Winter Survival:the last zombie shelter on earth

Winter Survival:the last zombie shelter on earth

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REVIVING HUMAN SOCIETY! CoolWin Games welcome you into the world of winter survival game- Winter! This is a new world full of mysterious Dragon Raja and magic! Your mission is to survive!

The survival of high-tech is gone. Winter is coming. No shelter to hide. Everything becomes nothing. Only the cold continent of danger and White Walkers is waiting for you to conquer! Hunger and terror spread. Only wisdom and courage can help you to survive from hunger and terror! Go and find the Hidden Dragon clan who ever bred dragons, seek the magical energy that has been passed down and build the strongest shelter to survive and fight the White Walkers!

Lead the surviving humans to find a way to survive from hunger and terror, build and upgrade your shelter, defeat the White Walkers, take back the territory!

Game Features:

l No modern technology, only cold weapons to create a thrilling battles;

l Coexistence with the Dragon, symbiosis with magic, and subvert the cognition of the survival game;

l Mysterious random map, challenging super senior survival players;

l Humans kill each other, resist the White Walkers, resist the civil strife;

l Expand and upgrade your shelter and forms the most powerful "human rebels";

l Crazy collection of resources, become a resource tycoon in this cold and hunger winter;

For more features and surprises, welcome to join the game!

Support: Should you have any problem when playing the game,

please visit:

What's new

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1. Damage brought by low temperature or blizzard will be reduced in the novice map;
2. Blizzard time will be shortened in the last survival phase of the novice map;
3. Some arrow guide will be added in the novice map;
4. Get the guide for building a tent ahead in the novice map;
5. In the novice map, right after stepping into the tent, we will add a guide on getting out of the tent after the blizzard;

Detailed info

  • File Size : 260.40MB
  • Current Version : 0.0.2
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Winter Game
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  • Patryk Płoński

    the game is full of bugs, stutters now there is nothing to play it, massacre

  • Badborn Wolf

    I'm loving the game the log in gift gave me wolf fur clothes so makes it easier to face the blizzards and colder zones

  • IwanttobeFREE
    2 mins on record

    well decent survival game with viking theme i guess .. where theres a zombie & dragon on that age.

    graphics & animation is not detailed like durango and more likely like last day survival but lil bit worse .

    bag slot is few and pretty much many construction or building can be build even you are going to outside from base like bonfire / temporary camp.

    not much to say here , u better check this out urself if you like survival game (esp maybe bronze-iron age stuff) and fine without HD /ultra.

    ps * oh controls is not very smooth but still okay

  • Changfu

    Envie de découvrir ce jeu sur iOS vite .

  • Riku Kiyutaka
    12 mins on record

    I'm stuck in winter is coming loading screen


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