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[AURORA 7] origin from the novel, it overthrows the traditional Fairy Tales story, where the ***e of the story -Aurora is to gather all Power of Lights from 7 princesses of different Fairy Tales in order to save the world!

1. Overthrow the Original World of Fairy Tales
- Crossover into the unknown world, Aurora and battle between Light and Darkness to save the kingdom!

2. Collect All Classic Fairy Tale Characters
- Collect and train heroes from a wide variety of choices including Red Riding Hood, Belle, Rapunzel, Alice, Little Mermaid and many more!

3. The Power of Light and Darkness!
- Light & Dark inside you, what matters is the part you choose and act on!

4. Immerse in an Epic Team PVP!
- Solo PVP, Team PVP, Guild Wars, challenge your opponent in all sorts of battle mode!

5. Exciting Game Events!
- Variety of game events, which includes challenging the Giant from "Jack and the Beanstalk"!

What's new

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-Releasing 35 Heroes
-Carnival event
-SR Jura reward on Day 2 Login
-Receive Jura Fragment on 7th day login
-Check-in daily
-Play Red Joker feature to win SSR Hero
-Open Server Time Limited Ranking
-And other exciting activities

Detailed info

  • File Size : 1.21GB
  • Current Version : 2.0.0
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Jollity
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Latest Version :7.9 Android:7.4
  • Kyoshiro Yamago

    this game is awesome

  • tama

    for a arpg hack and slash & gacha game with around 1gb size i must say this game have superb animation and quality graphic , for the story i cant say much bcuz i skip them alot but from many review i read its good and the sound (sry haha , i dont care much into it lately) .


    now since i saw alot positive review i want to talk about something that i dont feel right bout this game.

    - the sweep & stamina refill system . as a busy person like me i dont particularly hate the sweep and i more rather happy the game have this feature but the problem lies with the stamina because with sweep on and limitations of this tipycally money game (to lvlup fast need to refill stamina alot and buy ticket here and there with gems ) with VIP0/f2p is very costly since its getting mulltipled as the more u buy it ( iirc its cost around 300+ 5times). if you buy only 1-2x only then after few tap (sweep) basically you dont have anything to do and your progress is slow.

    - controls , im not rly sure about this but i just felt the movements of the characters is kinda .. not that smooth .. probably due hit animation kinda slow compared to other games

    - gacha , now i felt this is the trickiest part out here. im aware the rate is quite nice (from others review) i relieved that i got ssr on first day and got couple of sr units but then i noticed the evo sustem is based from fragments u got from gacha NOT stars .. in short if you want to up your ssr from *0 until *6 probably i need hundreds~ thousands which in the end i need ridiculous amount of duplicates . so im questioning how well i could do in future or late game not to mention i need spare some diamonds for stamina 🤔. though i must say the freebies in game is generous !


    so overall i would still recommended the game .. again just play casually 😉 . (want to drop 4/5 but i couldn't)

    if you want to be competitive and chasing leaderboards just prepare lot bucks oky~

  • Royalflare
    1.25 hrs on record

    Hmm, this game is another J-anime style ARPG with a line story-based. The game release in SEA region and supports Chinese, English. This is my personal view and it was not meant to judge it because this game achieved a lot of downloads and follows when it came out and rushed to the top of ranking rapidly.

    In fact, the 2D illustration is well-making which I believe a lot of players like it. However, when I start the prologue with the girl who looks like the main character of this game, her 3D model made me unsatisfied, feels like the part of game design was cheap and inferior. Moreover, the battle in a mostly like common arpg with D-pad of direction on the left, attack & skills on the right, the skill effects in average, hit effect doesn't let me feel I slash or smash the enemy deeply as well as my controlled character took hit.

    The game is not in an open-world and like Korean games you need to clear stages, the story tells you are passing through a world of classic fairy tales, this setting is quite interesting. Supports auto-battle which unlock at very early of game, the game does not need a high spec requirement on a device.

    • Divine Otaku

      i wont download the game coz i already know how it is ur review is too detailed😂

    • Royalflare


    • tama

      yea i felt unsatisfied about the controls . some kind like how your char move when the ping is high haha

      about 3d animations i dont think so though , i use the little mermaid ariel as my displayed character and in my foot the water keep spining around , the whirlpool is so cooool and colorful but yes some units display kinda average but i still comprehensive it due the game size only 1gb . its just weirdly some units have better display and some kinda bad

    • Royalflare

      i didn get good gacha character and characters I use are bad-performing. Even I saw a VIP system which I did not mention but it was really made me dislike XD

    • tama

      hahahaha ikr out of tens i only like about 2 of them somehow

  • Harry Deshmukh

    thes game is really amazing... and graphic is also amazing..letrelly rpg games is not good but thes game is really impressive.

  • Valentine

    Pre-registration is still being accepted. See

    Games released in Malaysia, Singapore, and the other locations that make up the SEA typically include some form of English support. It is not the English support you would expect when a console game claims to be available in English, but it is enough to get the idea of what is being said.

    The concept is a new take on an old idea. Grimm's Notes, SINoALICE, and many other games have used fairy tales as the basis to create a new story. Having hundreds of characters to build upon and public domain access to their history cuts out a lot of work in creating a universe for the game. The familiarity of the characters also highlights every twist. What might otherwise be a bland idea can suddenly become interesting even if it is something as simple as Dorothy swinging a bat.

    The graphics follow the popular toon trend, but do not offer quite the same configuration as a lot of other games. You will always get a good visual experience, even if you can't necessarily maximize the battery drain. In my opinion, games should go in the opposite direction and simply offer each setting without the obligatory levels. I rarely see the value in bloom, but I still like the best quality.

    I enjoyed the separation between light and dark in this game. It made it feel as if I was playing two stories side-by-side as they zig-zag over the same path. It probably feels that way because it is exactly what happens. It is nice to experience both sides without having to play the game all the way through and select a different faction or, worse, try to juggle two different characters entirely.

    I enjoyed this game. The flawed text is more than outweighed by the charm. Besides, text is far easier to fix than poor design.

    • Junner Wood

      Originating from a novel, AURORA 7 overthrows the traditional Fairy Tale story, where the ***e of the story (A.K.A, the players) has to gather all the 7 “Power of Lights” from 7 fairy tales in order to save the world.

      AURORA 7 offers a wide variety of magical stories ranging from “Little Red Riding Hood“, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Alice in Wonderland” and many more!

      Last but not least, there are seven colors in the rainbow🌈

      Log in game now and find for Dark Pinocchio 🏳️‍🌈 ❤

    • Valentine







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