Animal Restaurant
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Animal Restaurant


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This heartwarming management simulation game all starts with a stray cat in the forest.
You're the owner of Animal Restaurant. Will you take in this clumsy, dirty kitty and let him work at your restaurant?

You can learn all kinds of recipes,
like taiyaki, strawberry pancakes, shaved ice, and spaghetti!
There's even pizza and avocado sandwich!

Mix and match all styles of furniture.
We've got European-style dessert tables, Japanese-style fences, and Mediterranean-style ovens!
You can also have an Alice in Wonderland-style garden tea party!

Hire cute feline staff,
including a ragdoll cat, a tabby cat, and a big orange cat!
You've also got to get on good terms with an eccentric chef!

As long as you work hard, you'll always have a steady stream of customers.
Will you chat with this diverse crowd of customers?
Will you listen to their thoughts, or argue with them?
Learn about the customers' stories through chats and letters. You can even participate and change their lives.
Hear about secrets, gossip and tear-jerking experiences.

All of this and more can be found at Animal Restaurant—a simple yet cozy and cute restaurant that's all yours!

Come open a restaurant and start your story!

What's new

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1. Introduced a whole new set of facilities for Halloween
2. Halloween Carnival event is open
3. Added new dishes
4. Added new NPC - Mister Roach
5. BUG fixed

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  • File Size : 60.86MB
  • Current Version : 3.7
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: DH-Publisher
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  • booogie

    1) cute graphics

    2) cash turnover rate is quick, so you wont have to wait for too long or bored before upgrading facilities (for increase base income)

    3) watching ads can highly accelerate your game progress

  • RLXLamberto

    I love this game cause I can earn lot of money and animals are very cute!

  • Haruuuu~

    Very cute art style! somewhat idle when saving up on currency, and the upgrades are really cute! :^) Love the idea of the tea garden and the fact that is isn't p2w, you can watch Netflix or do something else while playing the game esp watching ads something while waiting. Overall, A great time killer filled with cute adorable animals and amazing food styles!

  • Minming


  • FinalHamu







  • Official General


    你家裏有陪伴你的小動物嗎?或者你會偶爾會看路上夜貓嗎? 那樣的話說不定你會喜歡上這個遊戲,屏幕上滿滿的動物會來回。會不停的說着自己的故事。 是的,這次我給大家介紹的遊戲是《動物餐廳》。 作爲一只流浪貓生活可不容易,一直需要接待客人,料理,還需要宣傳!遊戲過程很簡單,就是作爲一隻貓咪認真點屏幕料理,接待客人,添加設施&菜單即可!通過這些流程可以獲得更多的魚乾,星星! 一開始在餐廳,但隨着獲得更多的



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