Dungeon Dash
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Dungeon Dash

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-Easy operation-

Just swipe the screen to move the main character Nina. If the enemy appears, the characters will attack them on their own.
That's the only operation. Feel free to play with one hand at any time.
No internet connection is required. Enjoy offline at any time!

-Basic Rules-

Each stage consists of 6x7 regular cards and boss cards.
Select the first card from the starting point and enter the battle.
You can win the battle and advance to the next card if you meet the conditions written on the card.
If the hero's HP becomes zero or cannot be cleared within the time limit during the battle, you will lose the battle.
If you lose 3 battles on one stage, the game is over.
The hero is followed by the two minions in the battle.
Even if the minions dies during the battle, they will be revived after a certain time.

-Automatic Skills-

Use the three types of weapons, swords, guns and wands, to dive deep into the devil's world!
Each weapon has two types of skills that can be changed at any time before the battle begins.
As with regular attacks, skills are automatically activated when the characters determine their timing.

-Let's Strengthen the Characters! -

If you clear the stage, you can open the treasure chest that the boss had.
From the treasure chest, equipment that strengthens the characters will appear at random.
Let the characters equip the acquired equipment.

-About Billing-

Dungeon Dash is free to download and you can enjoy all the features.
If you defeat the battle, you will see an ad when you choose Retry.
This advertisement can be hidden by purchasing "Hide advertisement" from the settings screen.

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- Fix localization

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