Deadrite Hunt
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Deadrite Hunt

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This game is currently in Early Access, various bugs and imbalance may occur

  • Traditional Chinese
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  • Android 4.4 and above


Deadrite Hunt is an online multiplayer horror game. The world is doomed and damned by the creatures from another reality - The Realm of Nightmare. The Nightmare opens portals to our world and sends its servants to conquer Earth! Fight them back and banish these monsters and killers from our world! Welcome to your last hunt - Deadrite Hunt!

Deadrite Hunt is a cooperative horror game where 5 players - 4 hunters and a monster - try to kill each other. The hunters must destroy the totems that give strength and power to a monster. While a monster must kill all hunters to bring the Nightmare to Earth in Hell's showdown. Every hunter or monster has special abilities and its own playstyle. Change your ability by using a talent that you like the most. Make your own rules! Rush forward or sneak and deceit, bring hell or make everyone insane. In Deadrite Hunt you’d be alive or dead by daylight.

Play Deadrite Hunt, choose your way and good hunt!

***The game is in an early access right now. Please, send your feedback about the game, game mechanics, bugs and anything that you want to see in game or that you want to change in game via in game feedback button. Let’s make it together! Thank you!***

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  • File Size : 177.50MB
  • Current Version : 0.176
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: OneTonGames
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Latest Version :6.0 Android:6.0
  • Ernis Gonzalez

    add invite only session

  • 小竖锯🎈🎉
    484.70 hrs on record

    你们好,我是bug神王!此游戏的万王之王★最高尊王!超高能猎祖之无敌神王★现游戏名:这个悲哀的游戏★ 🇨🇳如果游戏中遇到我可以一起玩哈,我不喜欢玩太快!溜怪 捉迷藏 躲猫猫 观战等等是我的主要玩法!虽然作者已经毁了此游戏…但作者没什么游戏经验咱们也要理解…总之习惯就好,我只是在等更新!👋✋🏼

    • 風一樣的胖丁


    • 小竖锯🎈🎉


    • 小竖锯🎈🎉

      额 我在国内tap发过一些帖子视频,早知道就发国际版的这里了,当时不知道,我这也是用的网页版 来看看~这个游戏的初恋和热恋阶段已经过去,但不幸的是现在已经没有恋了…已经哀掉了……总之往好处说就是玩的时间长了才能体会到这个游戏的好玩乐趣!可惜现在的新版本很难体会了,不过看个人吧。我之所以有bug神王的称号因为我玩游戏喜欢卡bug!这个游戏从刚开始的上梯子!到后来的后来的后来的现在……已经无敌★对于这款游戏我也不算是元老,从去年暑假末开始接触的,总之给了我无尽的乐趣!但快乐背后总有痛苦!本来非常有趣味性的每局都可以感受到史诗级的乐趣(……)只是后来一次次的更新把这个游戏给更新烂了(……)大佬都不玩了,全是新手……嗷~一切尽在不言中🎉

    • 風一樣的胖丁


  • Mr.Tavrok:3 Mr.

    Download and play...


    If you can do this.


  • TheArness
    32 mins on record

    Meh game why Survivors can't heal urself except one character and they have guns and they can kill killer >_< 0 emotions 0 heartbeat

  • Георгий Татузов

    не советую играть, в игре много багов и разработчики скорее всего удалят эту игру без причин как они сделали с dead by light :3





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