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Developer notes:

Closed beta, START NOW!!!

Not only will you be able to experience the content in advance,
you will also receive rewards when the game’s open beta begins for completing designated missions!

Don’t you want to know the actual details?
Don’t worry, don’t worry! The Lieutenant will announce the news!!

<Detailed Information about the Closed Beta>
Testing time: 2019/10/31 AM11:00 ~2019/11/7 PM18:00(GMT+8)
Type of Test: File-Deletion Test


◆台柱级日本动漫,横向格斗RPG登场 ◆
日本正宗动漫手游,以浓厚的日式和风感呈现热血、激战横向格斗,玩家能充分体验COMBO连击的快感,瞬步、格档、技能、走位等风骚走位,搭配流畅的华丽特效, 挑战死神的极限操作,重现魂之奥义!

◆新创多种战斗模式,爽快畅游动作RPG ◆
多种全新战斗模式,全新的体验快感,考验你的角色运用策略、技能连击速度,一展长才的机会就看现在! 此外还导入经典角色养成系统及PVP格斗等元素,不怕没对手,只怕你不够强!

◆经典角色重现,斩魄刀集结登场 ◆
「黑崎一护」、「朽木露琪亚」、「朽木白哉」、「蓝染惣右介」等超过50 位人气角色,一次完整收录,最强死神战队等你来搜集。 动漫经典斩魄刀卍解场景,将以超高画质呈现,带领忠死粉丝重温王道漫画的热血精神!

◆ CV热血原音,感动震撼记忆 ◆
战斗的激昂、卍解的震撼、友谊的感动,由日本顶尖声优完美诠释。 黑崎一护(森田成一)、朽木露琪亚(折笠富美子)、朽木白哉(置鲇龙太郎)、井上织姬(松冈由贵)、阿散井恋次(伊藤健太郎)、日番谷冬狮郎(朴璐美)等,豪华声优阵容伴你共闯尸魂界!

真. 死神降临,你还不加入吗?

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《BLEACH:Soul BanKai》

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Latest Version :7.6 Android:7.6
  • IwanttobeFREE
    54 mins on record

    note size is quite big , almost 4.5 gb , there's a vip, extravagantly energy system , no auto but has sweep system and very lot in-game features. but since right now the game still on cbt lets try this a little but more.

    the story follow the anime as i can see theres a cutscenes that grabbed from the anime (tho the quality of those SS is low. well probably to reduce the game size ahaha), the sounds track also same .. so this will bring memories if you follow the bleach anime .

    the game play was 2D rpg & hacknslash . the controls is okay but sadly it use D-pad (left-right only as move direction) instead the stick while the skills is very fancy n have cool animations or ridiculously whole 1 screen aoe 🤣 this is nuts!.

    i feel somewhat this game is grab almost everything features of rpg game has, very very lot features could be done here even if i decided to write some of that , i think this reviews would be ridiculously long. so all i could say is you gotta tried this game yourself , since theres no review would cover up the whole experiences because there's lot to tell. anyway i kinda lost of words why DeNa decided to added vip system here, with so many in-game features this is most likely they openly show to us how greedy they would become towards money.

    aside from fancy , unique and cool skills .. the battle itself was generic and seems as boring. so all left is just collecting characters and upgrade them in many ways (rn its has 7 ways of strengthening a single unit). not to mentioned another incoming characters, since i think the patches haven't reach arrancar arc .. so NO ULQIORRA / NEL for you , for me 😭😭

  • Ümit Sır
    Expected value

    i buy 3 char and 3 days later beta closed mu char delete or continuation

  • Farhan Gara Apr
    Expected value

    size too big for game like this lol

  • Nguyễn Nhân
    Expected value

    Game hút máu ko mn

    • tu nguyen

      ơ tại sao tới cái nv đánh 3 sợi dây đỏ tôi không thể qua đc trong khi tôi đã đánh xog bạn có bị giống tôi?

    • Nguyễn Nhân

      Tôi chưa chơi ông ơi nghe nói hút máu

    • tu nguyen

      hnay là ngày cuối test rồi mà tui sắp đủ mảnh aizen cayyyyyyyyy quá ông à

  • leandro
    Expected value

    muinto top





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