Soul Seeker R(OBT)
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Soul Seeker R(OBT)

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released in Oct 25
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Open Beta Test until September 26th


Capturing the essence of traditional Hack & Slash action!
An unmissable Epic Action RPG

★A wide variety of lovely designs & characters
Constantly updating new female characters based on the illustrations of Avabel Online
What do you prefer? Looks or Power? The choice is yours to make!

★100% evolution system!
A completely different system from the original game!
No more 'random' combinations. 'Evolution' is the new trend!
A strong visual shock that will boggle your mind!
Evolution of Summoners and Epic Battle! Find your new destiny!

[Game Features]

- More detailed characters + In-game balance. Create your own strategy!!
Grow your own favorite hero.
Create a winning strategy with the that could maximize the powers of your characters!
Heroes have their own attributes and skills. Don't forget to find the perfect synergy!
Enhance and combine various equipment to develop your hero faster!

-Show your control skills!-
You can reach higher dungeons with your 'skills' even when your heroes have low level.
Choose the right leader for your team and unleash your skills!
Skills + Strategy = Key to Victory!

- Eye-popping action + Graphics that will make your heart pound!
Amazing real-time action + Astonishing character design!
Every moment will be filled with excitement and heart-pounding action
that cannot be experienced in turn-based games!

Detailed info

  • File Size : 472.86MB
  • Current Version : 1.1.4
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Clegames Inc.
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Latest Version :7.7 Android:7.5
  • User887828

    can still play right now?

  • 手机用户903952

    why the game not can't connect?

  • ricky micky

    the game is really cool see im play first hour

  • Johnathen Caldw

    I want to replay this game but it says it needs to update. when I click to update, it brings me back here with no option. basically I can't play it - come on TapTap, I appeciate that you have a lot of games released early but it would be even better if we could update them !! I'll rate 5 stars tho when the time comes. SS is a great game and I'm excited to see how avabel is incorporated

    • Zadewa.Parmin

      its still pre register dude..

    • Johnathen Caldw

      It was in open beta for a few weeks, but it's closed now. So now no one can play it till it releases but I swear I couldn't get it load up when it was open. but I also just moved so perhaps the game needs wifi, some games that I have require strong wifi to play. I'm sure I'll rate the game 5 stars - I'm so excited to see what they do with the AVABEL CHARACTERS omgomgomgomg

  • MiniDevilMonyo
    59.90 hrs on record

    Well...this was quite a improvement compared to the first soul seeker (which was terminated in January), like, any hero can be 6-star(and thats good), awakening dungeons arent restricted to certain heroes anymore, matchmaking in arena seems to be more fair (for now), and waaay less currencies (most stuff uses gold), and just like dungeons, expedition also arent restricted to certain heroes anymore. So far, im satisfied with the game.

    • MiniDevilMonyo

      EDIT: Well guys, OBT is over, see you guys next month in official release


Clegames Inc.



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