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Developer notes:

The test of "Anonymous Me" will be available on Aug 1 at 11:00 (GMT+8), and players will be asked to go to the "Anonymous Me (Test)" page for download. This test iOS platform uses Test Flight test, a total of 10,000 test places, click to play to participate, the Android platform can be clicked on the game page to download directly.

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"Anonymous Me" is a Chinese style 2D horizontal action game. In the game, the player needs to switch between three weapons, use the gorgeous tricks to knock down the enemies on the road, travel the world, experience the plot, and finally challenge some more powerful force.

The story of the game took place in China at the end of the Qin Dynasty. Under the harsh and harsh rule of Emperor Qin Shihuang, the people were not happy, and this newly unified empire has already shown signs of decline. The female killer "Lady Meng" has just emerged from the complex dark organization and has been involved in a long-planned conspiracy.

It is true that in the face of the rolling trend of the times, everyone is just a "Anonymous Me", "I belongs to myself, not destiny" is also like a piece of paper. But before we can answer, let's take a look at the story of "Lady Meng".

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  • File Size : 332.09MB
  • Current Version : 1.2.5
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: 龙渊网络
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    刀光劍影,亂世中行,距離《無名之輩》的測試已過去一個多月的時間。在此期間,有許許多多的玩家向我們提出了關於遊戲的意見與遊戲中需要改進的地方,一起見證了這款遊戲的成長;同時,也感謝大家對我們這款遊戲的支持。為了讓大家了解我們最近一段時間在做什麼,以及玩家們比較關注的幾個問題,我們邀請了《無名之輩》開發組成員,就以上問題作出解答。 Q:嗨!你們好,請問你們最近在忙什麼呢? A:《無名之輩》測試服上線以

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    各位俠士們下午好~距離上次更新已經過去了半個月的時間。在這半個月的時間裡,我們的開發組正加班加點地對遊戲整體進行優化,由於工程量較大,所需要的時間較長,故本次更新優化的方面較少。以上,我們將於9月12日下午3點整對遊戲進行更新,感謝大家對我們這款遊戲的支持。本次更新的內容為: 1. 修復了釋放技能後概率性反向行走的BUG 2.修復了部分關卡概率性在障礙物或梯子上卡住的BUG

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    這是一個無比硬核的橫版動作遊戲。在遊戲中,各兵種與BOSS的擊殺都需要俠士們充分考慮其攻擊方式,不能盲目的攻擊。那麼接下來,我就簡單為各位俠士介紹一下不同難度之間的區別。簡單難度: 敵人的數量較少,傷害較弱,BOSS的傷害較弱普通難度: 敵人的數量變多,傷害增加,BOSS的傷害增強困難難度: 被任何敵人擊中後會造成持續的流血傷害,只有使用藥水才能使流血狀態停止BOSS的攻擊招式

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    各位俠士們上午好~在上一個更新版本中,大家仍對人物操作以及難度方面不太滿意,並給出了許多的建議,幫我們指出這款遊戲仍需要繼續改進的地方。感謝大家對我們這款遊戲的支持,同時,我們將於本日下午3點整對遊戲進行更新。以下是本次更新的內容: 1、修復機率性玩家方向操作與角色轉向不一致的BUG 2、搖桿響應區域擴大3、跳躍、翻滾按鈕響應區域擴大4、優化了影襲搓招響應5、調低簡單及普通模式下BOSS簡離


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