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MINImax Tinyverse

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【Tap Exclusive】"MINImax Tinyverse" for Tap Grand Open!

Languages: Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English / Korean / Japanese / Russian / German / French / Spanish / Portuguese

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Latest Version :7.5 Android:7.6
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  • Timber Tafoya

    Love this game!! Graphics , sound, frame rate, the whole game is spot on minus the fonts being rather small but that's an easy update fix:)

    Devs: wondering if there's a difference between the Galaxy store version and the Tap version of the game? I DL both but haven't have a chance to play the Tap version yet...

    BIG 5 stars! :):)

    Do we still get early- prereg gifts? I can't find a code ( if so)

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      Thank you! We are so happy when we saw your review! ^^

      There is no big difference between Galaxy Store and Tap version. If you download a game in the Galaxy Store, you can use Google to make in-game purchases, and tap is Xsolla.

      And the pre-register gift code were delivered by push message to users who participated in the 17:59 Tap io pre-register on Jan 15th. More informati can refer to this link:

  • urBUDDY

    It's quite simple but very deep in gameplay.

    If the technical quality of the game improves, it will be perfect game of the year for me.

    Good job, dev!

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      Thank you! Our team will continue to work hard and not to let you down~

  • 手机用户794460

    I know its a good game already, i love the graphics and artstyle to Im already giving it a 5star🥰


  • Richard Tyson

    Great game! I've been sneaking quick games at work in my downtime. I would like if there was a 2v2 option or something so that I could play with my friends, but I've been having a lot of fun solo against other humans

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      We will be adding new modes in the future.

      Especially something more interactive with friends.

      We are now mostly focusing on fixing some issues but as soon as the problems are solved we will go back to work in the new fun contents to come.

      Thank you for your great review!

  • Nino Benjamin

    I can't wait to play the practice and match mode, since their are still a bug were you cant play,but the admin or something in the chat room in the game are saying they will fix it.

    • Official response

      MINImax Team

      Thank you very much for trusting us! Now the server is gradually stabilizing.We are going to prepare the special in-game reward as compensation. (///∇//)

  • Jason Todd

    It's taken so long to find match recently, though.

  • PerryPorry

    SO EXCITING! I was waiting for this game to release since the pre-order started. A few errors at the beginning but now I can play just fine! Really really recommend it!!!!


    game is great,top-up do make you feel differently, but just for a short time,

    here comes the problem, I don't know what's going wrong, sometimes there are puses in battle, it's really annoying.

  • Akitek.M

    After I played the game some time, I found the way to play my favorite champion in my own creative way. I've never seen a closh-royale like game where I can create and do my combo with champ+spell+troops.

    It surely is fun.

  • KingGG

    Didn't reqlly love clash but really like this one it has depth while being simple at the same time!.

  • eduardo.eduardo

    ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆/⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ that's 5 stars. addicting god game with cool features. upgrading towers is a little weird, however game fun!


    It's like a clash-royale version of LOL with warcraft 3 mood and taste. Very unique indeed. A kind of god-game like Black&White shaped for simple real-time strategy PvP with gameplay depth. Keep up the good work devs!

  • Rinkashime

    I hope you add some duo on this game and it was very really fun... Im remembered my childhood gameplay like warcraft and heartston it was great please add more heroes 😍😍🙏🔥

  • Kyle
    23 mins on record

    I have entered the game but for some reason, I can't go play because of the connection (what the game says) but I have a stable connection. Please look into it.

    • Official response

      MINImax Team


      The server had problems a few hours ago. We did an emergency repair and now the server is gradually stabilizing. If you have time plz give us one more chance and try our game again~~ Thank you! we will also provide a special reward as compensation!

      thank you for telling us!

    • Kyle

      nah, all good mate. This is expected from a newly launched game.😊 Just wanted to tell ya.

    • MINImax Team
      Official response


  • Kevin Pullman

    Ummmm i preregistered and i could'nt play but then i reinstalled & it worked so i could play. verry addicting now

  • Forgus Fsl

    Good Game , Hope Available at Asia Playstore . Make more new player to join . so tat waiting time wont spend so long

  • User1713919

    Great game play, 4 min play then wait for matching time about 5-15 min.

  • ダイ チャクツ
    48 mins on record

    Free relaxing and intense game loving it Keep up the good work team!

    • ダイ チャクツ

      actually nevermind it Just takes TOO long to load but when in game it's smooth so yeah

    • MINImax Team
      Official response

      Sorry! There were something wrongs went with the server 2 hours ago. TT

      Now the server is getting better. Could you try it again? Thank you!

    • ダイ チャクツ

      no no It was my fault I guess I was a bit impatient but now it's working smoothly hehehe😅

    • MINImax Team
      Official response

      No worries! We did have problems with the server, which may have brought you inconvenience. We appreciate your understanding. If you think the game is good, don't hesitate do change your rating~ It will help us a lot ❤(But just follow your heart :D)

  • User2924290

    "network request failed" still happening . issue hasnt been solved yet . i guess the issue happen cause reconnecting. because everytime after i change my network connection between wifi and celular data . the problem occured

    • Official response

      MINImax Team


      Yes, we have a problem now with our server that we are trying to solve as fast as we can. We are very sorry for the hard time you are experiencing now in the game, but we promise to fix it soon

      Thank you for your understanding

    • User2924290

      yeah , but today is better than yesterday i think.

      and i want to give some feedback about the gameplay .

      imo the gameplay feels like lack in something .

      most of players use low-food cost troops , because high-food cost troops not worth it . food regen too slow. high tier troops can be beaten by low tier troops easily.

      lack in variety maybe ? cause most of players are same . could makes players bored easily i think

    • MINImax Team
      Official response

      Thank you for your feedback, we collect all of them and submit it to the development team.

      You will be able to unlock new Troopers, Champions and Miracles by leveling up, which will allow you to try a lot of different team settings.

      Also, if you want to discuss strategy with players, you can join our official Discord: .

  • User1745885

    Yeah! GG. Give you a chance to fix the error and i see the good performent. Hope this game do continue in the future. <3


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