【NEW RPG】Kingdom of Hero

【NEW RPG】Kingdom of Hero

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Language: English, Japanese

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Protect the fate of the Kingdom of Avalon!
Turn-based Tactical SRPG on a Hexagon Battlefield!

▶Tactical Turn-based Gameplay◀

Strategic RPG gameplay Hexagon style!
Jump into a Hexagon Battlefield! Unique battle system emphasizing strategy and tactics!
Choose your Heroes wisely forming a team to defeat enemies on the battlefield.
Create various strategies through a combination of distinct Heroes, their Elements and Rune combination!

▶Hero Variety and Playstyle◀

Experience fun and exciting gameplay with over 200 Heroes to play!
Choose an array of Heroes with 5 different classes and 5 distinct elements which creates more ways to enjoy battle!
Strengthen and upgrade your Heroes stats and skills to overcome your enemies.
Level up through battles, and feel a sense of accomplishment as you get stronger!

▶Stunning Illustrations and Visual Effects◀

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Avalon.
Beautiful and breath-taking artwork like no other!
Watch your Heroes use different powerful skills that have stunning effects flash on your screen!

What's new

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New Rune Dungeon (Sealed Armory) available
New Combined Hero Update - 5 star Tree Element Mary
New Event and Hero Update
Bug fixes and improvements for user convenience

Detailed info

  • File Size : 88.38MB
  • Current Version : 1.01.001
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: NEOWIZ
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  • User1595448

    Characters are balance, 3* and 4* are completely usable, if built right they might even more useful than 5*. Gacha rate is abyssmal, but there are some features that compromise it. 5* combination heroes are very strong, and every player can get it. The rune setup is nice, 1 character can be completely different based on their build. The hexagon panel battle system is also very nice, it adds more strategic element to the game.The only downside is the initial placement in battle is random

    Overall, this game is very f2p friendly

  • Maxiv

    have some nice new player events (hero selector and other goodies), same dev with clash of knights therefore some familiar heroes, gacha has many ways to summon like scrolls (reminds me of sw) crystals and spirit stones (like e7) and also has friendship summon

    it has rune system, tower crawling and rifts, and also arena... it's enjoyable but it drains battery a little bit quicker so can't be in game for long...

    iap is a bit too much so expect something from that, and some events are still in japanese

    overall it's an enjoyable srpg

  • IwanttobeFREE
    1.92 hrs on record

    a turn base RPG game with platform and gacha aspect, pretty generic but not bad to waste some time.


    story .. meh its typical fallen kingdom and army of darkness is uprising .. yuck im tired of this kind setting

    why the heck people of the light always fell everywhere in every game 🤣


    animation /graphic/sounds&music .. somewhat i dont felt its good enough . but the arts of those heroes/characters is not bad for me even i have seen them alot , i just think few among them is quite cool (its design) .


    gameplay .. its a turn base and its has pentagram platform (?) for your heroes to move around. the units turn into chibi when battles .still , no thing new here so far. also theres alot in-game features inside so theres lot things need to be done here daily


    gacha.. well the rate is .5% so yeah like others gacha game its pretty low but reroll is easy u can tryhard until get 1~2 five star .

    misc. this game is ady released in korea around 2018 so probably this time is global server.

    overall just average and generic gacha game .

    i want to drop 3star rating but since i like demon/evil/monster characters so ill drop 4 instead haha

  • Riku Kiyutaka
    2.28 hrs on record

    A fairly good game!

    Gacha mechanics are like Summoners War or E7

    rune system looks exactly like Gate six Cyber Persona,

    it is a turn based game which might be decent enough to waste time, there is a free 5 star ticket when you finish tutorial.

    Same as E7, Summoners War, Raid and etc.

    overall a cool game

    Edit: Hud is very similar to Brown Dust, fairly odd but I guess that's alright as both games are owned by Neowiz

    • IwanttobeFREE

      just want to add : rune system exactly same like onmyoji from netease , chinese players should be familiar with this stuff

  • XoxnfreJP



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