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[ Time Reversal ]

epic level strategy masterpiece, grand future adventure story!Are you ready for the challenges ahead?

Ayer: Welcome to my world


[ World View ]

When new energy is discovered, a new technology like magic is born, and war also sweeps the whole land.

Blood and tears completed the baptism of the world, and it was finally divided by three forces: "God" who mastered the use of new energy "source force", "Alliance" who was stranded on the ground, and "Shadow" who split from God due to different ideas.

The game of three parties did not make the world stable, but made the flame of war endless extension...

This is e.18.

Alliance, whose living space is constantly squeezed, are forced to use the forbidden "summoning", but what is summoned in the name of "elves" is a powerless human - you.

Forced to save the world life is about to begin, you, have made a choice?


[ Game Features ]

■Grand plot, immersive experience of the future world
Up to 149 companions will come into contact with you in the future world. Justice? Evil? Coexistence? Conflict? How will the future world change because of you?

■Round strategy, with their own lineup
149 different ability of the partners, any combination of your exclusive team

■Skill combinations, looking for endless possibilities
The strong bond between partners allows them to unleash special effects on the battlefield, changing the situation, and ready to fire

■The past you, in the future gradually grow
In the world of the future, you go from being ignorant and fearful to having the power to change the future

■Exclusive room, cultivate intimacy with partners
Date your future partner, cultivate intimacy, unlock subplots, and each of your real-life buddies will tell you their own story

■well-known voice actor, dedicated voice
Please enjoy by 八代拓, 桑島法子, 佐藤聪美, and many other front-line Japanese voice brought gorgeous performance!


[ Contact Us ]
Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/TIMEREVERSAL2019

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[ Time Reversal ]
epic level strategy masterpiece, grand future adventure story!Are you ready for the challenges ahead?

[ World View ]
When new energy is discovered, a new technology like magic is born, and war also sweeps the whole land.

Enjoy by 八代拓, 桑島法子, 佐藤聪美, and many other front-line Japanese voice brought gorgeous performance!

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  • File Size : 96.19MB
  • Current Version : 1.6
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Moon dance
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  • Orriere Guerre

    1st there is no google play login option

    2nd to many gacha aspect and rng

    3rd ai deployment is sucks

  • Ranattachi
    55.55 hrs on record

    *edit after I spend few days on this game i decided to drop the rating from 5 to 3 due too much rng involved on many sectors.. first the battles , something nuts about the ai in this game some times they works like normal ai (***) but sometimes they really really become super annoying ridiculous being "w.t.f" . since the deck , ai lineup , how they turn the tables , another stu.pid hindrance like buff on field is rly2 make the game felt rng ruined the gameplay! (this is more than strategy anymore).. yeh too much rng!


    secondly , the gacha system after you lvlup a more around 14~15 another rng-features would show up, its called "chip" .this would allow you too hugely boost the status of your units and again each chips is super rng.. again. if you lucky ull get the highest rarity but AlSO if lucky for the second time its chips will include your main unit in there then how much/high its status given from a single chip is fckin rng again (for god sake its triple RNG you got there!).

    lastly the UR gacha .. yes its guarantee, and every single pull means UR fragments but each pool have iirc 6~7 characters so i have ady tried many pulls and its just .. well all i could say this game rng-ness rly fckdup . they often ridiculously give you unpleasant result (for example 9 pull .. out of 6~7 characters you can got only 2 char with its dupe and of course its the unwanted one haha.. i was speechless bout its algorithm, just how come its could be possible?!!!). btw dont get it wrong , i think i was around top 20 player atm and iv spend some rl cash so i could rise little bit more , but i think its a good call to quit this game sooner bcuz im sure later on.. i will just getting disappointment more.


    an auto oriented turn base game with card & gacha aspect. for the story i felt its just so-so with supeeeeeer long conversation , i tried read it sometimes but i cant stand it .. too much useless talk that not important to the story ( just read it as per chapter ady make my eyes burn! well at least for me) . btw i think the music too 🤨


    gameplay , well its kinda generic actually .. you probably see these mechanic pretty often in other gacha/turnbase/rpg game.

    its like a combination of turnbase+card where your MC become as Leader (like a base) then the gacha/character units become as your pawn that randomly showup in your deck ( the first battle ui impression is like what you see in card games) then u will pick one each turn and put in 4x4 quare like mini chest . these units have their own unique skills and COMBINATION combo(something like link between each tier so R/SR/UR rarity have its own combination even though the characters is same ) or race to make strategy more variety and wider.

    so the gameplay of this game is pretty much combination of various aspect of certain game (no thing new but its felt newer concept).

    the game also have art/gallery (btw have lots sexy hot waifu/hu***ando.. loli too 🤭) , each units is voiced by VA , in battle the unit become chibi! . theres some kind mics feature like as dating your units (this feature often added in novel game)


    GACHA!!!!!! for god sake .. actually this is decent one.

    theres 3 gacha type , well i forgot its tiitle but lets say

    left , middle , right (atm still unlocked but seems its for UR units).

    so lets talk about the middle one first. in tutorial you will pull this one and its guaranteed 1ssr and infinity pull so no need to reroll anyway. i tried pull once more after finish some chapter, so its fixed you will get 1 ssr and 4sr and you can reroll it by using ticket ( in mycase i have 12 reset- ticket but somehow its like denied .. i dunno maybe bug ?).

    in left one is like banner system where its banner list is very loooooooooot (you can choose every char) though you need unlock the banner through PvP rank , u can pull its as much as you have the ticket (like u can use it 60 at once or more) . the pvp is kinda different too , i dont see any ranking/leaderboard . i think you wont lose point even you lose the battle? since somehow i felt the pvp just like accumulating your pvp experience not win/lose .. if im right then this is very nice !


    in conclusion gacha friendly ✔️ check

    pvp friendly ✔️ check

    waifu material ✔️ check

    pve friendly ✔️check ..maybe later stage need UR but

    since i mostly rely on SR unit that i have upgraded so I don't think its needed rite now. also the game dont have ENERGY SYSTEM !!!! 👍👌 good game

    • VulgarisUSA

      as always, FREE, another one of your stellar reviews!! keep up the great work!

    • Ranattachi

      hii Vulgaris , loong time no see :) thanks for the kind words

  • Valentine

    A lot of this game reminds me of Arknights, but not in the way that it feels like a clone or knockoff. It is the theme and attention to detail that feel similar, but they are very different games.

    Despite clearly being a game that is influenced by foreign styles, the dialog is decently written. Direct translations tend to come off as a weak story, but it is much better than horrible spelling and grammar (as demonstrated in Soul Worker). The tutorial covers a lot of good strategy, but in a way that only fits the specific situation. I still felt a little lost when entering the game on my own, but auto play reminded me that I am not here to think.

    It is amazing how simply rotating the board can make the same mechanics feel new again. You still place characters to defend against enemies and you still aim to defeat their leader, but somehow it doesn't seem the same as other games with the same purpose.

    The artwork is impressive and the cutouts are not so simplified that they look like cheap imitations of the real character. The complex UI and detailed animations confirm that every design choice was intentional and not an attempt to cut corners. Unlocking wallpapers that can be used as the menu background is a nice touch. Minor details like this go a long way in adding customization.

    This game is beautiful to look at, if nothing else. The introduction of auto play ruins it a bit for me, though. Games like this are amazing when the strategy is left to player. They are just visual novels when they start to play themselves. Still, as a visual novel, it is good.


  • Farens F

    waifu collector xD

  • Денис Ли

    need more games like this



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