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Developer notes:

We love the TCG game-the randomization, the associated effects among cards, the turn-based in-depth strategy, make it entirely addictive.

Nevertheless, we hate the complicated collection of decks, quantities of invalid combination, and it is so tough to escape from the increasingly dazzling snowball effect.

We are in affectation of MOBA game--Vary kinds of heroes full of characteristics, the close cooperation between teams, the dramatic ultimate skill which reverses the turn......All of these are so exciting.

However, we do not enjoy the lengthy laning period, the complex purchase for the equipment forging, and the inadequate time for thinking as it places a higher value on immediate actions...

As game developers, based on the previous two thoughts, is it possible for us to create anything new?

My Turn, a Cards Duel Game which is still under the very early stage, is the answer after we ruminate over the question.

Now, we sincerely invite all of you to join in this opening test and assist us to improve her. We are looking forward to your feedback.

In the end, however long or short, we heartily wish that all of our guests can have a good time in My Turn Tavern.

  • Simplified Chinese
  • English
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Required
  • In-app purchases
  • Android 4.4 and above


Welcome to My Turn Tavern! Take your seat and have a drop, alright?

ENDLESS FUN, CUNNING STRATEGY. All you need is here for you! PLAY IT NOW!
Anyone here can assemble exclusive card decks with ease and duel players worldwide! DOMINATE YOUR OPPONENTS!
Choose your favorite 4 heroes and build your unique battle decks!
READY TO WIN YOUR TURN, DEFEAT YOUR ENEMIES. Lead your 4 heroes, experience the magic of playing cards and earning rewards in 7-min combat!
Adventurous battle is everywhere in My Turn Tavern. STEP INTO THE BATTLE. ENJOY THE INSANELY FUN AND MASTERFUL TACTICS.

So, what are you waiting for? NOW, IT IS YOUR TURN.



• Collect powerful heroes to duel with cards.

36 heroes are divided into 5 classes.

• Cunning strategy, insanely fun.

Ever-shifting strategies are under your control!
Knock down your enemies from around the world! ENDLESS FUN is here for you!

• Build deck with ease. Seize ever-shifting cards.

Construct power decks with 4 Hero Card, 4 equipment Card and 2 Item Card! EVER-SHIFTING LINE-UP DEPENDS ON YOU!

• Master cards with ease. Reverse your turn.
Deal cards with ease! Create your ultimate collocation! Ready to the turn anytime!

• Dominate the leader board. Win the glory.


My Turn is a free to download and play mobile game (TCG, CCG), while some game items can be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings. According to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download My Turn.

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What's new

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Dear guests in My Turn Tavern,

Glad to share all of you with our update schedule.

At 11:00 AM on Oct 29(GMT+8), My Turn server have an update without closing the server, which will not affect your normal gameplay.

1. [Fire-new yellow-class Epic Hero Card: Dawnsaber]

As the young leader of Dawn Protection Church, Arthur is righteous, virtuous and unselfish to all, including his own son who constantly desires to kill him. Arthur is a Fortress Warrior who is skilled in gaining shield and dealing high damages, and his skill cards, Lightsaber and Divine Sentence, will be regarded as Attack Cards from which benefits can be earned.

2. [November New Battle Pass is coming soon!]

From 06:00 AM Nov 1st, we will release our new we will have 2 brand-new limited skins will be won from Battle Pass! Kindly stay tuned!

Battle Pass: Dawnsaber Skin-Night's Watch
Gold Pass: Whitemage Skin-Arcanemoon Queen

3. [Balance Adjustments]

3.1 Blackmage
Desolator: Damage effects decreased by 33%
Doom Knell: Damage effects and self-damage effects decreased by 20%

Developer’s voice: "With guests’ in-depth gameplay, Blackmage increasingly shows formidable forces. We hope Blackmage to maintain his unique mechanism and tactics related to mana limit, so we weaken his damage."

3.2 Evil Sacrifice

Given Energy decrease from 50 to 30

Developer’s voice: "Evil Sacrifice is an item card that assists to turn the game during duels. Although it is not used by many, it will be tough to handle when it is properly used to offer abundant energy recovery and protection to the team in the early stage. So we adjust on this card to make it balanced in-game."

3.3 Joker Card

Given Joker Cards increase from 2 to 3. When using this item card, you will give your opponent 1 Joker Card, only when you have more cards than your opponent.

Developer’s voice: "Joker Card will intervene in the duels and offer different combat experiences to make it amusing, while it might be annoying in certain extreme case. So we add limits for the usage and increase the given amount in return."

3.4 Health Portion

Restored maximum health increases from 35% to 50%

Developer’s voice: "Health Portion is found to be inferior to other items when choosing from various items. So we increase the maximum health to help it to be back to the duel."

4. [Adjustments on Round-robin Rewards]

Victory Rewards will be more stable and rich after this update:

Rewards for 0 Victory: Draw 2 cards, 1*Onefold*1, 1* Fourfold
Rewards for 1 Victory: Draw 3 cards, 2*Onefold, 1*Fourfold
Rewards for 2 Victory: Draw 4 cards, 2*Onefold, 2*Fourfold
Rewards for 3 Victory: Draw 5 cards, 3*Onefold, 2*Fourfold

There is 10% probability for the results to turn into 3*Onefold, 1*Fourfold, 1*Twelvefold.

Developer’s voice: "Currently Victory Rewards for Round-robin is too random. It might be upset when rewards for losing 2 duels are better than Wining 3 duels. We hope that our guests can have consecutive wins in Round-robin and enjoy the victory fruits."

5. [Bug Fixes]

[Gameplay] Shield brought by Holy Codex will not surpass the maximum health
[Language] Optimize the textual description of partial skills and UI

6. [Adjustments Preview]
We sincerely wish that our new guests can feel free to try all the owned new cards when he first comes to My Turn, like now. However, for our guests who go for the honor and fierce combats, current Preliminary is not enough. Hence, we will divide our guests into two team modes: Standard Preliminary and Tournament Draft.

Besides, we had temporary adjustments previously on Oct 17, which set 150 as the limit for stars amount of a single hero card. It was intended to be returned to 200, nevertheless, we decide to cancel the schedule temporarily considering the future possible changes.

From Leah who loves all of you

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  • Developer: 飞鱼科技
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Latest Version :7.3 Android:7.3
  • Alaziz Hamidul

    it's awesome

  • SjyBurn

    首先氪金是能快速變強的。和皇室戰爭類似,卡牌有等級,高級的卡牌攻擊高,生命值也高,低級只能被虐。好在不花錢的玩家也能慢慢熬,收集金幣後慢慢升級,不存在必須氪金才能解鎖的卡牌,所以理論上只要肯花時間,總有一天能跟上…… 目前遊戲略有些單調,可以考慮加入任務,成就等等。畫面的畫風不錯,但是卡牌還能再細膩點,當然做成動態的更佳。總體感覺很有潛力。

  • 西門小智




  • User844528

    Card game with no pve, full pvp? Its full pay to win game, dont bother dowload it.

    • Escaflowne

      literally 0 pay to win aspects, and tons of free gems..

  • 明月花绮罗

    我覺得平衡性掌握得很好~ 沒有傳奇卡牌、沒有氪金無敵你可以自己搭配組合玩出自己的套路當你覺得這個套路幾乎無敵的時候總會出現一個克你的對手哈哈哈

  • General


    感謝用戶:大鼻涕得激情支持 大渣好,我系包包圍,目前白銀2的咸魚一枚,前來推薦卡組。   ①先上陣容圖,取名無限迴廊。 這套陣容不能說組出來讓我用我就用,我得自己試一試好不好用才行!事實證明,很順,很爽,我希望我用過以後是這樣的,你們用過以後也是這樣的!   但是陣容看起來平平無奇啊,既沒有萬劍歸宗秒天秒地萬象龍,也沒有指誰誰死的石頭人,而且輸出手看起來不可靠啊,就憑個咸魚飛鏢和大招還是後手的風暴

  • General

    Game Versions

    Is there an English Version for this App? Thanks for those who will respond.

  • General


    大家好,我是莉雅。   相信大家都有過不少這樣的經歷:對方的強力輸出/輔助,對我們造成了不小的威脅,但卻躲在很硬的防禦角色後面,還時不時來個嘲諷,很難打中,著實讓人惱火。   今天莉雅給大家介紹一種這種局面的應對流派——點殺流。 點殺流嘛,顧名思義,一般是指利用指定目標技能和其他輔助手段,在短時間內(通常是 1 回合)集火同一個目標,達成擊殺的目的。 想法很美好,但指定目標的技能,往往傷害並不夠強

  • General


    又要感謝 莉雅小姊姊 大家好,我是莉雅。   上次我給大家介紹了冰霜流,今天我們就來講講字面意義上跟冰霜流相反的流派——火焰流,或者說燃燒流。 燃燒是目前唯一的永久持續傷害效果。 火焰流的思路有兩種: 第一種思路中,由於燃燒可被驅散的風險,以及長時間保全己方的難度較高,可操作性不是很強。所以常見的是第 2 種思路。下面莉雅我就介紹這一種火焰流。   以下是火焰流陣容的一個例子。 一、陣容分析  





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