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Zero Fiction

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The world has been changed, and lots of monsters from different world appeared. Girls from the other world began to investigate the reason of these changes. Control your squad to defeat the enemies, perform fancy combos to improve combo evaluation, strengthen the characters, and solve the problem of the world! Why the world has been changed is actually......

Beautiful 3D graphic
Multi-unit combo attack battle system
Powerful skill performance

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  • File Size : 256.79MB
  • Current Version : 1.0.1
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: MCKC Studio
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Latest Version :6.0 Android:6.0
  • naires

    very laggy even with sd855 in low setting

  • Royalflare
    36 mins on record

    This game has great character art illustration and battle performance, based on gameplay, the battle is a real time with turn-based system in a 2D horizontal.

    Pros: each character has different skills and attack with different styles to create a combo within enough action points is impressive. Well-designed action styles, support Chinese, English and Japanese and this is a single game so can play without network.

    Cons: The game has problem with its optimization which is not good when I tap skills, laggy obviously. Game content include playable characters and levels are too less so I do really want to play more when I beat level 8 😭

    Since it was just released, hope there will be more levels, characters and modes updates.


  • RingdoRing

    Sometime, when you play, you need to ensure website get strong, so you will feel relax to play. ******

  • tama
    20 mins on record

    decent game i think.. tbh i dont felt i got much impression by playing the game. gameplay (combo-ing in battle) and animation skills or graphic just somewhat not that amazing or bad either. surprisingly if i tap faster/ rapidly its become lag / fps drop drastically even in lowest setting (i dunno if its my phone fault or not) , then i just stopped at stage 7 .

    so for me its quite generic and ill drop 3/5 for the game now.

  • Valentine

    Offline games are rare these days, so I want to give this one more credit for being available when I don't have internet access.

    This reminds me of "The Last Crown" without the complexity of the cards. The mechanics are extremely simple and there is little strategy required. For such a short game, this could have been more of a focus.

    The graphics are good, but at the cost of very little optimization. Setting high graphics causes the minor skills to lag and prevents any sort of quick execution. On medium, there are far less hiccups. The difference in graphics is clearly visible when switching, which invites the question of what device was meant to use high, if not a recent one.

    The replay value is summed up with unlocking the boss from the first set of stages as a playable character. This is a good way to recycle the levels into a second round, but nothing more.

    This would be excellent as a demo, but hardly passes as a full game. There isn't enough.

    There are 8 stages, not 16. Once completed, they unlock using the final boss in "New Game +" to complete the same 8 stages with an added boss.



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