Ragnarok Origin

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"Ragnarok Origin" is officially released (iOS/Android)
V-PN may be required for some players to download game data for the first time.

Tap Discord Channel:  https://discord.gg/QAB7Mmb

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  • Korean
  • Network Required
  • VPN Required
  • Android 6.0 and above


[Game Introduction]
Ragnarok Origin's new story that will bring you the best joy and emotion!

◈ Origin, the best quality ◈
-The most improved, quality and game art since the original!
-High quality graphics beyond the original sensibility!
-The best succession that evolved like the most Ragnarok!

◈ Origin, maximum freedom ◈
-High freedom and various field events!
-Adventure on free-spirited continents with daily content!
-Various weather changes that change with reality!

◈ Origin, the best nurturing system ◈
-Cultivate a variety of unique occupations!
-Choose a job freely!
-Customize and leave in your own style!

◈ Origin, the best fighting action ◈
-Enhance the hitting motion of hundreds of weapons!
-Better hitting feeling and better handling!
-Origin's unique action fantasy!

◈ Origin, the best mercenary system ◈
-You, be my colleague! Find colleagues in the world of origin!
-Massive battle content with colleagues!

◈ Origin, the best emotional content ◈
-Character, mercenary, garden, pet customization!
-Realistic selfie features and makeup!
-The origin of the unique pleasure that was not available with the magazine system!

◈ Origin, the best community ◈
-Various community life where you can meet special relationships!
-Special community content to build friendships with guild members!

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BEYOND RAGNAROK, 라그나로크 오리진의 세계로 초대합니다.라그나로크 오리진! Grand Open!

Detailed info

  • File Size: 87.02MB
  • Current Version: 2.7.3
  • Update Time: Jul 6, 2020
  • Developer: Gravity Interactive
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Latest Version :6.1 Android:6.8 Past 7 days : 6.1
  • afismg
    played 9 hrs 3 mins

    already updated, can't login due to server time out, any suggestions?

  • User2995083
    played 3 hrs 9 mins

    When is the Russian release? I downloaded the game, updated it, but it still won’t let me into the game ...

    • Liamkai

      use *** and connect to korea node then update the game. then u can play without ***

    • nyakanyaka

      Чел, ещё даже английского языка нету.. До Рашки игра дойдёт через год-полтора. А по поводу ошибки, юзай корейский впн и пустит, если нет то значит сервера лежат, все просто.

  • 🌺花   (〃゚3゚〃)
    24 mins played

    其實還好..而且bgm沒有還原到原汁原味,沒有最初的感動 🙄

  • Emiz Gaming
    played 17 hrs 17 mins

    why cant play?.. use ***.. hmmm

  • 手机用户1036326

    this ragnarok is way better than ragnarok M eternal lag. Its very good until i keep on playing even its still in korean language. I managed to get english translation, so its not a big deal. But still waiting for the global version to come.

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