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• “League of Legends” Series Mobile Games Full Guide:

In the "League of Legends" 10th Anniversary, Riots announced the "League of Legends" mobile game ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’. The game now available for pre-register on Tap.

Pre-register the game and get the lastest game test/release information.

At the same time in the "League of Legends" 10th Anniversary Live, “League of Legends: Wild Rift” & "Teamfight Tactics" are also announced! pre-register at
Teamfight Tactics Mobile: https://www.tap.io/app/176942
Legends of Runeterra: https://www.tap.io/app/176941

League of Legends: Wild Rift Discord:   https://discord.gg/F3derzE


League of Legends: Wild Rift brings the fast-paced PVP action-strategy of the LoL PC game to mobile and console!

Welcome to the Wild Rift! Featuring the same skill-based 5v5 PVP gameplay you expect from League of Legends on PC, Wild Rift was built from the ground up for new platforms. Lock your choice from a huge cast of League champions, team up with friends, and outplay the opposition.

Experience the thrills of League’s competitive and strategic 5v5 gameplay, rebuilt specifically for mobile and console. Choose your champion, take to the Rift, and destroy the enemy Nexus in 15-20 minute matches.

Explore the Wild Rift, a new-yet-familiar 5v5 map based on Summoner’s Rift and streamlined for faster games. A responsive dual-stick control scheme, designed exclusively for new platforms, makes sure your skillshots on mobile feel as crisp as they do on PC.

Wild Rift will include a familiar cast of over 40 champions at launch, with more favorites on the way. Light the way with Lux, spin to win with Garen, or blow it all up with Jinx.

Master the new Rift, climb the Ranked ladder—and earn unique loot along the way. Like LoL PC, Wild Rift lets you prove yourself with high-skill champs, macro strategy, and myriad playstyles.

Customize your champ’s look to your liking with loads of skins across dozens of themes. Then, get closer than ever before with Wild Rift’s all-new 3D model viewer.

All champs can be earned for free, and there’s no paying for playtime or power. Ever.

Support: lolwr-mobile-support@riotgames.com

Privacy Policy: http://leagueoflegends.com/legal/privacy

Terms of Service: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse

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    問題:手機最低配置為何? 回答:雖然尚待確定,但我們努力的目標,是盡可能在越多設備上讓你輕鬆享受遊戲。以下是遊戲暫定所需的手機配置規格。 Android系統需要與Samsung Galaxy A7相容或同等機種:1GB內存、Qualcomm驍龍410處理器,以及Adreno 306顯卡。 iOS設備則需要iPhone 5S以上之機種才能進行遊戲。 問題:《英雄聯盟:激鬥峽谷》何時會在我的地區推出呢


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