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•ELCHRONICLE for Tap Game Guide:

ELCHRONICLE for Tap Discord:   https://discord.gg/sJfN2Q8

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  • Android 4.3 and above


"After the Gods disappeared, a world of darkness was left behind.
You will undertake a trying journey accompanied by breathtaking music, ELCHRONICLE.

■ Game Introduction

▶ The Return of Classic JRPG
A fantastic world where ancient gods,
humans, and beastkins live together.
The classic JRPG with a lyrical story.

▶ Full Cinematic Video with Voiceover
Enjoy the story with a cinematic video
that fully voiceovered with the best actors.

▶ MOBA Style Real-time Action!
Experience the real action and unique heroes.

▶ Real-time Boss Raid
A real-time party play!
Defeat the boss with your friends.

▶ The Connect System
Beautiful and Strong Heroes.
Enhance attraction point
and recruit them as comrades.

▶ Crafting System
Strong set armors and exclusive weapons
Collect materials and craft it yourself.

▶ Huge OpenWorld
The adventure to the world!
Explore the vast continent of the Balam
for hidden requests and treasures."

What's new

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Ver 1.8.5 Updates!
- New Hero! Unsung Knight, Edward
- New Area! Magnus Gateway
- The Ancient Monster Armor of Antra

Detailed info

  • File Size : 108.50MB
  • Current Version : 1.8.9
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Cravemob
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Latest Version :8.8 Android:8.9
  • yunomira

    Beautiful music, fantastic scenery.

    A character that is drawn to detail and moves around.And battle system that included real-time strategy elements...

    There are many points to evaluate this game.

    Especially, I feel strongly about music.I was surprised that there were different theme songs for all of the playable characters.

    The method of obtaining a character can be made by making a contract with an arbitrary character in the inn, visiting time, and raising intimacy.Luck is not necessary there.

    However, even if a character is acquired, it is not possible to demonstrate the value without the exclusive weapon, and the enormous funds and the material are necessary for the training.

    A player who likes to grow up a favorite character rather than a player who likes to grow all characters is more suitable for the game.

    It is a game well done overall, but there are some problems.

    When the number of enemies increases, the screen becomes confused.The skill is improved by turning off the effects, but the beautiful graphics seem uncanny...But you don't have to reduce graphic levels if you're looking at auto play.

    Next, you need to walk around each field in the main story, but this is a little bit wrong.First of all, it is fun, but gradually I feel like I'm just wasted.It takes time to clear the battle, so the game's tempo seems worse.

    But this game has enough charm to counter them.You can change the operation character during the battle, so you become a knight to defend your opponent on the front line, or become a sniper for the enemy. Different players can enjoy different ways.

    If you are interested, play is a game without loss.

  • tama
    83.42 hrs on record

    firstly as i heard the game gonna out (for tap) i tried the global version to known the game better since i haven't play it before ,so theres lot things i want to point out on this inputs before i start over again 😌 (currently i messing with my team composition and pulling some gacha).

    alright lets get start it~

    * display : animations , graphics , skills showcase.

    the graphics is very good one. its quite detailed (but still cant compare it into insanely ultra hd in mmorpg) , beautiful and stunning 👌. skills animations is .. well i must say its good enough just less fancy-er compared to kings raid /7k but there's some mechanics i really like when i put 'maxed settings' on , when you use skills the camera will close in /zoom in and as i have said earlier its graphic is quite detailed so for example when one of your units that still on having effect of other skill it will be shown nicely! i saw glowing particles floating around , wow its rly beautiful 😍 . i just cant get bored when they spam the skills everyday even though its wasting few seconds hahaha .. its felt like watching little cutscenes anime.

    weirdly this game has lot characters costume 😂 , personally i felt its abit too much . ( if this game survive for .. lets say 5 years just imagine how much data and amount of costumes haha)

    * story & sounds

    at least for me its interesting enough also its characters voiced by va so i just felt it more better compared to other games. the bgm in this game is very strong , its so catchy . i just cant stop and never tired of hearing them because it was so good. superb! the ridiculous part of this one is each characters has its own bgm theme/music haha 🤪

    *gameplay : models , player progress & growth

    hmm how i should put this.. its has few other game tag also. like most rpg game now days u can wandering around in semi-openworld (?) for doing quest / sub quest after that you will enter the dungeon so from outside its felt like mix between rpg and dungeon based game . then from inside its an action rpg where you can controls each units though only one at the time. lastly in town square u can see and meet other players character like a mmorpg .

    as for me right now that only play this game recently i havent reaching into middle game , i just getting then glimpse of it a bit but 😌 after i digging more informations here and there i found out that actually u can maxed the first 5 priority chars slowly (with hellish grind of course haha ) without paying any real money 😲, u also can unlock the whole characters by continuing the story (not gonna deep into this one) . but now the very big and real problems lies into the gacha which i think its gears and probably runes (i still lack experience towards this). getting tier 6 gears set alone (weapon/armor) would needed ridiculous amount of gems (real money currency) even though the freebies and in-game rewards is quite generous but still, preferred set is pricy/expensive if you want to focus this game and willing to cashout your cc 💳. the rate seems kinda low either so ill see how it goes later on, could i clearing late game contents casually ? 🤔 ..

    aside from gacha another minus i could think is community ... seems theres so many limitations / restrictions/ banned word (srly why korean dev now days is like this , geez 😤) so its dead.. yeah the community is freakingly dead !!!!!! either bcus theres no things need to be discussed off or due the banned words but fear not ! 😂 i found an active community in discord so in case you read this and felt you are alone inside the game , then could meet another waifu lover players huahaha just joking 😶 . aite here is :

    https://discord.gg/SA9Zcfy .


    conclusion : like always id recommend this game (well this one is very very high, and worth your time) either you fully focus on this game and whaling all the way or simply casually - dolphin then enjoy it more. the game provide some jiggling 🤭 to make you rock on 🙏 so i dont see why not!


    ahh when i play this game its remind me of 7k and kings raid not because of its similarities but rather because its remind me that i have a great &fun time when i played those two 😭

    • Zadewa.Parmin

      and now its the same server 🤣

    • tama

      yes i kinda expecting that. but i just play for the sake of story haha , gonna play casually until arknigth global launch

  • 摸了摸自己的蛋蛋
    8.57 hrs on record

    不错啊 太好玩了 护肝不氪 休闲 WDNMD

  • Valentine

    This game is a victim of its own fairness. You can obtain characters through the Inn, not unlike King's Raid. The difference is that one character does not take a month to unlock. You are awarded more than enough gems to hurry the process along when you really want to unlock someone. The catch is that you need hero pieces to upgrade and then materials to evolve that character. These are not as easily obtained, but can be purchased.

    There are lots of costumes in the current version. Last I saw, it was around 78 different costumes ranging from 90 to 120 threads. Where do you obtain threads, though? Well, you get them from events and purchases. This means that costumes are more or less premium items, since completing an entire event will only reward enough to almost buy one costume.

    The story is decent, but does get redundant. There are only so many times you can wander into a town and meet some new fighter that needs help and will be waiting at the Inn before you stop reading it. Once you stop reading, the game is just a collection of auto battle stages that require walking a little between them. There are a lot of characters, but only about 5 truly original ones that are then slightly varied with new names and outfits.

    I have played this game off and on since the original release. It wasn't until I hit the point where 5* characters became ineffective and awakening materials became premium items that I realized the game really hooks you in before stranding you. In business, they call this a glass ceiling. It's something not a lot of games use because most want to maximize profits immediately at the cost of becoming obsolete in time for the next title. Once you begin waiting for the reset to gather up a few more hero pieces or a handful of evolution materials, it feels less like a game and more like a chore. Is that really what you want in a game?

    This brings us to having a Tap version. While it is nice to start over and get new pre-registration rewards, what about all of the premium aspects? I can't use Google Play credit or carrier billing. Will items be cheaper without Google's fees or is this a way for the developer to keep more of the profit? Is there really any reason to release a game that is already available anywhere in the world? Do I really want to repeat hundreds of levels just to hit another stalemate?

    As a new player, it is worth trying. I don't regret the time I spent playing it. Know when to stop. When you aren't upgrading your characters as part of the story and you start waiting for the reset, the game is over. Put it down, take a break, and come back later to see what has changed.

  • Nenow Bunny-Bun
    230.07 hrs on record

    Downloaded and waiting, for sure one of the best action rpg that exist out there, every single second on this game is worth, very recommended!





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