Winter Survival : After the Last Zombie War

Winter Survival : After the Last Zombie War HK

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Winter Survival: After the Last Zombie War is a medieval apocalyptic survival genre.
Humans are almost killed by zombies. And you are one of the survivors.
You must fend off severe cold weather, hunger, traps and ferocious white walkers.
Remember that your backpack is very small. Take essential items with you when you go out.
Good luck, survivors.

The perfect combination of survival and magic;
Clue survival;
No modern technology;
Expand and strengthen your camp;

What's new

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1. Damage brought by low temperature or blizzard will be reduced in the novice map;
2. Blizzard time will be shortened in the last survival phase of the novice map;
3. Some arrow guide will be added in the novice map;
4. Get the guide for building a tent ahead in the novice map;
5. In the novice map, right after stepping into the tent, we will add a guide on getting out of the tent after the blizzard;

Detailed info

  • File Size: 350.64MB
  • Current Version: 0.1.3
  • Update Time: Mar 31, 2020
  • Developer: LeekBox Studio
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  • FinalHamu







  • Riku Kiyutaka
    12 mins played

    I'm stuck in winter is coming loading screen

  • Ranattachiiiiii
    2 mins played

    well decent survival game with viking theme i guess .. where theres a zombie & dragon on that age.

    graphics & animation is not detailed like durango and more likely like last day survival but lil bit worse .

    bag slot is few and pretty much many construction or building can be build even you are going to outside from base like bonfire / temporary camp.

    not much to say here , u better check this out urself if you like survival game (esp maybe bronze-iron age stuff) and fine without HD /ultra.

    ps * oh controls is not very smooth but still okay

  • gaston fonseca

    game doesnt work anymore? i get stuck on Main screen Loading

  • 王晓龙

    太费体力了,总不够用,总共就100点体力,跑一个图30多体力,来回 60。怎么玩

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