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Soft launch for iOS in Philippines


Battle Prime gives you an unforgettable experience — join this multiplayer third-person shooter, choose your tactics, try all the stunning arsenal, and all this while enjoying console level graphics.

Become the number one player in next-generation battles using your mobile device!

Play as Primes: universal avatars with unique abilities. Choose your playstyle: will you beat everybody with a hulk-like strength, or surpass with a flash speed? Every Prime has his own tactics, so choose your combat style, win and enjoy your triumph in a memorable spectacular battles!

Show your power during dynamic 6v6 battles. Switch between Primes on respawn, use their abilities and equipment to control the course of battle and win. Beat all your enemies, get maximum points, and move higher to the top of the rating.

Every victory gets you closer to the top. Prove yourself in battles, gain rating points and unlock improvements — new Primes, new weapons and kit!

Experience the new generation of realistic graphics — enjoy amazing visual effects, detailed characters and maps! The Battle Prime engine is optimized for the majority of mobile devices, so you can fully enjoy dynamic battle scenes!

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  • User1580002
    Expected value

    can't wait to Play!

    I hope my Oppo a5s support High Graphics!

    and no Lag!

    wow! can't wait

  • Jasper Vidal
    Expected value

    Waiting for this app. Can't wait to play it! Love from the PH!

  • Light Stain
    Expected value

    A battle royale mode would be cool :)

  • انس قيمز للعلاب
    Expected value

    Tripl h kiss stephanie mcmahon top 5

  • Yeezybeeezy
    Expected value

    The Game has Great potential.

    Please male it better soon. This game can absolutely compete with other battle royal mobile games.

    This game need a lot of improvements such as quick scope. Quick run. Launching granade. And possibly more Guns.

    The settings need to be available in every aspect of the game. Its really necessary to edit

    This game need also a DTM MAP much bigger than the normal.

    Because its quite boring going to play the same thing in the same map over and over.

    Introduce some Special guns that let us to buy, but please never put "Buy to win" strategy. If its not the case.

    Balance of the game is a lot important if you wanna keep up the game.

    Anyway this find it really attractive .

    I came from playing alot of fps shooting game. And this one is quite different.

    I like it to play more but we need more updates for this kind of play.

    Good job!



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