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  • Káťa Makaveli
    397.75 hrs on record

    At open beta, I loved this game. But after that, low drops on legendary equip and equip in general, when you wanna be good you have to pay some money. It is huge p2w. Same quest and events over and over. I rather wait 7 days for Dragon Raja.

  • Densie Asong

    •The has problem with parsing the package? after I download it with 3 gigabits, obb with two part of files , 3 gigabits that cut into two parts, only the left in my storage. what happen? me want a rebate for this! give it back my property.🙅🙅🙅

    •Please thake me away from here! give shelter in huge continent and job also support me in financial.🙅🙅🙅

    •me is lost in those websites coz itz bad, they are really bad.🙅🙅🙅

  • Richard Lousich
    8.12 hrs on record

    update the game please. the download is out of date.

  • Alexandre Almei

    #(41653) ClientDictionary error 2

    how to solve it

  • datan

    Great game but the numbers of severs, localization errors and huge dungeon times kills it for me.

  • Flyng Petal

    why i cant sign in mobile samsung a50 ?

    • Dan

      this version is outdated

  • Luapluap Luaplu

    After downloading, I cant sign in any of those flatforms given. It said "Server Error, Please Try Again Later" all the the time. Please fix this issue.

  • Hưng Nguyễn

    i saw sa server, what is sa stand for south asia/ south america/ south africa? and what country did they place the server?

  • User3149891

    I can't log in on any platforms what should. I do?

  • Kharisma Rama

    when the new version for this game . . . i cant update because this the late version.. please update a new version . . .

  • User2598143

    cant login why???

  • Vishal Kumar
    25.33 hrs on record

    this game is great but i don't understand how can i use this game

  • kutting Janggih


  • Fradzkhan Araja

    How to install this one. I've already downloaded it.

  • VulgarisUSA
    373.62 hrs on record

    ****UPDATED today, 10/6/19****

    I'm still very much enjoying this game! My character it's just about to hit 97, and my bag is filled waiting with wonderful 97 level armor to wear! the new dungeon content is very good, including a 24-man raid, a 12-man raid, and a new 6 man raid. the dungeons are becoming increasingly more difficult with more boss mechanics to deal with. the drops are very generous in the dungeons that's never been an issue, as the dungeons are very well itemized. all of my reviews so far have been honest and affiliations free, meaning I'm no fanboi for any particular software developer. I tell it like it is. if I'm going to be fair in reviewing this title I must mention the following. once you get your gear you need to refine it, you need to engrave it you need to socket it, with options to do even more such as inherit, recast transfer Etc. this is where it becomes problematic. if you think that it's cheap to make these modifications to your gear, you better think again because it is anything but cheap. the currency situation in the game is confusing until you get what they're trying to do. there are gold bars Unbound, there are gold ingots Bound. there a silver ingots bound and silver ingots Unbound. to make matters just a bit more confusing, there are also gold coins and silver coins. here's where it gets interesting. let's say you need to to rank up all of your skills, your spells. This costs silver coins . for example, let's say you have 500 silver ingots, but your silver coin Supply is very low. you cannot, repeat, cannot Exchange silver ingots for silver coins. In order the upgrade your skills and talents with silver coins you need to find another way to get them. upgrading your gear is a little bit more complicated to get the higher tiers. for example in order to turn a level 59 legendary weapon into a level 79 legendary weapon requires the following. you will need the base 59 Orange legendary weapon, you will need upgrade components called Universal units, and you'll need another item also legendary. these extra items for example, Astro wheel upgrade gloves rings and capes, ancient devil horns upgrades weapons Devil's ashes upgrades belts and Boots and so on. these items are extremely rare and sell on the AH for millions of gold. yes, you can get them as drops in the dungeon but you are limited to two loot runs per day, and if it doesn't drop you have to wait. as you can see it's less than the most desirable option. there are other ways you can earn lots of gold in the game, by using what are called life skills. these are fishing, Gathering, cooking, Alchemy. this game goes back to OG MMOs which force the player to carry good supplies of both health food and Mana food. that's where the life skills come in. you fish or gather the proper components in order to create Mana food, health food, potions, and elixirs. with a little bit of examination, you will be able to tell which components sell for the most amount of money. obviously, that's your focus in order to bring in the gold. it's time consuming and it's tedious, but it does the job. and in order to remain competitive, you absolutely must upgrade your gear to the highest it can be. I'm in a great Guild which is the number to Guild on the server, and it's cool and laid-back as they all are, you are expected to do what is necessary in order to keep your gear current.. If you're just a casual player, not having the proper level gear will prevent you from experiencing the highest level dungeons. well this is awful oh, you might be telling yourselves. it's no different from any other big I still recommend the game highly MMO because pay-to-win is a fact of life. after saying all of this, I still recommend the game highly. it's a lot of fun, there are tons of dailies to do and lots of dungeons to do. I understand the patch coming up next week will raise the level cap to 109 with more dungeons content. and guess what? I'll be there the moment these dungeons open!

    *****UPDATED 09/12/19****

    This is one time I'm very glad to be wrong! I reported yesterday that level cap went from 79 to 80. I knew I was wrong when I hit 81 today along with the rest of my guild. We're not sure why the update notes didn't mention the cap, but we've since found out its 89, when a new very tough dungeon opens to us at 89

    ****UPDATED 09/11/19****

    Get ready to laugh :) I reported that the level cap of 79 was to be lifted today. I'm happy to tell you all that we now have a new cap. Ok here comes the absurd part where you will all say, "Shut up! There's no way that's right!" The cap went from 79 to 80. This isn't a typo. They raised the cap by 1 level. What they are thinking I cannot even pretend to know.


    I'm very surprised by this release. I was expecting another "auto play p2w nightmare" taking very little skill. Another lesson teaching us not to assume anything :) I LOVE my Blademaster. he's incredibly versatile, having 2 full stances with each having fully skilled choices. The axe stance is very good for AoE attacks, and the polearm stance actually has great single target RANGED attack!! The Blademaster has double the skills to master, and definitely requires a good understanding of the skills in both stances. you can easily switch stances on the fly during combat, and its fast and clean. the dps output is VERY high, and he also makes a very competent off tank because his defenses are so high. Spec him right (don't use a single point for magical attack, while focusing on str, atk, and vit).

    There is a lot to do here as the daily events will easily take you hours to complete. The dungeons are well thought out, with boss mechanics not being terribly intense until the level 60 dungeons. Then, things change very quickly in terms of difficulty and boss mechanics. One downside I'm encountering quite often. The highest dungeons can be won or wiped strictly on the skills of your healer. if you have a mediocre healer, you're probably going to die repeatedly, and it's really frustrating to be at the top of the dps leaderboard by doing your job, only to wipe because the healer isn't competent. I can't even tell you how often this happens. my best advice is to forget about doing pugs starting after Cave of Treasures dungeon and keep your dungeon runs all with in guild groups. Once you get into Heaven or Hell and Netherworld dungeons you're absolutely going to need great healing.

    PvP in game is also surprisingly fun. there is your typical one on one AI run called The Pinnacle, and there are 2 instanced PvP zones as well. one of these zones requires PvP on your flying mount. yup. Aerial combat. There is also the ability to do open world, wild PvP which is also good fun.

    All in all, a solid game with much to like. There are a lot of elite players on the server who aren't leaving which is a good indication that the appeal is high. the art and graphics are truly stellar as well. I understand the 79 cap is being removed tomorrow, the 11th of September, and I'm eager to progress and enter the content I can see listed but not yet able to enter.

  • User1583925

    i just downloaded im from Philippines. why can't i login?

  • Misha

    Why is it locked at 30fps? I've seen some vids of chinese version that run at 60 smooth

  • Alvast
    2.33 hrs on record

    The game is based on traditional Chinese fantasy setting. It is dungeon based, although the world seems so huge with seamless map. No auto play, but auto path quest, means you just need to click your quest to go to its NPC. From tutorial and forward, the guide will try to make you focus on main quest, which I found a bit annoying cuz it's like the game forces me to finish the main story, while I actually want to explore the world. Side quests are not so many. Auto attack will be available at level 7 and above. Auto attack makes your character able to attack automaticly but your character will not avoid the enemy's attack, which is risky. Graphics are superb, and many options to set the quality from Power Saving type to HD even Movie type.

    Edit add more review as I level up more:

    There is Battle Rank (BR) system, where the number increase as you get better weapon and armors. PVP system will be available once you reach level 30

    • Shirley Reis


    • User901935

      too much complain, create your own game useless

    • Alvast

      lmao i dont complain. this is what u call review. i said the graphic is superb and no autoplay which are really good. review supposed to be telling what u think and feel of the game honestly. if you cannot distinguish review and complain, better u go back to school n dont trashtalk here.

    • rom tezter

      nice review btw, its all we need

    • Alvast

      thankyou xD

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  • NewGamer

    I am not fond of the game. It was nostalgic for sure but the magic was gone already.

  • Ahmed Fouda
    7.37 hrs on record

    heavily p2w, nice graphics but laggy

    overall nice game but as always its p2w and u cant progress until u pay.

    refining is the worst part and its the reason i uninstalled


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