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The Crawling Dawn has come, when the streets get cluttered with debris and the shadows grow long. More places to hide and obstacles to use - whether it’s good for your tactics or the zombies is up to your strategic choices. On top of that we’ve refitted our guns: no more overheating, we’re going back to good ol’ magazines - shoot in burst, and auto-reload when you run out.

Now that we run on ammo, all blast crew scouts will be required to carry a melee weapon on them. You can pick from the fast machete or the powerful spiky bat for now, more to come. Melee is not only good as a backup solution, it’s also great at crowd control, nothing like swinging at entire packs of Z.

It has been 11 months since the infection started. Everyone fled the cities, mass panic in the streets. The zombies took over our towns, our buildings, our block. Now we sleep outside while they roam our streets.
We waited on the army, and the army didn’t come, so we picked up guns. We waited on a hero, and a hero didn’t come, so we picked up our flag. Now we’re done waiting, and a leader has come, so we've picked ourselves up. That leader is you.

We’ve organized into hunting parties, to take our block back and push the evil residents away. We officially declare that from today onwards, our city is a Zero Zombie Zone. We’re the Zombie Blast Crew. We crush the infected. Join the team.

As members of the Zombie Blast Crew, we have many objectives to accomplish - some fit for a scout, some for a hunter, some for a warrior - but we only have one true goal: pushing the killer zombies back. Pack your guns, scout the area, and eliminate anything that glows green.

Each mission takes place in a new zone of the city, where you will have to be shooting zombies to stop the pandemic invasion, and make use of your survival instincts and your gear craft to come back uninjured.

Special zombies come in different shapes and forms: some will rush you, some will shoot you from a distance, some will take a ton of damage before going down. One thing is certain, they’re all a threat. It’s on you to know when to engage, when to sneak, when to evade and not raise their alert status, and when to rush in. The options are open, and your tactics will be thoroughly test. They might be dumb, but zombies are always dangerous as a group - it’s a leader’s responsibility to adopt the right strategy to minimize casuality and maximize loot.

Planning and getting the proper equipment is already half the battle. No hero gets through a battle without his sword. Big Z crowds? Zero in with the flamethrower or shoot the grenade launcher. Need to keep your distance? The assault rifle or the machine gun might be a better pick. It’s all about using your head and knowing your craft. Entire hordes? Keep to the shadows and use your machete to silently takedown isolated targets.

Same goes for our gear. Do you pack a scout medkit to heal injuries? Some grenade to clear infection areas? Some food to get yourself a hunter survival boost? Don’t rush in, it pays to be prepared. And don’t forget to polish your skills. Putting a few points in marksmanship will help your shooting.

It might be home, but seeing it again after all this time… it feels nostalgic. We’ve got objectives and a pandemic to stop, but feel free to take in the views too. Some good old slice of United States with its own sights. It’s a pretty unique style, ain’t it? Take it in.

It’s a huge arena, with tons of resources to pick up and hidden tracks to follow. Just don’t play hero, and don’t get lost.

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We interrupt your regular zombie slashing with a little Summer Cleanup. In this update:
- Ammo: guns have been outfitted not to require extra ammo, no need to search the map for drops anymore
- The tracking system has been improved to display clear arrows
- The shop stocks have been expanded with new offers
- Tons of other tweaks and fixes, as you'd expect from a cleanup

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  • Current Version : 0.4.0
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  • Developer: Vivid Games S.A.
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  • IwanttobeFREE
    9 mins on record

    ill make a quick summary

    pros : game size is small , controls is very smooth , aim is easy since its auto ( so back to basic just hit and run ) , skills + weapon is customizable , graphic is clean enough .. so for a game that under 100 mb this is very shockingly well made . simple & fun game !

    cons : not free from ads (at least its not pop out of no where) , no coop system (cmiiw im afraid i need to reach certain rank to unlock it .. but i highly doubt that) , no chat system , no guild system , no story . again just simple game yet still good !

  • กูจิ ต่วนเเมเร๊


  • zukdroid YT

    jogo excelente ✌️😁😁

  • Z E D

    Jogo parece ser bom, Mas da erro quando término de instalar no tap tap.

  • FinalHamu





    • capoo



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