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  • Rai Santos

    I find the game really nice and interesting so I want to keep playing it but is there going to be a wipe-out tho after the beta phase? :(

  • Hridoy Paul

    Can someone pls help i can't login. is this another security update issue.

  • Pika Chú

    this game and the music stucks alot.

    like it lag's ~

    is there a way to fix it...?

  • Hariyo Nugroho

    why i cant play ?

  • To Ki

    Do you need a Vpn for Russia for this game?

    I'm disconnected from the server, but I really like the game.

  • User1318212

    no bgm in game :(

  • kido nobie

    lets do it,, i loved this game

  • Jinoh Kim
    4.70 hrs on record

    This is from korea and I can't buy cash item by using credit card, google pay or any other payment method.

    Why is that?


    • Barth D. Serceñ

      b'cozz you are too rich too buy anything jk.. dud. I dunno maybe a bug or something

  • holyshitbaby

    this game was so amaging.

  • Mike Viana

    The game is awesome, great MMORPG, but this new update the game does not load hope you fix this problem

  • Nickolas
    878.82 hrs on record

    very cool game to play for now even sometimes music is missing,after receiving chat sometime app freeze, switching app/press home sometime freezing the game too,but overall I like this game so much 😍😍

    • ZeroToHero Chan

      after cbt. will all progress be erased?

    • Nickolas

      maybe idk

    • Animism lorde

      yup data will be erased when they'll release the game

    • Nickolas

      I read their announcement at FB official page,they said 3 Desember this game will release,and char u create on t1 during the test not erased,it's just u can't make new account anymore on that server

  • Liangzx

    as soon as i saw album system exact same as Tree of Savior, (killing thousands of mobs for stats) i quit.

    i cant enjoy game like this if i must kill thousands each time i encounter new mobs, i wont be surprised if this game has many bots.

    • Zyfer

      grinding to the max lol.

    • Catatomb

      yea reach lv 1000 lol 🤣 more server P2W games 🤪

  • RijaiGB

    best game, I love it

  • Tama.

    Is this a good MMORPG game? in my opinion, it's pretty good though. seen from the story fun, so I'm not too bored with the story. there are some players who do not like the auto feature because it becomes less challenging, when running the story because of confused directions, in the end auto became the last choice, so I was rather bored. talking about graphics, well this game is not too bad in terms of graphics. as you can see in the photo game above, there are some game graphic photos. what made this game interesting to me the first time was because there were unique skills that were rarely available in the mmorpg game and it made me want to try it, the results were not too disappointing, why not? some skills that I want to try to open at a very high level, so I have to wait again. but that's okay, because I'm a patient and kind person, tee-hee :> just kidding. for skills, it's worth it, I'm not too disappointed with the unique skills. so this is my final result:

    game storyline 4.3 / 5

    game graphics 3.8 / 5

    in-game features 4.4 / 5 (considering we can make our own clothes and decorations, it's also fun and must be tried)

    that's the value, hopefully Dev isn't too disappointed, I still support Dev!

  • Haruuuu~

    So far the game is great, can't wait to play further into the storyline. the only bug that I've incountered so far is the media volume of the game will suddenly becomes mute after a few minutes of playing. the only way to fix this by quitting the game and re-enter it. but becomes a little bit annoyance that I need to keep doing it every few minutes., O_o The rest is excellently working fine just like the gameplay mechanics, etc.

    • User2611722


    • Paul Drei

      Maybe it's the Game itself that has a problem mine to aswell it dissappear when i tap the settings button. best Contact or email the dev so that they can fix this issue

    • Starkilller125

      turn the bgm off and on it should fix the issue without u having to log off

  • IPunk Coe

    Really love the concept of this game. but sadly this still drain my Battery very quickly and make my phone so hot.

    Edit : What happened to this day update ? it keeps disconnecting after 1 minute !

  • yuriyan

    why can't top up in the game? do you have to use dollars ???

    • ~Brilett

      Because it's a beta test. Wait for the obt to topup.

  • Alvast
    4.38 hrs on record

    Mabinogi, one of PC games I was waiting for the mobile version so much is finally here. An open world mmorpg, with anime cartoony graphic and so smooth to play. I have no lag so far, and also the control is quite neat.


    There is auto pathfinding but it is really optional, since you need to adjust your setting first in settings menu before getting that auto pathfinding. There will be auto combat button too at bottom next to chatbox once you reach level 20+ish (I forgot the exact level).


    You need to walk through the quests up to level 8-9 to get all basics tutorials and new 2 skills. You can get mount a horse at level 7 and also some life skills like cooking, crafting, gathering, etc.


    I already played the PC version before and this version is just the smaller version of its PC, since I found no difference in the main story quests. There is also reincarnation system where you can change your apparence and age. Hwat's different from the PC version is there is only human race so far, while in PC there is elf and demon too, but maybe those will be added to mobile later in future too.


    The jobs you can take so far only basic three such as swordsman, magic, archery. The other jobs require you to finish or learn some quests first before get unlocked. Also some more difficult jobs are coming soon such as boxing, puppetter etc. Oh, when I say 'job', it is not a fixed job. Job here is only the weapon you choose to fight. When you equip the weapon, you will equip the skills set as well, and when you change your weapon, your skills set will be changed automatically too. So you are freely to change jobs at your will.


    The map is vast and many NPCs which (they say) you can increase the relationships towards them by interact and gift often, although I have not confirmed about this yet, but this is what happen in the PC version.


    The chat feature is same like other games where you can find world, guild, private messages etc. You can also send voice notes by recording your voice and send to the chatroom, although it's not a direct voice chat.


    By now, what I found still lacking is the background musics sometimes dissapear so I need to re-login to fix it. Overall this game is good and not so much different from its PC version.


    Review will may be edited as I play more.


    More game reviews in Bahasa Indonesia:

    • Iduscu Lap

      영어공부 다시좀...... 한국식 영법이 다 보임... so much 불필요한 식으로 잘 안붙입니다... 전치사도 그렇고 축략할때도 그렇고 사회나가면 몇몇부분은 힘들수도 있습니다..

    • Iduscu Lap

      어릴때 제가쓰던 영어표현이 많이서 에둘러 말해드립니다.

    • User1490529

      그러고보니 so much 저도 잘안쓰는데 아니 거의 말하면서 잘안써본

    • Soul Knight Bot

      Thanks for your recommendation, I wouldn't try this game if I didn't see this review, but for now I am downloading :P

    • Fussy

      어릴 때, 많아서, . 한개

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  • Unknown

    I think whithout auto quest and things like that can make the game feels more realistic and make players to explore the world. Thats my opinion.

    • Ahmad Syairazi

      you have the option to not use auto quest. not everyonenhave 24h a day to play game and eat game. play with your style you like

    • Unknown

      Thanks for the reply and suggeation for me to play... maybe i'll play the game again soon

  • Kyoda

    best mmo i realy loved the game its perfect please add the other classes i realy want them thats all please keep the hard and awesome work on this game😀



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