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[AURORA 7] origin from the novel, it overthrows the traditional Fairy Tales story, where the ***e of the story -Aurora is to gather all Power of Lights from 7 princesses of different Fairy Tales in order to save the world!

1. Overthrow the Original World of Fairy Tales
- Crossover into the unknown world, Aurora and battle between Light and Darkness to save the kingdom!

2. Collect All Classic Fairy Tale Characters
- Collect and train heroes from a wide variety of choices including Red Riding Hood, Belle, Rapunzel, Alice, Little Mermaid and many more!

3. The Power of Light and Darkness!
- Light & Dark inside you, what matters is the part you choose and act on!

4. Immerse in an Epic Team PVP!
- Solo PVP, Team PVP, Guild Wars, challenge your opponent in all sorts of battle mode!

5. Exciting Game Events!
- Variety of game events, which includes challenging the Giant from "Jack and the Beanstalk"!

What's new

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-Releasing 35 Heroes
-Carnival event
-SR Jura reward on Day 2 Login
-Receive Jura Fragment on 7th day login
-Check-in daily
-Play Red Joker feature to win SSR Hero
-Open Server Time Limited Ranking
-And other exciting activities

Detailed info

  • File Size : 1.21GB
  • Current Version : 2.0.0
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Jollity
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Latest Version :7.9 Android:7.4







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