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  • M4DBL1TZ

    #GamingMobile Finally we try #TFTmobile and yes it has just been released in beta and I couldn't make you lose #teamfight #mobile I think I'm always one of the first #youtubeitalia to bring it to you.

    let me know through the survey in the video or in the comments what you think and have fun with the #autochess of #leagueoflegends in #anteprima just for you.

    Complete Playlist Teamfight tactics:

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  • TarhieI
    6.52 hrs on record

    I've played on PC so I know it's good but please make it so I can get past the login screen. Please and thank you! (Edit: found the instructions on a separate post and was able to get logged in. It's a bit of a process but definitely worth it.) Here's the link:

  • Long Híp
    2.27 hrs on record

    trash ? never seen the balance in that game fuk riot

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  • Nick Violet
    12 mins on record

    I can't log in.. even tho i signed in my account

  • Denz Eyobans

    Im from PH server what region would you recomend idk what region should i use.

  • Ružena l

    The game is fine as hell, dont know why others complain a lot.

    First of all the game is still on Close Beta, so having bugs or gameplay issues are normal.

    But i dont encounter any problems at all, its the same as the pc version tft.

    The only problem was the long Queue time log in, and they fixed it already so its fine.

    Others having problems with installing the game or starting the game. Im certainly sure the beta test is for Eu West Region only.

    And im from Southeast asia region itself can play the game.

    Some say the screen or touch sensivity towards the game arnt responsive. Its becuase of the Ping latency, for me thats my problem. My ping are around 150~300 ms spike from southeast asia.

    And for WildRift, pls do some research dude. Riot aleardy announced that it will lauch around end of 2020. So stop complaining.

    Riot Games cares for their product, its not easy to make these games. You guys demand early launch then complain the game has bugs, like stop being stupit. Good games takes time to develop.

    • Arch Bomber

      what server should i take to play this stable ??

    • Ružena l

      If your not from Us or Uk, you cnt avoid ping latency. You can vpn tho, but im fine with 150ms from the philippines

  • User1715838
    15.40 hrs on record

    need Wifi to Patch ??? hayssss

  • User2760398
    11 mins on record

    You will literally last about 30 min to go from position 37,987 to 33,609 like honestly just wait until the game is actually out at this point.

  • JinnTanSenn

    the game is fun, and there are so many bugs and i know its still in beta so i understand that part.

    lets start with the unbalanced of character riot should balanced all the character

    second i want to change the item of hero but i cant take it once i put it in character.

    third its smooth because my phone is snapdragon 710 but the quality of picture and map are low quality they should put a better picture.

    fourth i want to see how many character i have example i have 2 talia riot should put notice that i have 2 and put a light on the picture so players will notice it

    they should clean the game there are so many bugs that i find i dont want to write it all but over all i enjoy playing it i hope riot will fix the problem and make this game beautiful in the future.

    • ExpoSmash

      bro the SD 710 is garbage, this game uses alot of the cpu power which your phone doesn't have.. that's why your map looks like that

    • Ružena l

      I think u havent played the Pc version yet...

      The characters are balanced, they always buffed or nerfed in the meta.

      Items cannot be unequip once u equip to a champion. But you can sell it. Thats why you should hold it, to equip for u strong ones.

      You can identify the champion levels on their HP bar.

      Bronze means lvl 1

      Silver means lvl 2

      Gold means lvl 3

      Every 3rd piece of the same champ euquals upgrade to lvl 2

      You need more two lvl 2 to upgrade to lvl 3

      Clearly you dont understand the game mechanics yet.

      So far there is no bugs, only long que time

    • User2372871

      bro how to fix this error game_ error_direct

    • JinnTanSenn

      thanks for this i haven't played the pc version, i only played the only mobile games chess game play like in the onmnoji mobile legends and chess rush.

    • JinnTanSenn


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  • 悪魔ede

    I can't install the game with my phone and I have the requeriments. What Can I Do?

    • User2975787

      maybe they limit the download bec right now queuing is on 100k.... wait untill march for next batch

  • Lab😊

    I can't install it on Samsung A10...plsss...fix this kind of problem..let it be compatible...Thank you😊

  • 在中国晒黑的非洲人

    not good.

    hero chess in first turn need player to get in advance,which means that if you choose later,you won't get a good hero chess

  • Kenneth Caldea

    This app isn't compatible to your phone(after installing)

    Any suggestions?


  • User1656656

    androind 7.1.1 can't play TFT :((((

  • User2475451

    The game closes itself after patching I can't play please help

  • Angelo Gomez

    why does it keeps crashing after patching the game

  • Real Capulong

    I can't play it, app close after waiting queue is finished, is ther something i need to do? Samsung Galaxy A20s

    • User2975787

      i think your processor is helio mine is snapdragon it play smoothly

    • Real Capulong

      Thanks, so do you think I kinda need to upgrade for me to be able to play it?

    • Real Capulong

      I've searched that it has Snapdragon 450 Processor, Or do I need to enable VPN? I'm from Philippines.

    • User2975787

      its up to you bro... but if your waiting for wild rift to release you should. ps from Philippines also

    • Real Capulong

      Ok, thanks man, will read more.

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  • Albert Seijuro

    how to fix it, i can't install the game "app not installed" and i activated the unknown source

  • User926735

    hot to play? i cant login : not found ??

  • User593387

    i cant install it idk why

    Question how much MB? or space needed?

    When i install it it says "App not Installed" why tho?

    • User2735215

      Same I can't install it either

    • Charlo Baliling

      Can't install issue same here also it says on the google play store the game is not compatible with my Samsung J7 Pro

    • Lab😊

      Same here i can't install it on Samsung A10😑

    • User2975787

      in total 600-700 mb it includes the patch. you will only get the patch when you log in

    • User593387

      and i thought i was lucky enough

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