World Robot Boxing 2
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Robot Boxing has evolved. Have you? Do you have what it takes to conquer the new World Robot Boxing Championship?

Set in a not so distant future, this spectacular arcade action Robot boxing game calls you out to crush your enemies, conquer mighty bosses, and become the next great Boxing legend! Top the Leaderboards, compete for the World Championship Title and reign supreme as the Ultimate World Robot Boxing Champion once again. #BRINGIT

High-tech Robots from 14 countries participate in the WRB Sports League. Select your favorite Robot Fighting machine and enter the squared circle for the biggest mech battles with other champions in this gritty robot fighting action game. Recruit the ultimate team of steel warriors. Unleash furious attacks using spectacular special moves, jabs, and punches through all the bouts leading to the championship!

Unleash epic combos with powerful skills on your opponents to define your own fighting style! Enjoy the high definition action-packed combat game with visually stunning cinematic special move moments. Feel the real steel clash with every punch and every kick. Destroy your opponents with intuitive fighting interface controls and unleash fierce combos and explosive special moves with the touch of a finger! Block to avoid your opponent's attacks and strike back with a perfect counter. Immerse deep into the best steel crushing arcade action fighting experience.

Unleash the champions, enter the ultimate contest! Get ready to elevate the WRB2 action with 6 distinctive character classes. Create a supreme WRB2 squad from - Scrapyard, Precision, Combat, Hi-Tech, Underground, and Nemesis. Each class has its unique strengths and fighting advantages over the other. Each robot has its own set of Abilities such as Health Regeneration, Critical Damage, Block, Energy Gain, etc. The Abilities also get triggered depending on your Team Synergy. Enter into the ring with Robots that enhance each other's skills. Know your opponent, engage with them, spot their weakness, formulate a strategy and dive into this fight.

Master unique combos and crush steel opponents in dynamic Versus Battles, weekly Live Events and Challenging Daily Quests. Transform your steel warriors into powerful Champions by battling in World Boxing Championship Story Mode, and Global Tournaments. Diversify your roster. Collect BlitzBots, RoboRoyales, and WarDroids Robots to participate in respective Brand Events. Upgrade your mech monsters and evolve with every fight. Take your battles to the next level. Train hard across all the modes and join the league of Champions.

- Collect 66 Amazing Robots from 14 Countries
- Fight with Robots from 6 Robot Classes
- Battle across 12 Exciting Arenas
- Unlock 48 Over-the-Top Signature Moves
- Compete in Multiple Game Modes
- Upgrade Robots with Rank-up and Level-up items
- Win Milestone and Rank Rewards
- Make it to the top of the Leaderboard

Achieve greatness in the future of Robot Boxing. Unleash your fighting style with Deadly jabs, Uppercuts & Special Moves to win World Robot Boxing Championship for your country. Do not enter the World Robot Boxing Ring without a plan. It's not just your fight now.

This game is completely free to download and play. However, some items can be purchased with real money within the game. You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’s settings.

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress

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>66 unique robots from 14 different countries and 6 distinctive Robot Classes
>Fight across 12 exciting locations with killer graphics and cutting-edge visuals
>Embark on a journey in the Story Mode and complete specific Quest challenges
>Participate in respective Brand shows and Global Events
>Dominate players of the world in the highly intense Versus Mode
>Forge the ultimate Alliance and top the Leaderboards
>Multiply your Quest Rewards with the WRB2 Game Pass

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Latest Version :7.6 Android:7.1
  • User2746481

    update the game please

  • Valentine

    It has been a long time since i've encountered a game that couldn't support fullscreen on the Note 8. It is more common to see games that are too advanced to run on it.

    This game feels like it was made with the default templates from Ultimate Fighting Engine and Control Freak with a few of the fighter animation packs. Skinning a few characters on top of generic packs from the Unity store isn't enough to suddenly become original.

    I'm sure there is a fan base for a game like this or they wouldn't be selling the packs used to make it. As someone with access to the packs, the flaws and shortcomings become a bit too obvious.

  • Maejr
    3.45 hrs on record

    Expected character customization......but nah.....not even close to previous version

  • GameHOY Plus

    With adjustments made for smoother and effortless gameplay, continue to fight for the ultimate World Robot Boxing Championship! Build-up your roster and discover awesome moves and abilities of the best robots from across the world. Participate in the exciting Events to win amazing Rewards. Keep fighting to advance in the game and become the greatest steel warrior ever.

    #gamehoy plus

  • ian john migo

    this game offline?

  • General

    《WRB 2》機器人的格鬥之賽,這個是沒有機油的故事!

    有點讓人眼熟,又給一個驚喜的手遊來了!是的《機器人世界拳擊賽2》!簡稱是《WRB 2》!一款以機器人爲基礎打造的格鬥比賽,遊戲中會出多個充滿個性的機甲。如果想看機甲格鬥下載遊戲啦的話,你就來對了!由於遊戲採用的是卡通化的賽博朋克的機甲風格,因此遊戲整體的色彩飽和度十分之高,但在細節上卻做得非常到位,無論是人物金屬的反光角,還是身體部分之間的連結陰影細節。正因如此,遊戲中的金屬人能看到每一個角色都擁


Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited



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