Princess Makeup: Snow Ball
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Princess Makeup: Snow Ball




The grand ball will be held in the snow castle. The princesses and princes are going to the ball. Let's help them to put on makeup, pick costumes, and set up the ball!

Dress up the princess
Facial treatment: Wash the princess's face and turn on the sprayer to wash away bubbles. Trim her eyebrows, choose different colors of eyebrow pencils and apply to eyebrows!

Makeup: Put on blue eye shadow to match yellow contact lenses. Apply rose blush and red lipstick for the perfect party look!

Hair salon: Which hair style is nicer for the princess? Wavy or long, straight hair? 6 hair styles of different colors to choose from!

DIY dress: Measure the size of the princess. Sew the dress top and dress hem together, and then decorate the waist of the dress with a wreath to design a beautiful dress!

Choose a dress: Lovely bubble skirt, braces skirt, beautiful fishtail the princess put on the suitable dress!

Matching accessories: Choose pearl earrings, shell necklace, and bow belt to make the princess more dazzling in the ball!

SPA for prince
Facial spa: wash the prince's face, remove dust, and shave his beard to make the prince look even cleaner!

Facial mask: Mash rose and cucumber, mix with milk and perfume, and facial mask is all set! Apply the mask to the prince!

Bath: Fill the tub with hot water, sprinkle with roses, and then pour in fragrant milk to give the prince a rose milk bath!

Finally, decorate the grand ball with flowers, lay carpet on the floor, and play elegant dance music. Wait for the prince and the princess to come to the ball!

- Dress up princes and princesses of different skin tones!
- Over 100 dressing up items!
- Makeup items: Lipsticks, eye shadow, eye lashes, cosmetic contact lenses, blush, face paint, and more!
- Costumes: Bubble skirt, fishtail evening dress, pleated skirt, and more!
- Accessories: Pearl earrings, shell necklace, bow belt, and more!

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