Ragnarok Tactics:Legendary War
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Ragnarok Tactics:Legendary War

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“Ragnarok Tactics” Thailand Server
SEA version: https://www.tap.io/app/182362

  • English
  • Korean
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  • No VPN Required
  • Android 5.0 and above


A new chapter of battle has begun…
Ragnarok Tactics, an epic Idle + Tactics game-filled new systems along with iconic monsters from the Ragnarok series. Overcome adversity with limitless strategies and countless possibilities.
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Key Features

Summon over 60 iconic monsters
Epic battles with countless strategical possibilities

Idle leveling system without having to log in
24 hours easy convenient item and Zeny farming without logging in

Treasure Hunting System
Adventure with your friends for chance to gain various items from the MVP bosses

Essence System
Endlessly increase the potential of your monsters with this unique system

Summoner Duel System
Battle other players and dominate the battlefield in real time

Guild War
battle for supremacy in the war

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Ragnarok Tactics new version

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  • File Size : 362.29MB
  • Current Version : 1.2.0
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Gravity Game Tech
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Latest Version :7.2 Android:6.6
  • User1865254
    107.33 hrs on record

    No update for 1.3.0 version how to play

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  • D'to Feinz

    i can't even log in the game.....

    does this game need vpn to play ???

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  • ScionStormTV

    The game is very much for kids in my opinion. It has a Idle feature for the lazy. And a lot of free items for those who wish to be casual. I do not see any VIP in the game. I wish I could tell you more but the game is so simple you can just get in and play. Get some monsters use them and be strong in no time. The full review is below


  • Alvast
    7.32 hrs on record

    An idle version of Ragnarok game. You know the PC version as MMORPG open world, unfortunately this one is not open world. You, as summoner, have 5 monsters lined up, fighting on their own automatically and also loot the zeny, equipments and other things for you to use on them so that they can level up and get to higher stage in the world map.


    Yes, the map is staged. You will get better and more loot on higher stage. You can leave your monsters by logging out and login back again with items gathered by your monsters. When I say monsters here, does not mean only monster like poring, deviling, angeling etc, but also you can find characters like swordsman, mage, priest even the maid Kafra as enemy or maybe as your own monster. Every characters you know in Ragnarok can be used against each other, with their faction and element attached.


    There are 3 factions just like rock paper scissor game. Rock will beat scissors, scissors will win against paper, and paper can win against rock. There are also light and dark faction that can fight evenly against each other. There are also elements like fire, water, earth, wind, light, and dark. You will gain an upper hand if you line up your monsters perfectly according their faction and element for each enemies you face in every battle.


    Besides idle adventure and its stages, there are also Challenge in where you can get more zenys, monster spirits or even talent fruits to grow your monsters stronger. There are also Arena and Summoners Duel where you can fight against other player's monster and gain rank and honor points.


    Ragnarok game is not complete if there is not social element in it, and yes you can interact to other players by using guild feature, chatroom, and help your friends by fighting their mvp monsters in treasure dungeon. You can also gift and claim gift from your friends to get flowers point then you can exchange them to various items in store.

  • User2936273

    Any update for tap?


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