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“Last Kings” Japanese Channel is now official launched

“Last Kings” is powered by Unreal Engine 4

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Required
  • No VPN Required
  • Android 7.0 and above


The adventure with heroes for the throne begins!
- Selected for Unreal DevGrant

Become a hero and bring glory to your name as you build your own domain. Venture into dungeons where great evil awaits in "Last Kings," where amazing tactical battles are guaranteed to bring excitement and thrills.

In "Last Kings," featuring amazing graphics through the Unreal Engine, you can build your domain the way you like, based on the faction you've chosen and heroes with powerful, spectacular skills.

Obtain the power of the Aurum, rule the world that fell into ruin, build a powerful guild, and create a force with friends all over the world.

Eliminate your enemy through Army Battles -- by cleverly employing various tactics and strategies -- and begin your journey to protect your domain and friends right now!

★ Strategic battles on the largest scale!
Create your own mighty Army with various Army units.
Use your heroes' powerful skills and the compatibility of your Armies to triumph on the battlefield

★ Dazzling displays that are a sight to behold!
Check out what happens in your territory through cinematics created by Unreal Engine
The fancy graphical stories of heroes and villains begin today

★ Grow your domain the way you want!
Drive out villains from your domain, and save your people from danger.
Expand your domain to grow it into a city of agriculture or a military base.

★ The growth of various heroes!
Prepare for battles with various heroes.
Emerge victorious in dungeon battles and Army Battles by growing your Heroes.

★ Guilds with friends from all over the world!
Gather with friends from all over the world to build the strongest guild.
Seize power and gain control over the land through guild wars. Today, you are king.

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What's new

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1. Reorganized the Cash Shop Design
2. Added Hero Resurrection System
3. Replaced the Holy Land of Chaos(500:500) Skin (3 channels: Shuri Castle/ 4 channels: Korea - Suwon Hwaseong Fortress)
4. Major bug fixes
5. Supported BlueStack (Emulator)

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Latest Version :5.5 Android:5.1
  • User1615461

    game locked at 25fps lol what a waste

  • User1428082

    ok the game idea is cool i like the mix they made betwin hero collecter and strategy war game ,but the game need a lot of work to do first the frame drop all the time and the the chat in the game not work well if u tip somthing to ur alliance there is no ok ore send to send the msg u need to tap out off the keybord after u finish the text and then pres send , if someone support u ore attack u and u want to follow the line to know where it come frome the line of marching disapear the zoom out is bad we need more zoom out on the map and in fighting , the zoom in when the hero do ther ultimat is very bad and the heroes have no voice no soud for any hero, on the map we don't see alliance player ore alliance hive that is so bad and if u build a city to gather and u moved after that u cant find ur city easy bcs we need somthing that lead us directely to the city i mean we we conquer land and move to another location and we need to build another city the cistem tell us u can't build more and if u want to giveup the lands u can't find them even if ther is a yello mark on the map the taping in the game is not good we cant tap the right whay we need on the map bcs ther is no zoom on the map u tap somthing and see ur sell far from the place u want. sorry for my bad engilsh i will send in arabic if the msg was not clear

  • ° EsQuiZo °

    every start of the game i was greeted by Last Kings isn't responding. (wait/ok). fix it please?

  • banshee
    57 mins on record


  • ThatGuyy

    After google play screen automatically shut down. Any suggestions?

    Device: Oneplus 5

    • Royalflare

      most likely a compatibility issue or could be unallowed app detected, I have no issue on my blackshark 2

    • ThatGuyy

      just need to waiting when it's fully release i guess 😁 but thanks✌️



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