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■ No VPN required! ■
In-game data size: 2.82GB, please leave enough space (5GB+)

■ Full "LINEAGE 2M: 12" Guide: ■

LINEAGE 2M: 19 is for 18 and above years old (iOS requires age & Korean phone verified)
※ LINEAGE 2M: 19 has trade system, if you want to play without trade system, please go to
"LINEAGE 2M: 12":

Lineage 2M Discord:

  • Korean
  • Required
  • No VPN Required
  • Android 7.0 and above


"LINEAGE 2M" is the new MMORPG mobile game developed by South Korea NCSOFT's popular online game "LINEAGE 2", which will provide players with an open world for more than 10,000 players to fight. While inheriting the original world view and gameplay, the game will also optimize the game battle system, and the quality of the game graphic will also be upgraded and improved.

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Detailed info

  • File Size : 916.31MB
  • Current Version : 1.0.5
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: NCSOFT Corporation
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Latest Version :5.8 Android:6.6 Past 7 days : 6.4
  • User1882977
    23.87 hrs on record

    The game isn't playable after the new update. It says NO GOOGLE PLAYSTORE KEY FOUND.

  • Cro

    The game is beautiful thats for sure but thats expected from skilled developers like those at NCSOFT. Like most games out nowadays the game caters to the rich (pay to win). At first i didnt care because you could find most crafting material you need for crafting gear from mob drops. When you have to farm almost 30mil (3 weeks or so) for each the the good skills (blue) witch most are passive anyway left me feeling the they didnt care about the player just money. The game does let you farm for free unlike Traha though.

    With some adjustments it could be a better game. Saddly I guess NCSOFT just wanted the revenue.

    I was hoping for a great game this time around but it looks like they just want to and more concrete to Lineage's name in "pay to win" sphere

    • Ranattachi

      its ady been a part of their culture since the old lineage, either grind till dead/like no tomorrow or simply pay. even RMT is a legal in their eyes 🤪.. well its people want the same anyway.

      *we just cant relate to them 🤣🤣

    • User2575016

      will it work in Africa

  • User2617884
    157.80 hrs on record

    is there new game version? yestarday was update in the game and the game says i need to download update

    • Vladimir Stolya

      тоже ждём). на purple все обновилось норм, люди играют. а вот андроид пока нет(

  • Jin-

    mediocre graphic with bland grinding system,nothing new except the camera system,and the movement IS really awkward when attacking the monsters,just like giving gifs to that aspect.lmao '-')/

  • Rainn Nguyen

    Play on Note 9 but so lag. Waiting for update and global version. First I'll play Black Desert global


NCSOFT Corporation



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