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  • Japanese
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  • Android 4.4 and above


A story depicting the world 15 years after Shibuya Transfer, with the introduction of the TV anime “revisions リヴィジョンズ”.
Boys and girls face Revisions in a harsh future!

▼ Story
"This is a promise. I'm waiting in the future."
She promised, I'm still in the past.

A few months after Shibuya was transferred to the future and returned,
This time, cities around the world were randomly transferred.
This was transformed by an RV virus, an unknown virus that suddenly destroys the human body
The future humanity "Revisions" was what caused modern humanity to be transferred.

In an unprecedented cr***, governments around the world signed a “Shibuya Agreement”
A block area plan that divides all cities into blocks and places military facilities
Decide to focus on RV virus vaccine development.

Finally, mankind has successfully developed a vaccine that prevents the birth of the RV virus.
Large-scale transfers stopped, and the history flow seemed to change.

15 years later, until a boy finds it on the school grounds ...

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  • File Size : 76.43MB
  • Current Version : 1.0.0
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  • Developer: NEXON Co., Ltd.
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  • Macro Trinity

    Downloaded the game then maintainance....finish maintainance then said region so why let people download if can't play?at least put CBT under game titles not hard isn't....why u give fake hope to people....u think all people download the game is living in time if it still Beta make sure u put it on test....don't give people hope by letting them to download the game data just to find out most of them can't play....Uninstall a game that suppose to be undownload able.... Joke they say...

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    waiting for global version~

  • Mishearre

    I am the confusion, what.

    • Macro Trinity

      Yeah...they just want u to download the should have been pre-register button but they never think of what I said....

      I can say it still in Close Beta Test which is only on Japan...they forgot to change the download button....silly game developers...

    • Mishearre

      oh okay thank mate

  • Elsea
    2 mins on record

    nice game

  • Valentine

    It is interesting to see how much Nexon thinks of their own investment in the game. The game looks more like previous titles by devCAT, despite their only noted involvement being the strategy engine. Nexon tends to exaggerate their role, though, so this is not much of a surprise. Games where they are primarily a publisher tend to be better.

    The story is a bit slow. The dialog is fully voiced, but seems to stretch on for a long time as each character says short lines back and forth. The main story is separated from the parts that relate to combat and strategy, so at least it can be skipped without much loss in success. The Live2D models may provide some movement to the characters, but does not change that it is more or less a static.

    The initial battle scene can be a bit underwhelming at first glance, but the skill animations and detailed textures make up for what looks like it will be a chibi mech fight. There are a lot of different suits to modify and upgrade, which makes it feel a lot like an alternative to Gundam. Each mech appears to be linked to a specific pilot, so there is a limit to how much customization is possible.

    The mechanics are a bit unoriginal, but do not feel like a clone of any particular game. Minor upgrades make them new, despite this being a style that has existed for many years. They are also a good fit for the original story, which can be seen in English on Netflix if you cannot read Japanese. It is also nice to know you can experience the story without sitting through the tedious version in this game.

    Despite being a bit slow and becoming auto battle by the third level, it seems like an interesting game with a lot of potential.


NEXON Co., Ltd.



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