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  • Jin-

    mediocre graphic with bland grinding system,nothing new except the camera system,and the movement IS really awkward when attacking the monsters,just like giving gifs to that aspect.lmao '-')/

  • M Abat

    what is the difference between lineage 2m 12&19??

  • PlayMobi4

    there is no customization of the hero, you can buy it for real money and then skins! and the old bored constant killing of mobs. there are no adequate quests.

  • lockon
    3.68 hrs on record

    I cannot Open the game Why? when i Open the game is going to log out

  • Hakuna Banana

    Pros :

    - Nice Graphic

    - Support high resolution on Purple Emulator

    - Large base of player

    - Classic mmorpg style

    - Unique class system

    Cons :

    - Pay to Win much

    - From start all about grinding quest with so little reward

    - Its so hard to get a new equipment even for basic craft

  • 박재준
    94.57 hrs on record

    Never Playing... NEVER !!!

  • bot
    9.20 hrs on record

    this game is not free beuase it's not their cant battel on less my bag it's 80% wtf worse game ever and it's pay for win 50 gems and when I log something in underchest it's not taking it out only if you have 1,000 gold wow #1 wow TapTap thank you for lieing they so bad at this game is not good at this point I cant even continue to play it doesnt let me to go to fight bees you are worse game ever wtf 80% in bag only then can fight x_x* and it is 40$ everything to buy in real money

    I quick guys don't play this game! its 100% scamming people are playing you will see 80% bag cant fight monsters and 40$ everything and 1,000 gold to take the iteam out of it

    you are the worse oof!🤯

    this game is cheating😵

    Dear, @TapTap App This is not #1 Game.

    • Gladiuz MF

      1000 emas bisa dicari dengan berburu mosnter! kamu terlalu berlebihan lol

    • Ganesha Widiark

      this is business, everybody is looking for their own fortune. Lets say if you are a game developer, you must be wanting to get all the money you can get from the sales now the same thing applies to this game. If you cant afford to pay then find some other game which are free. Dont be a cheap person that always complain this and that about pay 2 win game, you cant even make the game! dont be CHEAP.

  • ice jade

    Best graphics game the developer made and that is it. The reason behind my comment "Black Desert" mobile. L 2M can't compete with Black Desert.

  • edric herdian

    one of those korean "here kill monsters, pvp, enjoy the graphic" mmorpg. no gameplay whatsoever.

    in fact the name of the game shouldve been "Lackluster 2M"

  • 手机用户1327259

    real perfect game, you can play with no auto, whats the peoblem?

  • Nababa

    I'm scare to download this game!!!

  • User2535526
    17 mins on record

    can't open game((

  • Israhadi Saputr

    it's not for mid-end smartphone

  • User1369642
    7.30 hrs on record


    Game too buggy and laggy on my poco f1 trees keep popping up and disappearing and graphics are blurry even on max graphics... if my Snapdragon 845 and 6gb ram can't run the game properly how can you expect us to play... this game. fix it . definitely not playable on any device.. not optimised

  • Ezekiel Cleaves

    Really tried to enjoying this game but progression is almost impossible if I can't understand basic things like what's in my inventory due to no English language option. The game constantly disconnects even on low settings. No point in wasting anymore time in this game. I will just wait for black desert mobile.

  • User2564192

    короче, дракон 845 6гб оперативы и глючит, надеюсь что дело в оптимизации.. все дерганное и пингует, графа в статике огонь, в движении все угловатое и дёргается анимация прирывистая. при изменении графики, плавности не добавляет, во время боя бегать и ждать КД скилла невозможно, т.к. бьёт не сразу хз чё он там делает, тпшит и т.д. такое ощущение что пинг зашкаливает.

    пока полностью разочарован.

    смотрел стрим корейский там все супер, может просто нужно к русской версии накопить на айфон 13 чтоб нормально работало, но это писец.

    все другие игры на ультра летают.

  • Yuri Oliveira

    o meu e um moto G 6 play , ja baixei 2 vezes porem o apk da erro e não instala como resolvo ?

    • Adriano Souza

      acho que não roda brow, o meu é Samsung a70 e tá rodando suave, to até atualizando ele

  • User926634

    lemme know, what kind of language it will be use on the first release?

  • User361441

    why i cant install this game? it said app cant be installed

  • Rezamir5

    I am from iran and I couldn't install lineage's data... It didn't download perfectly..My network is very strong... can you tell me WHY???!!!

    • Ким Ахметов

      next day , work

    • Rezamir5

      Next day?? why next day?!?

    • User412583

      after download in here, u cant install in your phone ? or u cant dowload data in game?

    • Rezamir5

      I install game in here and I start to login with my google account , game wanted me to download about 2.6G data, I started to download , it began but after 7MG it stoped at once.

    • Alex Wall

      Same :/

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