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  • Maxiv

    I thought I got stuck at loading screen, but I waited and I finally can login!

    few normal matches in, I really love the gameplay! so many troops, so many spells, so many strategies to go with :)

    I don't see any lagging at all, the only downside is everything looks so small, like font and some buttons but that's okay..

    There's a battle pass too, character customization even if parts are obtainable via chest lol, quests and achievements..

    and about chests... every win got you like 3 tickets, biggest chest is 18 tickets so it's kinda easy to get

    Good job dev :D

    • Ranattachi

      i even wanting its become more tiny so i can see it from higher angle.. since some player love to play RAT GAMING


    it's a great game im enjoying it but some random times when im going for a batlle it says that I need to connect to the internet I just played 6 games now but the 7th one just says there is an internet connection problem I've restarted many times but it still says the same problem

    *(edited) I've just read your feedback to the other Maxes, 😂 thanks for being busy for the servers. I was aiming to be lvl 10 because our Mid Term Exam 😂so Keep up the good work it's a great game

    I'm amazed by how open you are for the community luv it 😍

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      Thank you for your feedback ❤️

      Sorry for the inconvenience, we are aware of the server issue and we are trying our best to solve it as soon as possible. In the meantime, try to restart your client if you get an error message.

      And, good luck with your exams!

  • Wasakeene

    Translator Wasakeene here!

    I have seen many differences in the game here

    Ex: moles, introducing fragments, new miracle sprites

    Miracles order function like clash royale .🤔

    Sprites have changed to have the creaea and alliai feel. The Moles are gone😢 + faster ration production rates.

    I believe that this game had potential at the start and it could be developed further++++. Just the idea of this game is very creative and fun.

    +the community and CMs are very friendly💗💗💗

    Ps: I want tournaments on mobileeeee!!!!

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      Hello Wasakeene,

      Thank you for your review!

      If you miss the mole, we are thinking about bring it back later, maybe in a different game mode?? We are discussing about that.

      We will have tournaments starting on February, so do not miss your chance to participate in them


  • 眠い

    So I tried the game again. Very simple battles which are short and interesting. Music is really cool and character designs are amazing. Only downside is that premium player's will get around 6x more rewards than a free2play player. Other than that great game!

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      Could you try the game again? Sorry, something happened to the server two hours ago, and it's basically fixed now.

    • MINImax Team
      Official response


    • 眠い


  • DadiJ85

    I can not login with Google. only option is guest as there's no Facebook. I sometimes have weird issues where I can not use Google to login to games. So usually just choose Facebook.

    will there be a fix for the Google logins?

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      For the game you can currently log in using your Play Store account, iOS Game Center or on Steam.

      The game right now might experience some issues related to server that we are trying to fix as soon as we can.

      I hope you can enjoy the game soon with a normal account.

      And please remember that the progress in a guest account does not get saved, so please try to log in with another account.

    • DadiJ85

      Hello thank you for the reply. Where do I go for troubleshooting? when I log into the game, it says it's connecting to play games. but then it asks me to choose my Google account. It doesn't auto login to my play games. After selecting my Google account, it then gets stuck in a loading loop. only way to move forward is to back out and select guest account.

  • Jim Rodriguez

    I don't play a lot of mobile games, but this one caught me eye randomly on the internet one day. I truthfully have no idea how I discovered this game, but I really like it! There's high amounts of strategy and thought that go into the game and you can anticipate and counter your opponents moves.

    Some of the game feels a bit unfair when my opponents have stronger towers and champions than me, but I chalk that up to them just playing more. Or perhaps they use a credit card!

    Either way, I'm enjoying the game a ton and would recommend it to pretty much anyone.

  • inv

    interesting strategy game... if want to strt playing game it cost 10 minutes to find game and 4 minutes play..(please do something) Add more quest and daily quest to upgrade membership.. i have purchase for it and it so hard to get reward.. all my club mission is complete but have a lot more to get it..

    i don't care if i have to play a lot of game to get reward but it cost a lot of time to get ONE GAME..

    please add more interesting reward on membership like god hand, profile , emoticon and more..

    lastly , thus game just fr who have a lot of money...

    if you want money, you have to improve your game..

    lastly i hope you can make it better...

  • Giang Bui
    9 mins on record

    so lag in my phone with 32gb ram

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      Hi, thank you for reaching out to us.

      Can you give us more details about the lag you experienced?

      That would help us a lot to fix it.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Wan Cahya Khai

      your phone only has 3/4 GB ram, that is 32GB rom u saying...

      it an internal memory lololol 😂😂😂

      reason was u cannot buy phone that has 32GB ram since there not available yet on market... 32GB ram phone prices if available was around 5K US dollars 🤣🤣🤣

  • JinMin
    1.10 hrs on record

    i already test this game and this game so cool, i like caracter on this game and gameplay, but this game sometimes lag but still ok, i still enjoy, i hope dev give cool update for this game soon


    I actually played this game in the early access/beta or whatever and it was pretty cool. I kinda forgot about it for a bit but I just saw the release recently. I picked it back up and really enjoy it! There's a lot of new customization options and ways to play. 5/5 still

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      We are so happy to hear that you like the game!

      We hope to see you soon in-game ;)

  • User2191272

    the game is perfect but the servers aaahhhhh!!! they are killing us i dont know why it says that there is a network problem please fix it we really love to play this game

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      Thank you for trying the game!

      We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying MINImax Tinyverse!

      We are working on fixing the issues related to the server as fast as we can. We will keep you updated about this, so keep an eye open on our channels ;)

  • Junskin

    great game but I hope I can choose when I would like to use my boost and not let it activate as when I received it

    I'm giving it one less star as it seems like it's forever loading just loading into the game takes forever I don't know why? I wanted 1-2 min and it's not up and I would think there's something wrong with the server?

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      Hello Junskin,

      Yes, there are some critical issues in the server making it quite unstable.

      We are working to fix that as soon as possible, and once we fix it, we will announce it in the game and we will send extra boost tickets to compensate the time you have lost.

      Thank you for your understanding and support

    • Junskin

      okok thanks I do hope that we have to activate the tickets and not let it instantly work though but thanks it's a very fun game

  • AS

    1 - The Server is not working properly even thought you are not able to finish the practice. I think this cannot be fixed very simple;

    2 - I think will be very dificult in the future this game to work wihout lagging;

    In my opinion, try this game for few days and make own decision if this will be your first game or second/third game.

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      Thanks for your feedback. We are also working to resolve these issues. Hope we will not let you down! (งᵒ̴̶̷͈̀ㅂᵒ̴̶̷͈́)ง✧

  • Legendofbest

    There is a problem, but it is fun.

    Looking forward to the future.

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      We are working now on the issues in the game.

      Once they are fixed, we will announce it.

      Thank you for your support and understanding

  • Edi García

    hi guys, so far the game it's pretty good, I look forward to see how balanced ranked will be.

    I know the game just started but one thing to have in mind is that games like this needs 2v2 to play with your friends to make it more fun or other game modes.

    keep the good work!

  • Timber Tafoya

    Love this game!! Graphics , sound, frame rate, the whole game is spot on minus the fonts being rather small but that's an easy update fix:)

    Devs: wondering if there's a difference between the Galaxy store version and the Tap version of the game? I DL both but haven't have a chance to play the Tap version yet...

    BIG 5 stars! :):)

    Do we still get early- prereg gifts? I can't find a code ( if so)

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      Thank you! We are so happy when we saw your review! ^^

      There is no big difference between Galaxy Store and Tap version. If you download a game in the Galaxy Store, you can use Google to make in-game purchases, and tap is Xsolla.

      And the pre-register gift code were delivered by push message to users who participated in the 17:59 Tap io pre-register on Jan 15th. More informati can refer to this link:

  • unidecimal

    Just played for 2 days and I'm surprised on how good this is. Should've preregister and get the rewards. No autoplay crap thus only pure strategy and skills, plus no stamina bs so i could play whenever i want for how much i want. Awesome! This is a gem in the ocean of mindless autocrap staminawall games nowadays.

  • urBUDDY

    It's quite simple but very deep in gameplay.

    If the technical quality of the game improves, it will be perfect game of the year for me.

    Good job, dev!

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      Thank you! Our team will continue to work hard and not to let you down~

  • 手机用户794460

    I know its a good game already, i love the graphics and artstyle to Im already giving it a 5star🥰


  • Richard Tyson

    Great game! I've been sneaking quick games at work in my downtime. I would like if there was a 2v2 option or something so that I could play with my friends, but I've been having a lot of fun solo against other humans

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      We will be adding new modes in the future.

      Especially something more interactive with friends.

      We are now mostly focusing on fixing some issues but as soon as the problems are solved we will go back to work in the new fun contents to come.

      Thank you for your great review!


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