Rise of Awakened: Project E

Rise of Awakened: Project E

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⭐️This is a Closed Beta Test
Test Dates: Aug 1st 15:00 - Aug 9th 15:00 (GMT+8)
⚠️Game data will ***Delete*** After the test


「If the possibility for stopping the world from destruction is only 0.001%, Would you still choose to lead and risk the lives of all your allies for it?」

One fateful night in the 1970s, an accident called the "Grand Shockwave" changed the DNA of millions of citizens. Two days later, the sky cracked open and some human-like aliens called the「Admin」showed up. They transformed the city into a completely isolated world——New State City.

As more Awakened and devils appear in New State City, it’s down to you, the director of the E.G.R.P.A (Exotic Guard and Research Projects Agency), to recruit Awakeneds and fight against the devils as well as other awakened criminals. More importantly, it’s up to you to discover the Truth hidden under the surface and make your own choice.

The end is coming, fight for hope!

■A Thrilling Battle Located in New State City!
You’ll enter a parallel world based on the REAL City of the 1970s and the story line embraced real historical events! Become the Director of the E.G.R.P.A to experience historical battles through HIS view!

■Unique & Charming Characters!
3D cartoon shadow models complete with facial expression system, create lively characters with distinct personalities! Recruit Awakened and strengthen the team of E.G.R.P.A. They will be the KEY to this battle!

■Striking Action Combos & Stunning Ultimate Moves!
The game plays in classic side-scrolling, having gorgeous skill combo and ultra-smooth game play. Each character has a unique 3D anime-style ultimate move. Everything presenting here is to give you the most satisfying mobile action game experience!

■Shape your Favorite Awakened!
Are you gonna choose the onee-san with double guns? The vice-president with Japanese katana? Or the adorable pint-sized killer with a scythe? More Awakened are yet to come! Choose the one who suits your style! Level up, evolve and unlock more skills to maximize your combo selection. Last but not least, don’t forget to give them a good outfit!

■Various Trials Challenge your Limit!
Having 3 types of Real-Time PVP and 5 types of Trials! 1v1 Ranking, 3v3 Arena, 2v2 Team-up, daily trail, Awakened trail, etc. Among them, the most unique trail is called the Baphomet's Playground which combines poker and rougelike together. With all these challenges, it’s time to give it all out! Challenge your Limit and prove your skills!

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  • Developer: uBeeJoy
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Latest Version :8.7 Android:8.7
  • Rengas Dengklok
    Expected value

    how i can download the game?

  • Ranattachi
    1.83 hrs on record

    a 2.5 D side scroll hack n slash game anime style also lil bit gacha, great! here we go agn (no gacha no life) ... i quite like the arts , the graphics nice too but not to the point that eye-catching . about control hmm 🤔 i felt its not in perfect state.. the precision of turning left and right side is good but kinda rigid for top&bottom that leading into miss-hitting mobs (well, sometimes i even think some projectiles like passing through).so adjusting the control is rly needed and some piloting skiils in order to achieve 3* mission (atm 40 minute of game play got me into end of chapter 2 and now i cant messing around anymore 😤) so ill rate the story skills uniqueness & skills animations and controls 3.5/5.

    now the gacha .. its sucks because rate is low .. need duplicate to increase stars and mostly got pots 😑 .

    farming currency also slow .

    cons i think this game is better at played on casual mode .. cus i felt the game is not grindy , even you have tight schedule or few time to playing a game u can simply sweep the stages until your stamina runs out.. you just need clear once *3 like most of other games

  • JRe
    Expected value

    I like side scrolling beat em up games, so this is in my cup of tea like characters and gameplay of course but for some reason my phone keeps detecting this as malware but idk.

  • Valentine
    Expected value

    This game has an enormous amount of potential, but an equally enormous number of flaws.

    The stages support fullscreen, but this was not even considered in the dialog and menu screens. Instead, you have giant black bars that take up a decent amount of space. Adding static filler colors in this area is a lazy solution. You could easily extend the background image without impacting the layout. If you need an example, take a look at God Eater: Resonant Ops.

    The intro movie uses very weak dialog that does not give the intended effect. This could be a result of the beta, so I am going to assume there will be a better movie in the final game.

    Dialogs with an apostrophe are being escaped in a way that creates a lot of unnecessary white space. You should not see "The director s idea" unless they are being escaped incorrectly.

    A LOT of the dialog needs to be proofread. I am also assuming this is a result of the beta.

    Auto play is completely unnecessary in an arcade style fighter. I have not come across it yet, but have seen the other games by this developer and have a bad feeling. I am not a Honkai Impact fan, but that game demonstrates that leaving it out will not ruin your success financially. Sure, some kids will cry, but the ones that stay will be much more loyal than those with a $1 lifetime investment.


  • CarottianV
    Expected value

    I love it. Game running well on my phone and have a good fps around 30+.

    Character design is charming for me.

    Gameplay is ok.

    • User236844

      this is a great game i think, but i dont know why rate gacha so ..., I don't know why the rating is so bad even though I like this game so much


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