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◆ Mainstay of Japanese manga, side-scrolling fighting RPG
Japanese original manga mobile game. Using Japanese style to present hot-blooded side-scrolling fighting. Players can fully experience ecstasy from Combo attack, combine diversified operator elements which include Shunpo, parry stance, skill and positioning collaborate, with the smooth and dazzling scene. Try the extreme game operation to feel the soul of the Ult.

◆ Innovative fighting mode, happily enjoy the ARPG
New Fighting mode, new sensual pleasure. Testing your strategy on how to arrange your character, how fast can you combo your skill. A great opportunity to show yourself. Moreover, the game includes classic character’s cultivation system and PVP system. You can always find the pleasure in it unless you’re not strong enough.

◆ Reproduced classic characters, all the Zanpakuto debut as well
Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, Byakuya Kuchiki, Sōsuke Aizen over 50 famous characters all embodied in the game. The Strongest Bleach team wait for you collect. Classic animate Zanpakuto Bankai scene will present in high quality. Lead the fans to revisit the King of the mangas’ fervent spirit.

◆ The original voice actor, vibrate your heart with memories
The best voice actor will perfect reproduce excitement to the fight, the vibration of Bankai and the moving of friendship. The luxurious battle array, Masakazu Morita, Fumiko Orikasa, Ryōtarō Okiayu, Yuki Matsuoka, Kentaro Ito, Romi Paku, leads you into Soul Society.

Real Bleach is coming! Will you join us?

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《BLEACH:Soul BanKai》

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  • Ranattachiiiiii
    54 mins played

    note size is quite big , almost 4.5 gb , there's a vip, extravagantly energy system , no auto but has sweep system and very lot in-game features. but since right now the game still on cbt lets try this a little but more.

    the story follow the anime as i can see theres a cutscenes that grabbed from the anime (tho the quality of those SS is low. well probably to reduce the game size ahaha), the sounds track also same .. so this will bring memories if you follow the bleach anime .

    the game play was 2D rpg & hacknslash . the controls is okay but sadly it use D-pad (left-right only as move direction) instead the stick while the skills is very fancy n have cool animations or ridiculously whole 1 screen aoe 🤣 this is nuts!.

    i feel somewhat this game is grab almost everything features of rpg game has, very very lot features could be done here even if i decided to write some of that , i think this reviews would be ridiculously long. so all i could say is you gotta tried this game yourself , since theres no review would cover up the whole experiences because there's lot to tell. anyway i kinda lost of words why DeNa decided to added vip system here, with so many in-game features this is most likely they openly show to us how greedy they would become towards money.

    aside from fancy , unique and cool skills .. the battle itself was generic and seems as boring. so all left is just collecting characters and upgrade them in many ways (rn its has 7 ways of strengthening a single unit). not to mentioned another incoming characters, since i think the patches haven't reach arrancar arc .. so NO ULQIORRA / NEL for you , for me 😭😭

  • Valentine

    This is the store brand version of BLEACH Mobile 3D. If you prefer a 2D fighter over the MMO format, then this is for you. If you are looking for the better game experience, try

  • Geovanne Henriq

    Devs i spend Lot of money in beta and now?!?Not respawn???

  • justin gnagi

    why cant I install the update and it's done downloading I try to install it and it says that i dont have the app downloaded

  • Levy Matoz

    é bom, mas desinstalei pq não estava jogando muito. mas vale a pena.

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