Cat House [Healing Cat Project]
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Cat House [Healing Cat Project]

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I've always dreamed of my first day at work!

But what?! A healing cafe with a cat boss?!

A revolutionary massage cafe that prides on their cat kneading massage!!

Will I be a great Butler... I mean, staff?

Take good care of the cafe and cats to help them become the best healing cafe in the world!!

●Manage the Adorable kitty staff and enjoy watching them grow!

●Make money for the peace and well-being of all cats in the world!

●Build landmarks to conquer the world.. I mean, become the best healing cafe! Ahem...

●Check out their unique charms through various costumes!

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-한국의 전통의상을 모티브로 한 "저고리"와 "창의"가 추가되었습니다!

●버그 수정 내역
- 고양이 능력 강화 팝업의 재화 UI가 비정상적으로 표기되던 문제 수정
- 랜드마크 팝업에서 각 랜드마크들이 UI에 가려지던 문제 수정

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  • File Size : 70.68MB
  • Current Version : 1.1.0
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: TabomSoft
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