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  • iimitan
    33 mins on record

    I don't expect that this game is not some kind of adventure but a harvest-simulation. (ꏿ﹏ꏿ;)

    Absolutely like the game harvest in general, and I wouldn't think that this game provides married features. Why? As we know, our role in the story is only a teenager who seems to have returned to Komori's hometown.

    This game is included in the harvest-moon-like category but with another level!

    For the gameplay, there's no need to doubt because it's almost perfect, although I feel the sensitivity given is rather stiff.

    For the sound quality, it's perfect. So clear if heard through a headset.

    And lastly, it seems like this game doesn't support playing on the SEA server, because when I try to play the game it gets broken but the ping server problem is very stable.

    I hope this game will also release an English version, because I believe Komori Life will be a threat to Harvest Moon or Story of Season from Marvelous. ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾

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  • nie isana99
    3.22 hrs on record

    can't wait to be released. although I don't really get the language but oh well... my mother language will NOT stop me from waiting this game released XD

    edit: awesome gameplay! I've played and wow a huge nostalgic coming back to me. nice graphic especially to entertain us gamers with the villages environment, the story ugh no more, I know developers works super hard to make the best dialogues some of us wanted voice actors some of us like the ghibli-like animation and some of us just sighed for not too understanding the story very well (lets not blame our mother languange, in front of the game we are all equal LoL).

    anyway this is worth to play!

    some people asked if this games is still at a test or already fully released? that's why my friend have a lot trouble to login and other's bug? well I stand with fully released. since there is already top up features as well ^^

  • rezha pandu din
    36.22 hrs on record

    there is a bug in this game, my cat disappeared, I filled the food into the cat's eating place it can't be done, I lost my anti dark helmet and anti dark glasses after I made it, please fix it

  • Aldo H
    1.48 hrs on record

    Looks cute, I'm downloading it. I hope it helps me better in my research <( ̄︶ ̄)> right now I have no interest in hardcore mmo, I need a more "surviving simulation" rpg (人*´∀`)

  • Hy0_Mik0

    Awesome game beautiful scenery n calming music! English please!! i wanna play this game so badly that i even use google translate for every dialogues its sooo tiring 😭

  • Heiki Maks

    Is it available for SEA Players? How about the English Version?

  • Shin Yik
    16.32 hrs on record


    • 森林的王者




  • Nyam²

    nice game , please add English language or create global version for this game

  • de scenly

    it's a wonderful game.. but... please fix the bugs please

    • TUTUer

      so what bugs did you find? put them in the community and others can help you easily!~

  • Purkon

    I hope add english patch or global version

  • Yuri

    Please I need this in English, its beautiful

  • Onii-chan

    is this English as well.

    the size is quite huge for me to try without knowing beforehand

  • Saulo Henrique

    need English to be more than perfect

  • Pitchayada Phai

    if have english version i ready to pay to support game

  • User3325678

    Hi a fan from Brazil here, can't wait to play this game 😣😣

  • ๋

    let's try this game, ww

  • itsviolet

    interesting game and good graphics

    • TUTUer

      Yeah, it is really a good game, and lots of people have waited it for a long time. Hope you can enjoy it!~

  • xiao min




  • Ahmad Setyawan

    overall this game actually good but need more improve the performa on low devices so everyone can play this game without expensive phone and added some language English

    this is promised game

    you made great game

  • Anime Is the be

    i dont understand anything about this game because i dont speak Chinese hope will have version English soon





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