Rumble League
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Rumble League

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Rumble League is a thrilling new team-based shooter you can play with friends around the world. Every match is a quick multiplayer showdown, pitting a diverse cast of Superstars against each other in an epic, globe-spanning tournament

• Real-time Battle Royale and 5v5 battles against friends and players from around the world
• Party up with friends and battle together as a team
• Simple objectives - popular game modes such as Royale, Payload, Control Zone and Deathmatch
• Instant Matchmaking - quickly jump into battle
• Unlock new Superstars - each with a signature attack and an Ultimate power!
• Upgrade your favourite Superstars to unlock new Perks and Ultimate abilities
• Training Mode - enter a stress-free training room to master and hone your skills
• Customise your Superstars with unlockable character and weapon skins

Join the exciting world of Rumble League

Are you having problems? Contact us by selecting the "Contact Us" button in the in-game Profile > Settings tab

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  • File Size : 241.16MB
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  • Developer: Space Ape
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Latest Version :7.2 Android:7.7
  • Aung Khant Mow

    Cool!This game is like cardboard clash but different,We should play.enjoy :D☺️

  • josh

    the players you match up with are bots with renames.! i dont even think they are real players..although okay game!

    • RACAPE

      They are real. I got a lot of friend requests and I spoke with them. 👍

    • josh

      I won every match of Royal and ranked my player to level 10 and then i realised something wasn't adding up. I'm not sure I think it's a mixture of bots and real players then. I'm positive alot are bots to just fill matches up!! this is very common I suppose.

  • BeefyWarrior210

    it's a really nice game

  • Armaan Hassan

    this game is the best😎

  • Cha0tik
    1.25 hrs on record

    This game is so fun! kinda sad that Competitive won't connect to anyone but the game has so much potential to be great. they need dope skins to draw people into the battle pass.



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