Naruto: Slugfest

Naruto: Slugfest

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EU Closed Beta Test

Developer notes:

“Naruto: Slugfest” will launch an exclusive test on Tap very soon in January 2020, stay tuned!

This beta test does not represent the final games quality, and all player data will be deleted at the end of the test.

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  • English
  • VPN Required
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  • Android 4.4 and above


The first Naruto global mobile 3D MMO RPG
Join the ranks of the Shinobi. Enter the world of Naruto. Master your Jutsu. Become the ultimate ninja.

Start your adventure from the beginning of the Naruto: Shippuden™, as Naruto returns to Konoha from his training with Jiraiya as Akatsuki plans to capture the Nine-Tails. A clash between Naruto and Akatsuki is imminent. Are you ready to fight side by side to protect Konoha?

[Officially Licensed]
Join Naruto on his journey as one of four brand new characters. Train and recruit your favorite shinobi to fight by your side.

[3D open world, explore the ninja world freely]
Experience Konoha through a truly 360⁰ free-form camera POV, witness the suns rise and fall and the changing weather, explore the vast open world, take on bounty missions, experience life as a ninja.

[Real-time fierce battles] Choose from 4 unique characters and 8 distinct classes. Master mighty ninjutsu as you build out your skill tree. Gather allies and slug it out with legendary ninjas from the series and all over the world!

[Everything you could ever imagine from a MMO experience, in the World of Naruto]
Multiple PVP and PVE game modes, large-scale group battles, create your own team and travel the ninja world together!

What's new

Dear Ninjas:
The download link for Naruto: Slugfest's 2nd beta on TapTap will be closing on 19/01/2020.
Those who have already downloaded will not be affected by this, and can play as normal.
Those who didn't get to participate need not worry, keep an eye on our official FB for news and head to the Discord to join in the discussions, so you can stay up to date on the latest progress. The open beta is coming! We hope all Ninjas are ready!
Naruto: Slugfest
Mars Games Operations Team

Naruto: Slugfest 2nd beta is about to start! Test your ninja way!
Dear Ninjas,
We thank you for your patience, and are happy to announce we will conduct a 10 days closed beta test on January, 14, 2020. This test is not open to recharging and only the English version is available for testing. Please note all data will be deleted after the test, we thank you for your understanding.

TapTap Download Regions: USA, Canada, Europe (Excluding Russia, Balarus)
New Server Info: S0 - Jiraiya

During the test period, we will be offering large item rewards to the testing players each day. We welcome you to experience the game and leave us your valuable suggestions. As a reward for this test, all participating players will be sent a gift pack (sent to your registered email) in the form of an exchange code when the open beta begins.

Naruto - Slugfest Operations Team

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  • Developer: Mars Games
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Latest Version :7.0 Android:7.0 Past 7 days : 8.4
  • Piston Games
    9 mins on record

    Some one help me please yesterday i download and said connection faild. And now i think i want to download again 😭. is this still working? hmm

    • Letia

      The beta is indeed out and fully available, but we've seen reports of a few issues with players being unable to download it through Tap.

      Dont worry, we've got a workaround, but you'll need to Force Stop the game and then Clear Cache, then totally Uninstall the game.

      Only then can we be 100% sure that the new installation will work.

      At that point, you can reinstall through a bunch of different methods, but for sure, this link works:

      That will get you a zipped file, you can use a Zipping app on your phone or do some desktop work instead. You'll find our latest APK file there which we're now getting reports is working for everyone.

      You can stay up to date on these events as they unfold by tuning into our official Discord server:

    • Piston Games

      link not working 😭


      me too bro😖😖😖

    • Letia

      Hey guys, I just gave it a quick test and can see that it's still working.

      However, it's a direct download link, which means it can be a little tricky because it doesnt open a new page or anything. It actually starts a download right away!

      So you've likely already got the file saved on your device ^^ Just check your download section : )

    • Piston Games

      bro i already download it from the link direct . After install file open game and notification said Connection Faild everytime on loading. Why ? need vpn or anything ? 5 time im download and uninstall again.

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  • DatBoiDJGaming
    Expected value

    I really like the game so far, right now I don't if it's a bug or not but I can't seem to find naruto so I can see his transformation so I can progress the story.

    • Tellia

      Hello Shinobi, and thanks for sharing your interest in our game. We're still in an early development stage and there are a few things to work out before our global release.

      If you're still facing this bug, please create a ticket to us using the in-game system or sending an email here:

      You can also consider joining our official Discord server: ttps:// where you'll be able to get in touch with a bunch of Mars Games staff - the source of Naruto: Slugfest!

  • Илья Русков
    10.72 hrs on record

    What should I do if I log in to the game Connection Failure Try again?[100] what to do tell me

    • Tellia

      Hello Shinobi!

      We currently have a beta test running only for players based on NA and EU (Excluding Russia, Balarus), so you won't be able to log into the game atm if you're not from one of those regions.

      If you want to make sure that you don't miss out on informations about it then follow us on Social Media and you can also join our official Discord server: ttps:// where you'll find a bunch of Mars Games staff!

    • Ye Myø Zãw

      me too

  • aziz azizi
    Expected value

    i use VPN tunnelbear switch to canada still cannot shows connection failed..

    • Letia

      Hello Aziz! Thanks for reaching out.

      Our current version only supports the USA, Canada and Europe. We plan on rolling out our Global version ASAP and our current test is a huge step towards getting closer to an official release date.

      We do not support or advise the use of a VPN as it can result in a really bad experience of any game. Instead, we advise that you stay tuned to our Social Media channels for more information regarding when the game will be available in your region.

    • aziz azizi

      will wait for it..keep up team..

    • User3003118

      Dude im at Canada. Just go to Canada instead of using some VPN.

  • Nidhal Sariouna
    Expected value

    the game is cool but there are lot of lags and bugs

    • Letia

      You're totally right, we've a couple of kinks to work out, but that's why we're running a closed beta ^^

      We would actually love to hear about your experiences and have even setup an official Discord server in which you can hangout with our team members and let us know about anything that you think we need to change or improve upon.

      If that sounds interesting to you, then head on over by clicking this link:


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