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Collect and customize the world’s most amazing cars to use in the upcoming NFS Heat*. Expand your collection with weekly drops and complete challenges to unlock the most iconic cars on the streets today. Then log into your EA Account to push your custom designs into the game. They'll then be ready and waiting for you to play with in NFS Heat when the game releases on November 5, 2019, with Origin Access and EA Access**.

The Cars tab puts all vehicles you have access to right at your fingertips. Update your custom cars, then add your favorites to your Showroom. Want more cars? Each week a Container filled with the hottest releases is all yours. Some are so special they’ll need to be unlocked with progression points, earned by customizing your current rides, creating new wraps, or just spending time with your collection.

Open the app to enter your Showroom, where all of your favorite cars will be on display. These are the cream of the crop, the customs you’ve really put your heart and soul into. Change things up when you add new designs or move a classic to the Workshop for some high-end tinkering.

This is your space to make each car your own. Go crazy with wild body-kits, wheels, exhausts, and more. Use the Color Selector to put your style on everything from the perfect finish to window tints. Even use the Wrap Editor to create custom designs.

Set up still shots and videos in the Capture Lab, to instantly add your favorites anywhere - from your driveway to the highway. Then snap to share them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or add them to Your Gallery for later.

Want to see your customized rides burning up the neon-lit streets of NFS Heat? Log into your EA Account (or create one) and you’ll be able to play with them when the game releases*.

*Need for Speed Heat is a video game to be released on PC, PlayStation and Xbox and it has to be purchased separately. Access to that game will depend on final age ratings. You can only apply customizations made in this app in the game once you have unlocked the corresponding base car and car parts in the game.


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  • Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
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Latest Version :5.9 Android:7.1
  • 手机用户1175938

    the game is out when is the playing the game support now

  • Valentine

    Apps like this are a gift and a curse. For everyone with a compatible device, you get to unlock a lot of extra content in a console game and prepare some aspects of the game before it even launches. For those without a compatible device, it means you get left behind. What is not clear is how much of the car you design in the app will be locked behind pay walls once you attempt to import it.

    I am not sure if this app will have any real value once the game is available, unless it is somehow easier than using the game. It is not the first time EA has created a gap in their player base with content coming from external sources. The risk that unlocking cars may become exclusive to a mobile app also causes a lot of concern.

    If there is any chance you might buy the full game, then this is probably something you should at least download. Whether or not you make use of all the features, you might obtain some added content.

    • SlipperyVox

      They should release nfs heat as a mobile game too. It would be cool af.

      And as a matter of fact if this app would be useful or not.. Its not necessary that it would or should be useful. Its just for people to have some fun customizing cars instead of doing that in other games paying real or in game money for unlocking decals, this app let's you use any decal you want withought restrictions.

      And who know, if your model is just wayyyy too amazing, nfs would take it as a ingame skin 😉. Isn't that cool?!

    • Valentine

      "Collect and customize the world’s most amazing cars to use in the upcoming NFS Heat*. Expand your collection with weekly drops and complete challenges to unlock the most iconic cars on the streets today. Then log into your EA Account to push your custom designs into the game. "

      The entire purpose of the app is to design cars for use in the game.

  • 누룽이

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    다양한 차량을 본인이 원하는 디자인으로 꾸며

    볼 수 있는 게임입니다. 레이싱 게임 아닙니다.

    게임자체는 아주 좋습니다. 간지나는 차량을

    만들어보고 싶으시다면 다운받아서 즐겨보세요.

  • danlandia

    it is a game, with customisation only for everyone that didn't realise that, and it's compatible to some devices Android 8+ only

  • IwanttobeFREE
    1.87 hrs on record

    okay cool at first i thought this is racing game but not .

    its just customizing exterior cars at my own free will . modify painting changing the body add some stuff .. holy 🤪 making a dream car is real tho only in game hahaha

    you will enjoy your time for creating the cars !

    i dunno if the profile could be linked into another 'EA games but i wish it does..





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