Payback Showdown - AFK Fighting RPG

Payback Showdown - AFK Fighting RPG

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"The man who seek revenge, digs two graves"

Legacy of dead grandmaster swore payback.
Train automatically, Learn martial arts, be the champion in underground match.
And find out who killed your father.

【Fighting Management RPG with Realistic 3D Graphic】
- Train automatically, Combine martial arts move, Plan Strategy, and be the champion!

【Various 110+ Martial Arts Moves】
- Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing and others
- Learn them and create your own martial arts
- More martial arts will be coming soon!

【Idle / AFK Training Even While You're Away】
- Idle & Automatic training make to keep stronger your warrior even while you're offline

【Fast-paced & Tactical PvP Fight】
- Combine your martial arts move and plan your winning strategy

【World-wide Online PvP Arena】
- Challenge other players from all over the world
- Be the world's greatest grandmaster

【100+ unique skins】
- Ninja-style armor, Action movie star costume, Muay Thai fighter, and more
- Customize your own fighter!

【Various minigames and modes】
- Play and get free rewards

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Welcome to Payback Showdown!
Hell of a fight awaits. What are you waiting for?

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  • File Size : 90.63MB
  • Current Version : 1.0.1
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Joymax Co., Ltd.
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  • Abang Ozan

    i cant play this game stuck in loby

  • Yen P

    i been waiting for a game like this, very nice keep it up

  • FinalHamu






    • capoo


    • JOE


  • Putokrack

    One of the games from the "auto fighting genre", which is okay and doesn't feel infested with dailies or p2w, since it is still pretty simple and straight forward. There isn't much to do or be involved with, passive skills have only way meta way to build your character just by going full damage and crit. Linear progression doesn't get harder or more consuming, which is kinda meh.

    Tips for whose who like that kind of games:

    Put all your gold into the main skill of a fighting style first, that would cost 9k in total.

    Get rid of all power attacks instead one and lvl it up. Games doesn't have restrictions on how many times it will trigger a same skill/card, so, abuse it by having only one power skills corresponding to your fighting styles. With everything else use just best stat.

    Training has the same timings: 730ms for everything with stats and 300ms for chopping down a tree while getting cards. It yields perfect timing constantly.

  • Souhail Kalai

    I like they styl but this game has really bad balance most of the time I ply VS low Stats person and he dos more dmg then me and has more turns even if I got more stats then him :/


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