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Onmyoji Chess is a turn-based strategy chess game based on the Onmyoji IP developed by NetEase Games. Shikigami are transformed into tiles as they battle at your fingertips. 8 players will battle it out together, combining strategy with a lineup of Shikigami. The one who survives till the end will be the winner. The game follows the beautiful Japanese art style of the Onmyoji series, and offers various chess boards for selection while maintaining the authentic style of the Heian era. Players around the world gather here to find out who will be the victor in this game of chess.

Japanese Style from the Acclaimed Onmyoji Series
As part of the Onmyoji series of games, the game has a beautiful Japanese art style. Each Shikigami is designed with unique abilities. In this dream-like world, Shikigami have been transformed into tiles that will battle under the command of the players.

Arrange Freely on Changeable Ches***oard
There are many chess boards and accessories available for selection in the game, from the romantic Sakura ches***oard, to the summer-themed Beach ches***oard, and the Japanese-style ches***oard. Combine them as you like to create a ches***oard of your own. There are also many cute mascots who will cheer you on to make your matches more interesting!
Collect Pieces for Bond Effects
Activate bonds to receive buffs. When you have a certain number of tiles with the same position or type, the bond effect will be activated. There are different levels for each type of bond. By activating bond effects, you can acquire powerful buffs. The omnipotent bond tile Froglet can be counted as one for all position bonds! Flexible strategies will give rise to unpredictable matches!

Use Wisdom and Win with Strategies
Adjust your formations and use wisdom in battle. Combine your tiles to promote them and increase their power. Purchase, deploy, and promote your tiles. Build your team with about 50 Shikigami. Increase your power with randomly dropped items. Go head-to-head with other players around the world in a battle of wisdom and strategy.

Battle the whole world at your fingertips! Go download the game to play this game of chess with other Onmyoji players from all around the world!

Official website: www.onmyojichess.com
Official fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Onmyojiarena/

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Latest Version :8.9 Android:8.9
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    The Onmyoji Chess is officially launched!

    Source:Official WebsiteFirst, we will introduce the rules of this new mode! Also, please note that this is only the beta test version. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know so t

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    【資訊】策略思考、步步為營 《陰陽師智走棋》公測開啟

    深受玩家歡迎的陰陽師IP,再次推出最新的衍生作品《陰陽師智走棋》,這一次式神們即將化身為各具不同特色的棋子,出現在棋盤中與對手展開鬥智鬥力的博弈。《陰陽師智走棋》將於今日開啟不刪檔測試,喜愛策略佈局、思考戰術的玩家們,千萬不要錯過這款以陰陽師為基礎,再加以創新設計的策略棋類遊戲喔! 源自《決戰!平安京》  更輕量、更方便、更好玩 有接觸過陰陽師系列遊戲另一大作《決戰!平安京》的玩家們,相信對《陰陽

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    Sebelumnya saya mohon maaf.. mungkin game ini juga plagiat game sebelah..jadi jangan protes kalau game developer di plagiat oleh developer lainnya





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