Phantoms: Tang Dynasty
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Phantoms: Tang Dynasty Asia

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  • Android 4.3 and above


**About the Game**

A haunted world of warm-blooded spirits. Embrace a world of supernatural delights.
“Like stepping into a painting!” Visit the Undercity, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the ancient capital, traverse vasts deserts, and experience for yourself the snowy heights of the Summit.
“Life is like a song!” Assemble a host of spirit companions to accompany you on your quest for the truth. They will never abandon you and, in time, will become your greatest allies.
“A home away from home”. Build a manor, fish from an idle riverbank, go bathing with river nymphs, dance and make merry! Experience all the minigames this open-world sandbox has to offer.
Lord Spirit Sage! Link up with spirit companions and embark on your next big adventure.


[Opulent Graphics]
High Quality 3D graphics, integrating realistic light/shadow effects to give players a truly cinematic experience.

[Myriad of Spirits]
Hundreds of different spirits with unique attributes and skills are waiting to join you in battle, to be transformed and ridden.

[Classic Classes]
Four main classes and eight subclasses to switch freely between. Master unarmed combat, swordplay and magic, and discover mysterious powers from the Orient.

[Highly Strategic Battles]
Defeat enemies by using five mutually restraining elements to counter them, special spirit tactics, and taking on spirit form!

[Open-world Sandbox]
In addition to fighting, you can dance with spirits and friends, bathe with them, hunt for treasure, go fishing, and build your own manor.


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Every spirit, has a story

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Latest Version :8.4 Android:8.4
  • XG

    amazing gameplay ,story, setting, soundtrack, esthetic , control's(つ✧ω✧)つIლ(◕ω◕ლ) just want to play more and more_(●♡∀♡)

  • UN DisputedSoul

    i aprove this game ur rpg hack and slash all champ game🤟🏼

  • VRStarZ

    Give it a try maybe u guy will like this game but the prob is the storage it take 7+ GB this is just first patch but it already take 7+ GB i cant imagine what will happen next in the next patch update.

  • Gopinath Behera

    I am going to uninstall this game guys, I got frustrated with this Melodian guy in story mode, it's so frustrating not able to defeat this guy. I have tried all things and this game doesn't even gives Metal Elements Spirits in summons, I have only 1 metal element spirit and by using this spirit(Fully Levelled Up) I am not able to Defeat this Melodian guy and I am so frustrating. Sorry but Uninstalling this game Right away.

    • BlackRose

      level up the other spirits not just one

  • TK.Jennis

    The gameplay and graphics are superb and yet

    I wonder why there's no many players in this game.

    Maybe coz it's only available in SEA regions?

    This game can grow bigger with great optimization no doubt <3

    • Gopinath Behera

      Because Metal Elements Spirits this game is not giving in Summons and without that I am not able to Defeat this Melodian guy in story mode and I have been trying for past two weeks and got frustrated and finally Uninstalling this Game now





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