Restless Dungeon - Roguelike Hack 'n' Slash
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Explore the randomly generated dungeon and defeat every last enemy in this action packet RPG Hack 'n' slash game. Defeat goblins, demons, ghosts, knights and many more!
Find countless weapons and skills to make your character stronger.

o Smooth combat controls, take full control of your hero.
o Hunt down monsters, mages, orks, and golems in this dungeon crawler RPG game.
o Collect swords, axes, spears, blades and many more legendary weapons.
o Slash your way through an army of enemies

o Defeat endless bosses and become the ultimate legend.
o Unlock new skills and powers.
o Defend your honor and fight for your kingdom.
o Roguelike RPG gameplay.

For fans of RPG games, dungeon crawlers, fantasy war castle games. Fight for glory and honor in this never ending dungeon RPG game.

What's new

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- lower health at the beginning
- shield takes longer to regenerate
- invulnerable skill duration 4 -> 3 seconds
- invulnerable skill damage lowered

Detailed info

  • File Size : 62.73MB
  • Current Version : 1.20
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Moustache Banana
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Latest Version :6.7 Android:6.9
  • Royalflare
    5 mins on record

    A not bad ACT game, really like the way it execute enemies, when the blood splashes. The dungeon is randomly created and easily get killed by ranged enemy at beginning.

    The control is not bad but isnt too fast-paced, so I need to get used to kite melee enemies carefully while I also need to dodge ranged attack.

    Overall it's a good game that you can play different dungeon each time and enjoy the killing moment.

  • User1578837

    is just like soul knight but much better graphic

  • User1753900

    please make the game more harder when go next dungeon

  • Leonardo Barros

    once u get the best weap, and all habilites in max, the game turns too much easy almost impossible to die. and i reach it at floor 31... i feel like i can go to floor 999 and will be all the same. not playing anymore cuz of it.

    • Leonardo Barros

      played it after last update, run until floor 50, but keep no risk to die even playing like a crazy unskiled. bosses has too low HP I can kill it before they use some skill. i think the nerf on hero was cool but now, buff mobs and superbuff bosses. need feel i can die ^^

      but look iam using the yellow double blade, and got a lot of perma buffs.

      before it, game is hard. but once u have it... got it? but even like that i think we need the risk to die if not play well.

  • Excalibur Norma

    畫面是不錯 但玩到後面會開始覺得單調 玩到後面基本上就只有那幾種怪可以打 那個BGM可以換一下嗎

    難度有點太低 基本上技能點到瞬移+迴旋斬就不會有打不過的問題



Moustache Banana



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