Overdrive City
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Overdrive City

极速之都 -最好玩的汽车大亨游戏

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Build the car town of your dreams in Overdrive City! Manufacture fleets of vehicles, collect a variety of iconic cars, and compete in a challenging racing career mode. Grow your tycoon city to become a global motorsport enterprise and the top race champion!

• Manufacture 50 famous car models from Porsche, Ford, BMW and other top brands!

• Show off your garage of sports cars, classic cars, and supercars to everyone in your town.

• Produce car parts ranging from steel bolts and carbon fibre to engine blocks and drivetrains.

• Customise your car with no limits to your creativity! Create a stylised design with the vinyl editor and choose endless paint colours.

• Upgrade your car to improve top speed and performance on the streets and race tracks.

• Transport export shipments and manage mechanic repair orders to expand your motorsport business beyond your city.

• Customise your tycoon city by building dozens of decorative automobile items, including custom streets featuring curvy asphalt raceways.

• Assemble stunning automobile showrooms in your town to celebrate your passion for cars!

• Construct numerous car factory buildings, production facilities, and research centres in this city builder simulator.

• Satisfy your need for speed as a race car driver by experiencing fun, real racing within a city builder game!

• Put the pedal to the metal in a 6-chapter racing career mode with over 60 races and then burnout on the asphalt in racing trials featuring 1,000+ extra races.

• Tap your way to success by earning the fastest lap times in your car, beating the rest of the competition, and becoming the best racer in the world.

• Trade cars and automobile parts with your motor city friends to optimise factory production in your car town.

• Visit a friend’s town to see their top cars and explore their city builder progress!

• Stay tuned for competitive racing events! Climb the leaderboards to earn unique rewards for your town and cars.

Drive off the production line with these top licenced cars, add them to your car maker town, upgrade them with your garage mechanic, and compete in tap racing:
• Ford Mustang GT (1968)
• Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII (2004)
• Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (1963)
• Nissan Skyline 72 (1972)
• Porsche 718 Cayman (2018)
• BMW M2 (2018)
• Subaru WRX STI (2018)
• ... and more!

There are tons of other famous cars that are also ready to be collected! Have fun building them all and then drive them from the streets of your car town to the challenging racing tracks!

Do you enjoy building the best cars, being the manager of a car factory production line, or turning your car town into the ultimate racing city? Go beyond idle gameplay at a junkyard or farm -- drive to the start line, rev your motor, and start tap racing today! Overdrive City is a car maker and city builder game for fans of car games, city building games, tycoon simulator games, car mechanic simulator games, race manager games, and racing games!
Gear heads, rev up your motor and drive by our social channels to join the car maker community club for this city builder sim and racing tycoon game. Share your top drives today:

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Build it all in Overdrive City and create the best tycoon cityscape across all city games!

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• 各种bug得到修复,游戏也进行了多项优化。

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  • File Size: 953.26MB
  • Current Version: v0.8.34.vc83400.rev51046.b94.release
  • Update Time: Jun 17, 2020
  • Developer: Gameloft SE
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  • Thiago Mistery
    4 mins played

    Comecei a jogar ontem e hj diz que não é compatível com meu celular que triste cara... 😪 😪 😪

  • ScionStormTV

    This game is really fun and different. Because we have been drowned with Gacha clones for a long time. Essentially this is a drifting pedal racing sim. It encourages you to learn curves and car builds. And you can easily beat any track. While designing your own Motor City to your liking.

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    I just rate it 3 star, my only advice is, it's okay if it's online but it will be more amazing if there's an offline mode like Sims build it, you can save your game when you go online and play it also in offline, I'll make it 5 star if this game has a feature for offline mode, and the game is great overall 3 points, but for 5 points should have offline mode


      if the game have offline mode the game can be back Whit lucky patcher


      i Don't even know that, unless they have some security that prevents hackers to hack the game

  • User3108108
    played 6 hrs 13 mins

    game is asking me to upgrade

  • Abid Borda

    this games content is new and this game also very good.but graphics can be more good. graphics is the main problem

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