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If you had error code H403, please use a VPN with Japan server to access the game.

WORLD FLIPPER is released

  • Japanese
  • Required
  • No VPN Required
  • Android 5.0 and above


◆ Play and aim! Non-stop battle!
Shoot out the weak points of your enemies with your body!
Opportunity to stop enemies and deal massive damage!
Create more actions by changing the trajectory!
Let's experience a heated battle with the cooperation of multi!

◆ Kick the enemy with the combined characters!
Beam, tracking, recovery, skills for each character in various patterns!
Two character skills can be used in combination!
Double the effects of abilities and skills with character combinations!

◆ Challenge one or three bosses
Powerful bosses with a habit and a habit!
Activate "Skill Chain" in cooperation with other players!

◆ Story woven by various characters and the world
Incidents that occur in various worlds, a mysterious world involving two people and one animal
A must-see episode for each character!

"World flipper will start"
"Let's go! To a new world!"

Detailed info

  • File Size : 39.87MB
  • Current Version : 1.20.0
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Cygames, Inc.
Total Ratings:


Latest Version :8.7 Android:7.2
  • Isekai Tensei O
    61.18 hrs on record

    Unique game, easy reroll, 5* ssr, nice art work.. *thumbs up

  • Kukang Mikir

    How this game can't be installed in xiaomi device?

    it's detected that xiaomi device is incompatible with game requirement, what requirement of android version this game need anyway?

  • Shino901

    The game overall is fine for me. The reason my rating is 4 is no landscape mode.. Haha. But still OK to enjoy.

  • Hari Shironu

    the games is great making me nostalgic of pinballs 3d back then, but the thing is that there's no storage optimization, which is forces player to download again and again everyday.

  • Restia


    先说说游戏优点. 主线剧情不错, 角色技能搭配很有意思, 装备不同也能有不同套路. 像素风的画面技能特效很炫酷.

    缺点着实不少, cygames在手游界打拼这么多年, 结果游戏一上线就是安卓满屏c1002错误, 后续直接锁区. 既然一开始没有锁区, 后续锁区原因?

    多人共斗网络体验过于差劲, 连日本朋友也会掉线, 甚至没有重连功能. 打完大蛇掉线让人抓狂

    今天还出了装备无法觉醒bug, 快一天修不好, 真有你的啊cygames

    游戏的策划让人感觉是来实习的, 服务器问题补偿只有一瓶红, 出了高难以后紧急下调星星售价从1000到100到50, 数值策划拍脑门做运营?

    氪金方面 10000日元的傻//必, 笑了.

    • Royalflare

      the android server is currently unstable now, you can keep retrying, there is probability to enter the game or please wait for the official to fix it, thanks

    • Jin-

      but i can play the game with no issue tho,im an android user too :/

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